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: Heya! Please post ideas on [EUW boards](, [NA boards]( or [Reddit]( You can get more visiblity there because the community is larger. The PBE boards are meant for feedback on content *currently* on PBE, not for suggestions :>
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: Soraka Rejuvenation - Champion Feel Feedback
> I had to do mental math to figure out whether I had enough AP and ranks in Q to refund the cost of my heals with one W-Q rotation. The tooltips should give you the full numbers for the HoT on yourself and on allies, accounting for Windspeaker's Blessing. Riot should do it more frequently on all champions, not only Soraka. It's kinda counterintuitive.
: these Urgot changes can't come the live servers (Urgot main)
I freaking agree with you on everything (I used to main Urgot in S4 and 5). In my opinion, those changes aren't going to solve any of Urgot problem, like being so subordinate on his E. If he misses it, he gets pusnished so hard. He could use something like: "if he gets 3 stacks of passive, he gets a free targeted acid hunter" (just an example, not saying this would be an healthy pattern). These changes seem more like "We're going to give Urgot some cookie with this new fear mechanic and nerf everything else to compensate it". What Urgot lacks is specialization. He's in a good balance state, he does what he does decently, but rarely shine. If i want to choose a teamfight "ADC" (because he's not an ADC, he's a top/mid laner) or teamfight bruiser, there are better choice, like {{champion:62}}. I'm sure Riot can do much more than this, considering the Mordekaiser rework, which had the clear objective to make him a bot laner (somehow), even if the implementation was kind of bad. If Riot needs advices, there are bunch of urgot players to ask. Working on Urgot without a complete rework is very hard, considering his gameplay patterns.
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: Gangplank Ult AP Ratio Nerf
It's clearly a nerf to AP GP, which is very sad because we all love playing him as mage :(
: Gangplank Balance
GP got a rework, but he remains, like always, very weak early game. Yes, maybe if he can farm, he can 1 shot the quishies, but he's squishy as well, so your tank should take advantage of that. Besides, if you think he's OP, you have to know that his base stats got nerfed a lot after his rework, so...
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: Gangplank Ultimate tooltip
And it would be great if they added they amount of total damage with your ultimate, especially if you have the upgrade that deal true damage. Can'I know how much true damage I get with that upgrade??
: The passive should apply with Q. Gangplank es un campeón con poca movilidad, después del rework, el campeón quedará con menos movilidad aún. Estara fuera del meta. Si es cierto que tendrá mas daño y que la pasiva da velocidad pero es difícil activarla cuando quieres escapar o incluso cazar a alguien, después del rework no tendrá nada de cc ni movilidad. Una posible solución es que la PASIVA SE ACTIVE CON LA Q, y reducir el cd de la pasiva, o simplemente hacer el que el cd disminuya a medida que aumentan los niveles del campeón. También se podría poner velocidad de movimiento de forma pasiva en la E o W. Sinceramente gangplank no estaba mal, pero ahora lo veo algo inferior al anterior, antes estaba ''equilibrado'' a lo que cc y movilidad se refiere. Otra posible solución es que el nuevo barril aplicara stun a los campeones que afecte su explosión si se activa con la Q. con un srun de 0.90 o 1 segundo estaría bien En el aspecto visual ha quedado magnifico e incluso la R es mejor, pero sigue sin cc ni movilidad.
Yo, thanks for the comment, but I don't think all understand spanish like me XD Anyway, I think that Q shouldn't apply on Q because it would be OP IMO. I understand your feeling when you say that GP seems having less mobility and weaker. I like his barrel having a stun. I hope Riot will consider it overall.
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: New HUD Feedback
I have some question: 1) Any plan to show the total gold of the teams with TAB? 2) With this update, won't we be able to increase the size of the mini-map? 3) We can't still see the CD of the ultimate of our team mates. Won't you solve this problem or is there a reason to not do it? 4) Why did you remove the mana bar of the team mates under their icon? Sorry for my English ^_^
: Ekko Feedback Thread
> What's fun about him? He's a versatile champion and can build him in a lot of ways. Also he has a lot of outplay potential with his W and R. > What about him sucks to play against? I don't know because I played him only in custom, but I think that he has good counterplay, especially during the laning phase. HIs Q deals decent amount of damage during outward, but the large part is in during return, which is easy to dodge. > Does a spell feel bad to use or unresponsive? His W is very hard to land, but I think It's supposed to be in this way. > Is he missing something? Does he have too much of something? He seems balanced in my eyes. > DOES HE FEEL SMART? I'm not 100% sure about what does it mean, but, as I said, if well played, Ekko has a lot of outplay potential, especially if you plan a gank. > Whatever is on your mind. Let us hear it. I can't wait to play him in live. I was unable to play him in a normal game because of istalockers :(
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: Bard- Karthus ult kills bard
I didn't understand. Did Karthus kill you while you was in statis, but not Yi?
: Bards portal interaction with other champions - League of Legends
This seems a little buggy. Champions in the tunnel should be untargetable.
: i have tried it and you are right ,this item can be really OP on katarina specially with the CDR but i don't think the probleme is with the actual item but its with katarina since she is already a top 5 assasin and midlaner so i think that they should figure out a way to make katarina less powerful
Item 3285 is strong on every ap assassin, not only Katarina (did you try {{champion:7}} ?). So the problem isn't only Katarina with Item 3285, but all actual god tier mid laners.
: Feedback on Nautilus E changes
The nerfs to his W will hurts his trade potential early game. Besides, he has high mana costs, so you can't spam your abilities to trade or wave clear IMO.
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: Players.
I prefer playing on PBE with 300 ping than playing in EUW with toxic players < 3
: Request: Screenshots of Jungle Stats
Note: - Custom game - No leash - I did use runes and masteries because, if I didn't, I would be executed somewhere (I tried) {{champion:111}} Masteries: 0/21/9 Runes: attack speed reds, flat armor yellows, magic resist per level blues, movement speed quintessences. My normal route: frog (smite) -> wolfs -> blue (smite)-> recall -> red (smite) (If I get a good leash at the frog, I can save 1 potion for the red scarcely without getting executed by blue golems) Ended at: 4:10 1 camp taken) 2 camps taken) 3 camps taken) 4 camps taken) Total) Route: golems (smite) -> birds -> red (smite) > recall -> blue (smite) Ended at: 4:15 1 camp taken) 2 camps taken) 3 camps taken) 4 camps taken) Total) Route: golems (smite) -> red -> wolfs -> blue (smite) Ended at: 3:55 1 camp taken) 2 camps taken) 3 camps taken) 4 camps taken) Total) Route: frog (smite) -> blue -> wolfs (smite) -> golems Ended at: 3:45 1 camp taken) 2 camps taken) 3 camps taken) 4 camps taken) Total) ___ {{champion:106}} Runes, masteries and route: see Nautilus Ended at: 4:20 1 camp taken) 2 camps taken) 3 camps taken) 4 camps taken) Total) NOTE: I proc'ed my passive at blue. ___ {{champion:98}} Runes, masteries and route: see Nautilus Ended at: 4:25 1 camp taken) 2 camps taken) 3 camps taken) 4 camps taken) Total) ___ {{champion:131}} Ended at: 4:05 Masteries: 21/9/0 Runes: flat AP quintessences, magic pen reds, flat armor yellows, flat magic resist blues Route: see Nautilus 1 camp taken) 2 camps taken) 3 camps taken) 4 camps taken) Total) Sorry for my bad English.
: I find early game it is balanced and worth waiting however since it increased by a large amount (about 110% over 10 seconds) while later on it only increases by about 30% (150 to 235 or so). I once suggested that the fully charged heal (only the fully charged heal) be increased by chimes so allies feel like you are supporting them as well by going out to get chimes.
: Bard Champion Feedback Thread
**GENERAL:** * Awesome sound effects * Squishy, which is ok and needed * Has no damage, which is ok and needed * Has good sinergy with: --- self-sufficient ADC --- ADC who have waveclear --- When the enemy team has a passive support **PASSIVE: Ancient Chimes:** * give enough EXP to not fall too behind in levels IMO * give enough movement speed to roam and help other lanes * *Bard falls behind in golds very easily compared to other supports* **Meeps:** * interesting mechanics * help to push the lane and harass **Q:** * Another interesting mechanics and need good positioning to use properly **W:** * gives good sustain to your team during laning phase and good direct situational cure in teamfight, *but not that useful in late game* **E:** * Efficient tool to engage and disengage * could help when roaming **R:** * Pretty hard to use properly * Portable AoE {{item:3157}} to counter assassins, especially {{champion:238}}. But I used it also to stop {{champion:3}}'s ultimate etc. **Will I buy this champion?** Sure. **Will he be viable in soloQ?** Probably not. **Will he be spammed in LCS or premade team?** I don't know, but he has utility. I find him super balanced ATM. **NOTES:** Sorry for my English
: Kassadin Voidwalks in!
My opinion: The first impact was negative because the new model is more articulate, especially the colors, but I got used to quickly. Good job! Something you should fix IMO is his animation when he Qs because It seems "forced", if you know what I mean. The same for his E somehow. Another thing which bothers me is his "void sword" in his arm. It should be less "stroboscopic" IMO.
: Olaf - Q bug while telepoting
There's a similar problem with flash. If Olaf flash + Q, even if his axe hits, it deals no damage and doesn't slow.
: New Akali Combos have less flow
Maybe you're right, maybe not. She needs a complete rework IMO.
: I don't have any friends that play league tho :/ {{champion:6}}
Endless misery, existence is torment {{champion:6}}
: heimer bug
This bug is also in live. It happened to me in ARAM.
: I think it's intended; every thick of Brand's passive applies spell effects, and therefore includes Item 3285's charges
I guess so, but... that feeling. It seems so strange. In lane, I could harass my opponent blazing him and turning around.
: It's because brand's passive is counted as spell damage, so it counts as a spell. Same reason why it procs liandry and rylais, and keeps refreshing it
I guess so, but... that feeling. It seems so strange. In lane, I could harass my opponent blazing him and turning around.
: It was probably applying the damage, but for some reason it's delayed by a second or so. Try clipping just one minion and watch nearby minions' health carefully to be sure you'll see the damage.
Also I noticed that the damage is delayed by a second more or less, but I thought that it was because I ping 300. So, It's a real problem because {{item:3087}} do it immediately.
: I'm not seeing the buff pop up in customs - is this something only for normal games?
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: Mundo Bot Item Bug
Atma's can't be removed. Atma's will remove Riot and... Mundo buys what he pleases :D
: Mordekaiser tooltip grammar error
Are Mordekaiser changes on PBE? My skills' descriptions are the same (maybe they changed the english description without updating the italian one... or at least, if so, they should replace it with English) and his shield has the same mechanics of the old one, but his HP costs are lower now. Is that a bug or normal?
: There was actually a video done by redmercy, that skins provide certain "Buffs" to their champions... TF for example when he pulls out 3 cards and throws their projectiles look smaller on the UnderWorld TF skin.
Well, I don't know about TF, but I'm sure about Swain and, seriously, they should solve it for clarity.
: Hello! First of all: please first look through the forum to see if your bug has been reported already; most threads are about the same bug and it's very hard for us to keep track of the forum and of the bugs like this =( Secondly: it's been [reported]( already =3
Ah, sorry. I knew the stuff about minions, but not about the jewel ^_^
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: That's a post from 8 hours ago and there has been no maintenance yet.
There's not a scheduled maintenance for this game yet, is it? I joined the PBE recently, so I don't understand very well how does it work. Thanks.
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: Mordekaiser
Nope. It doesn't work for me.
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