: Azir, the Emperor of the Sands
Not sure if it's a bug, but you cannot use Azir's E while facing away from the Soldiers.
: [Crystal Scar] Respawn Animation/Model Spawn/Camera Refocus Location inaccurate
: [Pantheon] - Ultimate Shows as Friendly to Enemy Team
: Jungle spawn bugs & Camera replacement at spawn
This seems to be a bug with the new Summoner's Rift. Personally, I was unable to find Wraiths, the Wight, and Baron Nashor! Wonder where they've gone...
: [AZIR] Ping a Passive
Can confirm that Azir's passive turrets are named "Inhibitor Turret" on the English client.
: Unable to play on Summoner's Rift update.
Got any reproduction steps? I was able to play on the new Summoner's Rift just fine around the same time you posted this thread.
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: [SUGGESTION] Rotating Featured Game Modes
: [SUGGESTION] Rotating Featured Game Modes
Suddenly this thread has disappeared from Hot and Recent... glad it still remains in Best. Still no red attention.
: [SUGGESTION] Rotating Featured Game Modes
: This looks like an amazing idea, the only thing I see missing is the 1v1 and 2v2 showdowns. In my opinion that was the second most fun gamemode right behind URF. Riot please consider this wonderful idea.
Yeah, it wouldn't only be these three. The calendar was just a sample with what the month of July could look like using this system.
: [SUGGESTION] Rotating Featured Game Modes
I think it would be awesome to see some red feedback in here.
: This is a very good idea! But I would put *even more* time between the modes because I think it would still get boring.
The part where it gets boring would really be determined by how many more modes Riot plans to make.
: the only game mode i had fun playing was the 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 mode the rest was no fun for me :) its like the most boring thing ever to have 10 times the same champ or low cd´s i only used this modes to train stuff like walljumps and so on ... but nvm i dont like to see any of these modes again expect 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 on the other hand i understand why you would love to see this modes more but then i have to ask myself why aram and dominion is permanent there and this modes are not ;)
I agree - Showdown was great! My boyfriend and I had loads of fun picking stupid combinations to throw people off. (Edit: That's not to say that I agree that Showdown is the only mode worth revisiting)
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: but does it still mean that champions with high damage output needs to be changed from AP to AD or AD to AP ?
No, but when a champion is very overpowered (as AP Yi was), a rework or nerfs becomes necessary. In this case, they just made it so that he was forced to play the way he was designed.
: Oh cool, what items do you build?
I've been building the same thing since Season 2: Boots and potions -> Catalyst -> rush ROA -> finish boots (Sorc) -> Rabadon -> Lich Bane -> conditional building (Abyssal Scepter, Zhonya's, etc.)
: I'm personally not a fan of this. AP Nidalee always utilised Human Form more than Cougar Form. Conversely, AD Nidalee always utilised Cougar Form more than Human Form. Introducing an AD ratio onto Javelin Toss would remove the unique identities of each build: - AP Nidalee: Long-range siege mage. - AD Nidalee: Close-range bruiser. Additionally, Riot would then need to add an AP ratio to Takedown to maintain the balance of each skill.
I main AP Nidalee and have always been more of a cougar form player than a human form player.
: Why does every AP champ have to get to AD just because they deal alot damage ? Yi and Evelynn good examples. Yes AP Yi was op but instead of changing the AP rations he just got changed to AD.
Yi was already meant to be played AD - and he was until people had realised his ability power ratios. They didn't just make him all-AD, they reworked him a bit too. In addition, plenty of champions can be played AD or AP (or both): Katarina, Akali, Teemo, Kayle, Twisted Fate, etc. can all build AD, AP, or both. They just have some ratios outweighing others that influence summoners to play them a certain way.
: As a nidalee player I really don't like where these changes are going. Is it possible to get refunds on skins I have bought if I don't like nidalee post rework?
As someone who has mained {{champion:76}} since Season 2, I find it annoying how nobody takes notice to her strengths until her visual upgrade. Now that everyone plays her because they realize, "Oh, Nidalee is a champion!", they decide to nerf her. Sure, spears do a lot of damage, she has a lot of escape, and her heal is pretty outrageous, but CC in general just totally screws her up. She has no CC herself, and a 2v1 involving a Leona for example is all it would really take to mess her up. In addition, I think the best course of action would have been to remove the self-healing bonus from her heal and reduce the hitbox on her spears. If it keeps going like this, she'll be the new {{champion:28}}
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: [Bug] Ashe's [E] passive doesn't give right amount of gold
The amount of gold on Ashe's E's passive also increased based on level - regardless I'll test and edit this with the results of my test. EDIT: I tested it and was rewarded the normal amount of bonus gold (corresponding with that in the description of the E's passive). Are you sure you didn't buy an Avarice Blade, which also gives 3 bonus gold upon killing a minion? The passive on the E and an Avarice Blade combination would give you 6 bonus gold.
: Can't see the forum posts? Try using an incognito window on your web browser!
: "Game is in progess' not shown!
Hmm, I understand what you mean but I can't test this to confirm this issue at the moment. If anyone is having trouble with the explanation of the bug: On the load screen, they're able to alt-tab and see the PVP.net window so they can view things like the shop, match history, etc. as if they weren't ingame, instead of the window saying "Game is in progress".
: Purchase issues
I don't think the launcher stopped working due to your purchase (as far as I know, all items are loaded into the client regardless of ownership). Are you sure there wasn't a patch you hadn't done, or you didn't already have an instance of the client running?
: Ping display
That sounds like a pretty good idea to me - it'd definitely be a better and quicker alternative to having to run a speedtest.
: Yea, it happened to me too. was in game and when i left, there was a message saying "String". I don't know what it means...
sounds like someone forgot to actually input a string
: Hey listen i deleted all stuff from badwords (it starts at 2girls1cup...) And it still shows error. What am I doing wrong? I have 200k IP just want check if its possible to reproduce. Im getting error like with protection. I've tried to edit LoLClient.exe PS - Also Shiet isn't on the list and you can rename to it without problem. It looks like this "bug" doesn't exist and its like ive said about riot - its just for all words then.
"Shite" is on the list. I'll make a more detailed walkthrough. EDIT: I'll do it tomorrow.
: Yes, I was talking about "Riot" name itself.
Oh, alright. I thought I clarified well enough in my original post - sorry.
: Possible manamume bug
This is intentional. Manamune's description says that it builds mana off of basic attacks as well. Tear of the Goddess however does not.
: can you do it here on PBE?
: This doesn't work. Riot have protection which require the name to get "Accepted" through their servers. So even if you delete this value, you still will be getting error after pressing purchase button. Its bs.
Yes it does - I did it yesterday and ended up renaming myself to "Shite" even though it's a blocked word in the table. EDIT: The word "Riot" is the only word that cannot be renamed to, it seems.
: Wow, nice that you found this bug. I hope not many people will abuse this.
hopefully they patch it before anyone else realizes it's around.
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: Hexakill Enabled on PBE!
I think that some of these 'featured' game modes should be put in the game permanently. They're a lot of fun, and instead of releasing a new game mode for every holiday you would work on holiday maps for each instead.
: ummmm ... the sound of the woman saying hex-a-kill is bad. Why is she trying to sound like a double bass?
She sounds ghastly oh lord
: Recalling works even if you're in combat, it's only stopped if you take damage.
Ah. Weird that Lich Bane's passive always procs combat status though. What if the thing you killed died from the ability and you never got the passive on Lich Bane off?
: Lich Bane will prevent homeguard from activating
: What about the skill you used to proc the passive though?
Lux's E. Recalling worked, receiving homeguard bonus did not.
: Thats because Homeguard will not work if you're considered to be 'in combat'.
The Lich Bane passive shouldn't trigger combat status, though. EDIT: You can recall with the Lich Bane passive up.
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: [ITEM+YASOU] Spirit (2x) + Passive
With the flow - I noticed it increased past 100 when I autoattacked. Almost like they copied and pasted the code for Static Shiv and tweaked it a bit, but forgot some parts.. :P
: http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/bugs/3NEgAU76-bugthreshinvisible-death-sentence?comment=0004
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: [MissFortune] "Missing Required Variable" in Chat
I get the same thing, but with Yasuo. I got the same thing with Pantheon last night, as well.
: High Noon Yasuo
This was fixed in the current patch.
: Yasuo Bugs
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