: I've tested this locally and I'm hearing to correct sounds :( You may want to try repairing your client.
Found a video I took of the bug, turns out it wasn't the sound but the vfx that play are Surprise Party's http://plays.tv/video/56c1236f0deacf2c03/for-the-boards?from=user
: *Updated* 6.14 Bugfixes
Are you going to fix the bug with Dark Candy Fiddlesticks where his ult uses the Surprise Party particles and sounds?
: Woah, that was a mistake on my end! Major items can be pinged. Some with cooldown, some not. That way you known when I hit my power spike.
Ok, so how would that work exactly? Using IE as an example?
: [6.14] Cooldown Pings on PBE
So if IE is in that list, is it getting an active CD?
: China will get some of our art, and we'll get some of theirs. While some pieces have been slightly altered this is more about unifying the _existing_ art across all regions, not introducing entirely new art.
Are the new Trundle, Trist, and Nid splashes that were mentioned going to be part of this splash globalization, or will those not show up until later?
: Shen update: W Blocks Baron and Herald but not dragon
Because Dragon's attacks aren't auto attacks, they're spells
: For the ultimate, is there a reason why it was un-changed? Don't get me wrong, it's a nice ultimate but there are so many nice things you can do with it. I remember there were lots of suggestions saying that, what if an enemy steps on a trap, Caitlyn would be able to ult them from any range, or the range could be doubled. This could be a little bit strong, but what if it lost damage on how far it traveled? I don't know, it just seems like a nice concept that can fit into so many places within her kit.
It seems kind of redundant, having it lose damage as it travels; but I mainly use it to try and last hit someone running away
: The Movement Speed bonus is normally 50%, but this bonus increases to 150% while inside his own base. In addition, we give him the Homeguard speed when he initially picks it up. All in all this should amount to a really, really fast takeoff from base and allow him to traverse the map faster than most champions as he finds a victim an angle to utilize Special Delivery on.
I know that there are teleport changes on the way, but would you be able to do a Hecarim-esque teleport package gank or does it fall off quickly?
: Corki PBE Feedback Thread
Are there numbers for the package movement speed? How extreme are we talking?
: Champ Select Bug Found
Same thing happened to me three times when I tried to make a custom match by myself :/ EDIT: Here's a screenshot of my most recent attempt to get into a match http://puu.sh/kcB0f/badabdeadd.jpg EDIT 2: Looks like just waiting was all it took, I'm in the loading screen now
: Tahm Kench, The River King
I'm really liking Tahm, and as an ADC main I'm super excited to see him as a support in lane with me, but when I was testing him I noticed what I think is a bug. I don't know if it's just me, or if this happened to other people, but sometimes during my match I was unable to Flash, it was off cool-down, my stomach was empty, but it was still grayed out and unusable. This seemed to be fixed temporarily after spitting up an enemy champion or ulting, but then it would go back to being unusable. I took screenshots, but I'm not sure where they were saved to, sorry :c
: You don't have refund tokens?
I'm having this same problem and I'm out of refund tokens
: weird line on SR
I saw that yesterday in the bot lane, beside the first bush after red outer turret
: [Victory/Defeat Sign] - Only word is showing up, not the splash background
I thought this was an intentional change, it looks kinda nice
: Icons have yet to be put in ; u ; It'll be there!
Hi Nurse Flan, I bought DJ Sona initially with IP and didn't get the icons, then I refunded her and Forecast Janna and bought her with RP, still no icons, so in the end I bought her with IP again and now I'm out of refunds and icon-less {{item:3070}}


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