: http://status.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/#pbe
: just I want to play 1 role just 1 game but the others just don't care but if you go on normal in high elo a lot of them are good but in low are just 14 years kids max
Don't worry about it...come play with me & my friends if you want to avoid trolls or toxic players. I mean you just need to make friends (find them on public chat) who will play according to your style and you wont be frustrated ever again. If someone is toxic mute & report them after game.
: I give up on this comunity
I understand your frustration.
: My Client is crashing !
Same problem for everyone my friend. Client freezes and games crashing since last patch. We have to wait & see if it gets fixed in next maintenance.
: DC bug?
A lot of us are facing connectivity issues, client freezing so often and sometimes game crashes and bugsplats. The whole day the number of players on public chat didn't cross 5 to 7 maximum. Maybe we have to wait until next maintenance to see this fixed.
: Game Abandoned (BUG)
Client response is bad...games are crashing and client is freezing. Anyone who is on public chat will know using it will freeze the client as well. I hope it gets fixed in today's maintenance.
: yeah the update fixed my issue
Good to know but the client is freezing for everyone and crashing with so many bugsplat errors. This has to be fixed in next maintenance I guess.
: vai demorar bastante ?
Usually 1.5 to 2 hours of time.
: Can't move on SR
Its because of the maintenance. It literally means the server is offline so you wont be able to interact with anything in game or move.
: Client Updating at 40KBps?
It is not the problem with your internet. The patching is very slow and Riot know about it. They are working on fixing it. It took me about 6 minutes to update with the patch.
: 6.11 Client Freeze
It happened to me once but after next login it was all good.
: Pbe patch connection issues
Hmm this is something that happened to me since Friday till last patch. I have a clear idea about what you have been facing. I was able to see Hextech, public chat, personal shop, clubs & dynamic queues on live when it failed to load on PBE. I tried everything from repair, bug reports, resintalling etc. But, it gets fixed after next maintenance hopefully or sometimes if you logoff and login it will load properly.
: Logon always failed
There is a problem. Its being fixed and some of you should be able to login right now or very soon. In my case I did not have any problems logging in and I am the only one on public chat for over 2 hours. Now few more guys are online. So, I guess a lot of us had this issue but its getting resolved as we speak.
: Can't login....
I have logged in several times in last 3 hours. Everytime it worked for me. Though it is known that many players are facing login issues. Riot has also updated status about working on fixing the issue. You should be able to login as I type or very soon.
: Failed to Log-In
No you are not the only one. There is a problem with logins and Riot knows it. You should be able to login already or very soon.
: [Thresh] Hidden Passive Souls bug (visual)
To add screenshots to your post...first you have to upload the screenshot to any image sharing website and then add that link here. You can use websites like imgur, postimage or gyazo etc. Once you have the link use the 4th icon below in editing which looks like infinity symbol and insert the link for the screenshot here. Hope it helps.
: Update LOL Files Scanned 99%
It was very slow I agree...but in the end it completes without you having to intervene. Just let it happen even if it is frustratingly slow.
: I don't know how to take this.
Well...don't take it offensive because I didn't mean any such thing. Though some habitual downvoting bots made it look as if there is something wrong with it. I commented it the same way I always comment on your posts or talk to you.
: Match History
I can see latest match history but my client is bugged. I can see latest (today's) matches of me & my friends but they can't see it. Waiting for the maintenance that is due since Friday.
: No thanks, if Sheen get AP, it will also happen to the Iceborn Gauntlet, so champs like Maokai, Nautilus, Ekko... will be broken again :'/
You didn't mention Ez & Nasus who use it more often.
: 스킨 여러개 동시 구매와 마법공학 상자 및 프리미엄 상자 동시 열기
: Mine has not updated since May 25, but confirmed nonetheless~
Its strange that I can see latest match history but my client is bugged and not allowing me to be in clubs, hextech, public chat or dynamic queues. I can also see latest match history of my friends that is not visible to them. lol [What my friend can see](https://gyazo.com/0a96c17da4fa02e512541e5ff96c8f30) [How I see his latest match history](http://postimg.org/image/b7sa5i3jf/)
: Well... They ARE in the rune section x) the fourth or fifth row or something. Shop is slow/bugged, though, especially in the gameplay section. Edit: meh upon further inspection they are nowhere to be found :[
Hello Amy :) Yes a lot of bugs with my client too. Hoping to see them fixed after maintenance.
: [Clubs] Can't use club feature on PBE for almost 3 months!
Well...my clubs are not loading, no public chat & there is no hextech tab. I can't make any custom game or ranked game but I can play random map or normals without stats page or match history. This is the case since Friday night and there have been no maintenance till date. I can do all these if I login to my live account though. So, its obvious that this problem is only on PBE client. What I have tried already: Relogging Repairing the Client Re-installing PBE Reporting it Waiting for this issue to fix itself Same with me...I have tried all these. Hence waiting to see if it gets fixed after maintenance.
: It is my way of telling you to kindly leave me alone. Now please accept my boundaries and do so.
Alright :({{summoner:3}} But you did accept in a way that you downvote other comments though.
: You're welcome, please come back to complain about it after you've made an actual contribution to the PBE instead of complaining about RP, IP and skins <.< This is a testing environment, not a playground.
Downvoting is your way of acknowledging that comment is read? Anyways I am not here for votes...you know why I am on PBE. BTW Why are you telling him "You're welcome" You are Amy he was thanking Riot not Amy.
: So then you played PBE just to show off all the rare stuff you had? It's not hard to press the Purchase button or Mystery Gift button. [This is why your "glorious" stuff is all gone.](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/NrHLa4Em-pbe-content-being-removed-for-loot-system-testing) PBE is for testing things in case there are bugs and other sorts of feedback, not to play Pokémon.
When Poro talks with its tongue out....its cute :P
: 1. Its PBE, all of that is worthless, learn to except that. 2. [You obviously haven't played on your account for quite a while, so it can't mean that much to you.](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/NrHLa4Em-pbe-content-being-removed-for-loot-system-testing)
I guess you meant to type "Accept"
: You're welcome, please come back to complain about it after you've made an actual contribution to the PBE instead of complaining about RP, IP and skins <.< This is a testing environment, not a playground.
Ok Good Morning to you too Wanna play Hexakill?
: Mine has not updated since May 25, but confirmed nonetheless~
Looks like I stepped on to a land mine Amy...so many haters downvoting a comment lol.
: {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
{{champion:35}} Why so serious lol
: Mine has not updated since May 25, but confirmed nonetheless~
Which mine? Coal mine or gold mine?
: At no point is it stated that you made the client. Yes, this is something made by Riot, however the issue isn't constant. It usually happens on slower computers and connections. I've only ever had it happen 2-3 times. As for your other post, it doesn't seem to be an extremely common problem, as no one else has reported it on the forums. I'm already assuming that you repaired your client to try and fix this, so I think the best thing to do is use the Alpha Client. Sorry I can't help you more, but I haven't seen anyone with this issue or a fix.
It was happening once in a while. I was able to fix after several log offs. Now it has become permanent. I have reported the bug, repaired client & even reinstalled the game completely. Can't think this it is happening at my end......as my live client is absolutely fine. Waiting to see if it gets fixed in today's maintenance. Lunar also has the problem with clubs for a long while. I don't know how long it might take for my issue. I did a clean installation but nothing helps.
: No, it is just an issue with your client connecting. Plenty of people have had it happen without modding their client.
And "My client" is programmed by me? Do I define connection parameters? Then why doesnt it happen on regular basis? HOW THE CLIENT BEHAVES AND INTERACTS WITH A PC IS CODED BY RIOT NOT PLAYERS. I wonder if you are going to say that the problem I described in the post below is created by me and I have to fix it myself. http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/aq5VJHFF-why-does-this-happen-to-the-client-every-now-then
: Loading issue on your side of the client :P
Yes, EVERYTHING is a problem on your client side because players are programming & coding it on their clients...its not on done on the server. Looks like Blind Monk personally replaced Shaco under Tristana and having fun posting about it here :P
: [Clubs] Can't use club feature on PBE for almost 3 months!
They just want you to stay Unique :) {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Have already tried this
Yes I had problem installing it... but it was long back. First I thought there is a problem with Riot or the client. If nothing is helping you I would recommend reinstalling it. The process sometimes takes as long as 1 hour even though we have good internet speed, the patching is kinda slow.
: Patch
Make sure your internet is uninterrupted and best thing you can do is reinstall. Sometimes it will look like its very slow but it will be patching.
: PBE is voluntary \o/
Not everyone is inspired by Amy {{champion:267}} I guess. Funny how some of them want to get paid {{item:3096}} for having fun {{summoner:31}} here. Its a legitimate question though as game testers usually earn money when they test other video games and give feedback about bugs but its their fulltime job if employed{{summoner:30}} .
: How my work on pbe can be paid ?
Rioter Comments
: hey if u want I can play a game with u and gift u some hexteck ish or skins or champs :)
You have time for boards too? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Did you get your LOL icon on your desktop fixed?
: ty bro i added u
Ok...I have reached maximum limit for friends. But I will make room by removing inactive & old ones from the list. Btw everyday Riot is giving some IP & RP. That should cheer you up.
: Ok. Here's 2 different cases w/ Nami. 1. http://matchhistory.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/PBE1/64808718/1695866?tab=overview . Full sustain adc build . 35 from 49 assists, that means somewhere like 71 % KP. 31 wards placed, 5 less than Bard. 8 ward distroyed and rest of those things you can check by yourself. This game offer me **-S**, not enough for a Level 7 token. _________ 2. http://matchhistory.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/PBE1/65098675/1695866?tab=overview Full sustain adc build. 26 from 54 assist, that means 48% KP, right? 21 wards placed, less than prev. example. And yet this game offered me an ** S** . ________ Can anybody tell me why? I mean, from far I see first game being more good than second one and yet this system doesnt think this. :c
Let me just say you know better than me or I will be going solo queue again.
: I don't think that's the case. If someone in your game gets a s rank, during the game results, the system automatically tells you who got a S. There are game where no one got an S, and there are games where 3 people got a S.
Your are right. I got carried away by the comment of Stormybear above about relative performance. But I do remember 2 or 3 in the same team earning S.
: Ya why is death to Assist not S class stat? If I got 2/2/20 Thats damn good for any champ. It means I helped my team do good and I didnt feed A champ could go 20/2/2 but ALL 20 of his kills were basically last hit and he still gets S class but those that did the damage dont.
My friend got 3/1/21 with Nami support and did more damage to champs than malz and has kill participation of 24 out of 31 kills (77% of team's kills). Yet the grade given was A. http://matchhistory.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/PBE1/64978757/1695866?tab=stats
: I thought champion mastery was based on kd and participation as well, and the grades you get are how well you do with that specific champion compared to the global averages for that champion per game. maybe not global though it might be just per region im not sure exactly but I know it's champion specific. You would not believe how incredibly easy it was to get S or S+ on old Taric.
No definitely not based on global average. I have observed several games and S is awarded to the one who did maximum total damage &amp; obj taken (turrets, kills, dragons, barons). I am not sure how much wards etc count
: I don't agree with you. Support is one of the easiest roles to farm S grades after ADC. You just need to know the role. Major factor is a Kill Participation and most players just overlooks it. If your KP is lower than 45%, you just simply don't deserve an S grade. Also, mastery systems ranks you by the average performance on that champ on your server by everyone. If you can't do better than an average player, why you should get a better grade? Got 2 mastery 6 tokkens on both Janna and Zyra the same day the new mastery levels got released on the live servers. Ez pz. :P Soraka, Sona, Janna, Zyra, Nami, Morgana, Alistar and Braum ar by far the easiest champions to get an S grade.
AP supports have a lot of poke and heals I agree to an extent. But "support is easiest role to get S rank"...its not true. Many adcs cry even when I hit minions having Relic or Leona or Naut not to mention rage quits if I accidentally kill an enemy. I got 2 tokens only on Leo so far.
: Or you can get s rank tokens from other game modes like urf.
Probably. But if I am not wrong S rank is possible in any game mode when we perform better than other 9. I agree there is a better/equal chance for all champions in URF, Hexakill etc.
: >It’s based on the champion and role that you just played in a game. So, for example, we look at Annie mid differently to Annie support. We take a series of performance metrics and compare how you do to all other players in your region in your champion / position combination. It is percentile driven - so earning a high score means you performed in the top x% of players on that champ in that position. The grade itself governs the point gains. >Grades are awarded based on your overall performance in the role along with the champion you’re playing and, crucially, where you’re playing them. They compare your score against all the other PBE players and your champion/position. Riot has tuned the system accordingly to each role. You just have to play better than the average player that played that champion. If you made a good engage, you would get a decent amount of assists. If you warded well, you wouldn't have a lot of deaths. _**The system isn't perfect but isn't insanely flawed.**_ PBE skill level is all over the place as well, it can either help you or make it harder for you. Btw this already got release onto live, it might be good to repost this onto live boards/Reddit for more attention to this matter. EDIT: Copy Pasted from a comment. >Your overall score is determined from your Kills, Assists, Deaths, CS, Objective Participation, Wards Placed, Wards Destroyed, and Gold Earned. It also takes into consideration how well your teammates did that particular game. So if you are Support Soraka and you do much better than the average Support Soraka in your elo than you would get an S however if your entire team does exceedingly well then your grade will be lowered.
My point is simple. What gives a champion S rank in a game are not based on support activities in a game (you dont place 100 wards in a game nor you earn more gold than your adc nor your build is AD/AP to do more dmg than carries). It makes a supp to earn S rank very hard compared to carries...thus earning mastery is rare. In short overall opportunity for a supp to earn S rank is not in par with a carry or assassins. There are many players on Live forums who give feedback there so no need to worry but like you said I will repost it on live as well. We learn something new everyday.
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