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: Hey guys nice catch! We are currently investigating this issue.
Please Riot! Still not working, fix this problem plsss
: Shop
same here
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: [Feedback] Atlantean Syndra is not up to par.
Completely agree with you, i want her more dark-blue than she is now
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: @Riot About Vel'koz Mana costs
i think his mana regen on the early game is very high... he has a sustain in early that is much strong for an AP mana
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: Game client crashes when dragon killed me (Vel'Koz).
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: Xerath doesnt feel like Xerath anymore. Lore wise
i agree with you! the cooldown of 120 seconds is too long for the type of his final, I honestly think that they were better skills before...
gooood!!! really! cool idea to ask for our view
: Pbe Bugs
Another bug is the W, u can't use the spell 2 times as it is written...


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