: Sona [E] changes
Riot just doesn't care about Sona.
: How could you possibly waste the 10000 ip they gave you? Specially if you have the account for so long? I have the account for like 1 week and have all the champs and all the skins and with 2 games have made back all the ip i used How could you possibly not have IP?!?
The rune pack does *not* give all the runes. What's more, you can spend that whole 10k *incredibly* fast and still have only half the runes, if that.
: Testring without runes would be *clean data*, not wrong in the slightest. Besides, 100k IP is enough to buy all the runes most people will ever use. If this dude ahs been here longer than most, then he's had plenty of time to just buy all the runes he will ever need.
Clean data =/= accurate data. It is simply fresh data without all the relevant variables. And him being here for so long doesn't mean much at all when getting runes. Just because someone has been a tester for a while, doesn't mean they suddenly have overflowing IP. The *main* game is where most people spend on their playtime, not the testing ground filled with glitches, long load times, and a smaller community. I have more runes in the main game, and that's without the initial bonus IP that I got from this beta. That's a problem.
: Runes do not need testing, thus they will not be reduced in price.
Wrong. Unless you want to test *wrong* data, runes are required for legit testing on new champions to check their balance.
: Hey there, Actually, are planning on still releasing a Harrowing story this month... it just doesn't tie in to the skins. :) Ant
Where's the actual event mode? ...
: It doesn't really change much in terms of roll out, to be honest :D It streamlines a lot on the Development side, and ultimately helps us release more stuff.
Please tell me how all of this that you're saying is actually not just making a pathetic excuse for being lazy.
: We're still going to be releasing content during holiday periods, we're just not bundling it in the same way.
Hey, where's our Halloween event? You know, an actual mode for the Halloween period?
: this just seems like a cop out. In case content isnt being produced fast enough, i mean harrowing even sounds like halloween. the event is obviously meant for halloween, its when spooky pumkins go on heads, terrifying creatures don a spoopy bed sheet, and the money we've been saving up goes to rp. Like sure it CAN make sense that the harrowing doesnt happen on a set day of the year for this made up world. but come on, it at least should happen in october. im not even too torn u about the late release or anything. i really dont mind even if you were to tell us youve been too busy or had too much on your plate. but this just seems like a lazy excuse. We dont need you to lie to us rito ;-; we understand tons of stuff is happening. what with season 6 and worlds. we get skins aren't as important as the game updates you're working on. but a holiday is a holiday event. Please dont tell me they are going to start happening in the middle of the next month. Because In almost every game with frequest updates holidays have been a time where everyone gets excited to skin up with their new and old holiday items and show some spirit, and it's not nearly as exciting once the holiday is over. I mean who do you see at walmart buying a costume even the day after halloween.
It is. It's a huge cop out. It's a pathetic one, too.
: Yes on story, no on lore events. We want the freedom to tell stories (like The Harrowing/Shadow Isles stories) at any time of the year, but they will not be paired up with big drops of content like during Bilgewater. That would keep us from releasing story more flexibly/often.
: Not necessarily - but it frees them up from always _having_ to be packaged together. It means that we can just do a cool story, a cool game-mode, or cool skins whenever we want, rather than having to tie them all together. That doesn't mean that we won't tie ever them together in the future, though. For example, if the skins teams gets excited by a story in the works, they may make some cool skins based on the story - but they don't have to. Does that make sense?
No, it doesn't free them up. You guys are just being lazy. That's the truth of it. Stop trying to hide it.
: As Ant in Oz mentioned, we are launching a big Harrowing story this month. So to answer your question - the Shadow Isles will be out lurking this year.
: I wish you'd said this much earlier in the year. Every year I look forward to the Harrowing because of the skins - and they've been absolutely awesome since I started playing (I have all of them, quite literally) and this year is abominable - I mean, on one hand, the idea that something like Underworld Wukong coming out at a time that isn't just October is cool, since it was a Shadow Isles skin of sorts, but on the other hand, I've been stoked for this all year, only to find we get a different footing, which I'm guessing lends a little explanation to why we got this lame Zombie Shit theme for this stuff. I mean, sure, someone's probably going to like it, but with the advent of ten million zombie-themed TV shows and movies, all hoping to hop aboard the success train that I would argue was revved back up in the last four or five years by the runaway success of the Walking Dead, it was sort of inevitable. But I loved that this time of year always meant a guaranteed good showing of Riot's own version of Halloween in its own setting (The Harrowing, generally in the Shadow Isles or with Riot's take on traditional halloween stuff) So yeah, Zombie Nunu sits well here, and I'd argue Demon Vi too, but why do "slayer" skins? Those could've come out virtually any other time of year. TL;DR - I am not fond of it, there's something quite special about looking forward to themed content releases at certain times of year. Not a fan of the change.
The fact of the matter is ... they were too lazy to implement an event of any kind. That's the *only* real reason they are shoving this BS down our throats.
: Boom. Spot on regarding the story. In Runeterra, the Harrowing can strike any day of the year, not just on a certain night/month, so only being able to tell Harrowing stories in October felt a little restrictive. Having said that, we are still going to be releasing a Harrowing story this month... but the next one could come at any time. Ant
Can you give us a *REAL EVENT* for Halloween, or at least in early November? No? Okay, cool. You won't be getting my money.
: I am quite upset with this idea for a multitude of reasons and maybe you guys can help give feedback or an explanation. I'll even do it in easy to read bullet points :P - First, why not tell us earlier in the year that seasonal events are going to be different? Surely you knew when you were planning the Harrowing (or lack thereof) that this was going to happen. -Second, why Zombies vs Humans? I think it is a cool concept (not Halloween, I'll get to that) and I am a HUGE fan of the group and themed skins (Blood Moon, Arcade etc.) but there isn't even enough Humans OR Zombies to make the "Us VS Them" thing feel legitimate for a cool Halloween showdown. -Third, you said you want to continue Holiday themed skins but not attach it to an event and I understand not attaching Halloween skins to the Harrowing the same way you don't attach Snowdown to Freljord and such, but either way Halloween is THIS month and the Zombies vs Humans is hardly a Halloween concept considering Zombies are around 365 days a year at this point between The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, Z-Nation and every other cheap mimic. I think it is safe to say a lot of us were wanting witches and pumpkins and "spooky" ghosts etc. -Fourth, if there is a Harrowing event this month and there is NOT a "Harrowing Game Mode" and there aren't any new skins or champions for the Harrowing or even a minion skin like there was for the PROJECT things, I would hardly call it an 'event' when it is really just "Hey we have some lore done here you go." I would really REALLY appreciate a reply and explanation because I am sure I am not the only one thinking this.
They aren't getting a cent from me. They seriously dropped teh ball this year. They think it's okay to screw us over. We can reply back with our wallets by keeping our money in them.
: A note about The Harrowing
"Fk you guys! We were too lazy to make an event, so we're making up some BS as an excuse as to why you don't get a real Harrowing event." Oh okay. Enjoy not getting my money.
: While they struggle to release their Halloween event, I am preparing for Christmas.
It'll be in July at this rate.
: this particular instance was in our own jungle, the enemy team had actually just swept any of the lasting vision we had down and I ended up being the only survivor after a dragon fight that didn't go our way, we had mid inhib down and there were super minions just entering the base, if I didn't have blue trinket I probably would have died too, since the enemy zed was pretty close by and it helped me spot him in time to avoid him. The enemy team could have easily ended after that without me defending. We had a team fight right after that which helped swing the game back in our favor and allowed us to get mid inhib, turning what looked like a loss into a win. Blue trinket 4 lyfe
If the hey-point areas around dragon weren't warded, dragon should not have been started. If the area around dragon *was* warded and they were all quickly disabled, then that should have been a clear indication for the team to retreat instead of staying in a blind/compromising position. You ran into a rather unique/uncommon instance that could have been easily avoided, and you base that solely on why blue trinket is better on a champion who'd be overall better with a unique tool. That's like saying a squishy carry should build primarily with defensive items so that, if they get caught and focused by the enemy team, they'd have a much larger chance to live while everyone else on the team has died so that their presence at the base would mean the deciding factor towards the end result. So basically, yes, that can actually work, but it's not the most optimal choice for most situations. That's the point I'm trying to get across.
: I've found in situations where you are being chased or chasing someone and may be ambushed, the trinket is easily the better choice, in my last game I was disengaging from a bad fight at one point and was able to use it to ensure the enemy yi wasn't flanking to cut off my escape path.
Preemptive wards would help that just the same, and they'd also have lasting effects. Nothing should be done in the jungle and/or enemy territory without proper vision, anyway. That's an invitation for trouble.
: usually it's used to provide temporary vision to avoid getting ambushed or juked during fights, it has no cast time so it can be used while moving, while hawk shot can't
How many instances are there where the *small* cast time for Hawk Shot would be a noticeable hindrance when compared to the no-cast Orb? Its main use is to scout an area far enough away, so there wouldn't be many instances at all where it would be a problem. Just sayin', when her E already performs the job that Farsight does as well as it does, I would assume that the Trinket slot would be better left to a Sightstone.
: OH absolutely this would just take it over the top in terms of the concept. I wonder if this would make it more expensive but I wouldn tmind
I can see them contacting the VA and being all "Hey, can you send us like 2-3 quick lines? We'll pay you a quick hundred or somethin'." The only way it would get higher than 1350 is if it went into "Legendary" tier and cost 1820, which 2-3 extra lines is *not* going to do. It *would*, however, be the icing on the cake that would get me to buy the skin.
: it allows you to ward from a distance with the upgraded version, you don't want to be getting too close to a brush to ward it or wasting a charge of E just to ward safely.
I *rarely* ever find it being around long enough to be useful towards adding meaningful vision for the map. This new E she has already fulfills the job Farsight Orb does, and the ability itself is lightyears better than Farsight Orb. And yet, even when you take out Ashe's E from the equation, the **lasting** vision power that an Upgraded Totem Trinket brings (basically a Sightstone that doesn't need to be refreshed at base) in comparison to the Upgraded Farsight Orb is extremely noticeable. Also, you can use your E to both make sure an area you want to ward is safe *and* to scout other areas of the map. Just aim in the right spots.
: {{item:3031}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3252}} {{item:3363}} {{item:2140}}
What's with the farsight orb? Isn't that a BIT redundant with her global E? I'd rather have an infinite supply of wards that continually restock.
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: Star Guardian Lux Ideas~~
The only thing I want from the skin is to have Lux shout out your typical magical girl's finishing move. That would be her ult, in this case. "Final Spark ATTACK!" Maybe even ... "Lovely Starlight ATTACK!"
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Lux!
The *only* thing missing from this skin is the crazy attack name. At the very least, she should shout some funny stuff for her ult, since the cooldown is short enough to get a lot of enjoyment out of hearing again sooner. "Lovely Starlight ATTACK!"


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