: Hmm, it seems to be a pretty even split on whether it should or shouldn't be doing this. I could've sworn it had done so in the past, but I guess it isn't one of the things you look for. Benefit of the doubt, I guess it is bugged then.
Even split? Since my video was not conclusive enough, let me add the following. [Here](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/37h3bj/thornmail_damage_doesnt_cause_towers_to_attack/) is a link to a reddit discussion on the subject. And [here](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/WMgs0iV0-should-thornmail-trigger-turret-aggression) is a link to a discussion on the boards indicating the same. Reflected damage from Thornmail and Bramble Vest should NOT draw tower aggro. If Riot changed something intentionally, it did not make it onto the S@20 change list.
: That's how it should work. Does the same thing with Sunfire. As long as you are dealing damage to the enemy, the tower will aggro you.
Incorrect. Reflected damage has not drawn tower aggro for a while, maybe even several seasons. On the old forum boards I can find a few posts about when it did, but those are several years old. [Here](https://youtu.be/lC6wPX0rvGI) is a video of me testing it on live.
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: resolve runes are horrible
I would say that you are right and wrong at the same time. I think that the second tier needs more time before I can say for sure. This is the tier where they are trying the most interesting changes for the Resolve tree, and I think I would like to some of it in action more before I decide (so far Demolish seems like it might be a little too strong). I think the third tier is a bit lopsided, with Conditioning being the obvious favorite, some work there is warranted. The last tier is the opposite of the third tier. Both Revitalize and Second Wind might be a little overtuned where as Overgrowth seems to be a complete noob trap. Now for the Keystones. Grasp can be very good. I think in a melee v melee matchup between tanks, that 5 hp per proc adds up. Like a lot. You can come out of lane (around 15 minutes) with an extra 150 to 200 hp. That's pretty massive. But in a ranged vs tank matchup, say Teemo or Quinn, Grasp feels like dog shit. Now for some tanks, picking good trades with aftershock's resistance buff can be effective, but it feels pretty bad to have to use your cc just to reduce damage from someone trying to poke you out of lane. Using that cc can often expose you to easy ganks. And then there are the tanks where that cc is less reliable or perhaps who don't even have hard cc, examples being Sion and Dr. Mundo. I think the real problem here is that tanks don't really seem to have a secondary tree that they can fall back on. None of the other trees have a keystone that a tank would really even consider. The only one I can think of would be Press the Attack since tanks can just stand and hit something for so long, but that doesn't really fulfill the tank fantasy. It would be really nice if Guardian could somehow be adapted to suit solo laners against heavy harass or high burst damage champs. Have Guardian work like this. You can give an ally a mark that works like Knights Vow, the difference is, you can mark yourself if you are a solo laner. If the person with the mark receives damage equal to or greater than 15% of current hp within 2 seconds, the person is shielded by X amount plus a percentage of the maximum hp of the person who has Guardian for 3 seconds; cooldown of 45 - 30 seconds based on level. Guardian is only triggered on an ally if the person with Guardian is within a certain range. If Guardian is triggered on an ally, both get the haste. If Guardian is triggered on yourself, there is no haste bonus. Why i think this would work. It gives top lane tanks a means of trading with top laners who have high damage. However, the cd is pretty long. So the tank has to trade well and use the window of opportunity given by the shield well. Champs who rely on poking out lane opponents still have the opportunity to get them to relatively low health, but the shield triggering on percent current health gives tanks the ability to survive all-ins from such champs. Currently the only tools in the runes system to survive these kind of match ups is Second Wind and Biscuit Delivery. Since Keystones are supposed to define your play-style in the game, having a keystone which helps you to hunker down and survive till late game where you can help a carry survive with your tankiness fulfills a fantasy that a number of top lane tank players would enjoy.
: Please re-enable Draft.
I would also like draft back, but not because of bans. Its hard to really get a feel for runes when you are blind picking them. Being able to tailor runes to specific matchups and make decisions based on enemy team compositions would be much appreciated.
: As far as I know it has been that way on live since bramble vest has been implemented. Did this to me the other day on live playing malphite top
Well, you made me doubt myself. So I went into some practice tool games and tested with a bot. On live you do not take aggro from thorn reflected damage. I tested as well on pbe, and you do take aggro, even without the Demolish rune. Perhaps it is an intended change to the item, but it is not listed on S@20.
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: The thing is, you don't seem to be taking into acount the fact that Dr. Mundo, like all the other champions, has magic resistance. You mentioned the laning phase so I'm assuming up until level 9. Now I'm not even going to take into account the Magic Resistance from runes or the Magic Resistance amplification that his E gives, and I'm going to give you the math as if he was maxing his W second. At level 2, meaning his W is at rank 1, Dr. Mundo will have 33 Magic Resistance, which means his W will be dealing: 11 Damage per second to himself (on live is 10). At level 8, meaning his W is at rank 2: Dr. Mundo will have 39 Magic Resistance, which means his W will be dealing: 14 Damage per second to himself (on live is 15). So as you can see, Dr. Mundo is not weaker against Physical damage dealing champions. (except at level 2, by a mere 1 damage per second to himself, and like it's been pointed out, you can even take Doran's Shield to get back that 1 hp you lost, on top of the extra healing you get for the proc). The only major downside with this change, is that whist your W is turned on, you will be in combat, meaning that items such as Warmog's Armor won't activate (if you buy it that is). These changes are just a straight up buff. They will help him against Magic Damage dealing champions for obvious reasons, and also make him slightly stronger against Physical Damage dealing champions since his W will effectively cost less HP to keep activated. As a bonus: once you reach level 13 (meaning your W is at rank 5), Dr. Mundo will have 46 Magic Resistance, which means he will take 24 Damage per second to himself (on live it's 30). Sources: http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Dr._Mundo http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Magic_resistance
I'm just going to assume your math is correct and not double check on that, as well as thank you for putting this out there. The e thing is so confusing, because S@20 had the e base steroid scaling per level shown, but not the scaling of the e initial damage scaling shown, so I assumed that meant they had removed it. My bad for not bothering to jump into practice mode on the pbe and making sure. Given this information, I agree that it is a straight buff, but still in a strange direction in my opinion. Would still like some context on where Riot is going with the good doctor.
: Liandrys isn't an uncommon pickup for Mundo for the burn on Q and the magic pen. While that's really his only option that has AP, it still adds 8 health burn per second, which is kind of dumb. The synergy between his E and his W is kind of neat though. I used to not max W in lane at all because of the cost, but I might start doing so now since now it activates D Shield, as well as being reduced by Adaptive Helm and mostly counteracted by Spirit Visage. It's a definite buff to his lategame.
I would always max w second for the wave control, but I guess thats just preference. The issue isn't the effect on his late game at all. I am concerned on how this impacts you when you get counterpicked by an ad top laner and there is an ad jungler. You wont be building any magic resist till maybe your second, but probably your third item. That means that scaling up w at all during that time, no matter how many of your opponents are melee, is going to hurt yourself a lot. Against several aps, Mundo is going to be more fantastic than he already is, which is saying something, but those kinds of games are fairly rare right now, and in general considering the top lane champion pool.
: Well, the changes are interesting, although I don't see much point on his E's passive. It takes at least 15 seconds to get to the max amount at rank 5. On the other hand the Active doesn't really seem too nerfed beyond not mentioning if it has increased range and having a lower % max health ratio and a lower health cost. On the other hand, I don't really understand why he punishes himself for building AP - and only If he builds ap at all - when using his W. His Q or E, or R, don't even scale with AP :o. And, well, isn't Galio already the anti ap pick? xd
My thoughts exactly in terms of Galio being the anti-ap tank. Its in his kit AND his lore. I also don't feel that the changes make too much of a difference, but it just came out of nowhere. Riot has often introduced changes hoping to highlight champions strengths and weaknesses, but these seems to simply create a weakness that didn't exist before, for no apparent reason. Having an ability punish you for not building a certain resistance just feels mean when there is no reason for it, at least that I can find, within the identity of the champion.
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: Hey, I'm sorry that you're having this frustrating experience :( We're actively investigating this issue to try to figure out the root cause, but we haven't yet figured out the exact fix. PBE is a test server, so while we do strive to keep it as stable as possible, sometimes we will have issues such as this surface. I appreciate your patience while we try to figure it out! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Heyo. I got this error yesterday after getting dc'ed from a game. And then again just now. How should I share log files if you guys want them? Also, not sure if anything can be done about this, but I would appreciate getting the lower priority queue punishment removed that was applied due to the first disconnect. I imagine this second disconnect has extended the punishment. :/
: Although this problem was "fixed" I am unable to log in
It seems like yesterday, and probably again today, they are shutting down the server for maintenance without the usual "unavailable" popping up for the server. Not sure if this has to do with the new update thing they are doing the 22nd/23rd or perhaps just some glitch in the current iteration of the pbe. Either way, should be up again in 2 to 3 hours after maintenance is complete.
: well i just got in
Yup, same here. Looks like a small patch went out and its up again.
: Please try after updating na server.
Updated server, still getting the server queue error.
: Still isn't working
2 hours of down time with no explanation. :/
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: Game has crashed Please reconnect to the game
I am getting the same problem. Last 3 games in a row have done this (two games prior to the most recent patch, and one after). Champ select goes through fine, followed by a black screen, and then a network connection error pop-up. Reconnects and re-launches do not fix the problem. Eventually it simply returns me to the home screen. The games do not show up in my match history. Not sure if related to the problem, but I do have the pbe alpha client downloaded on my computer as well. This problem is only happening for my pbe account, having no problems on my live account. Not sure if the pbe alpha client would give me the same problem because the queue never pops. XD
: About nerfing mundo...and what it should be nerfed.
His ult nerf is fine and actually should have happened a while ago imo. Personally I would have liked to see 90, 80, 70 since I think late game Mundo could use some love, but this is acceptable. Mundo going tp isn't a bad thing, and should actually be preferred. If you can get away with staying even in lane and taking tp for map pressure its usually the better decision. If the lane opponent take ignites, he has to get a lead in lane, or he loses a lot of pressure on the map later.
: unable to purchase champions
For me it says that the champion has been unlocked, but when it refreshes the shop, I can still unlock the champ, and the champ is not available on my profile page. In addition all the champions I had previously unlocked are now locked and all my mastery points have been reset.
: So what's the point of PBE feedback exactly ?
Mundo bug got reverted, so thats good. But seriously man, this stuff takes time. If you can do a better job, build a game, build a company around that game, and do better than Riot has. Otherwise stfu and enjoy their game.
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: Mundo Q damage bug
This bug is clearly related to the new maximum cap to monsters, which is 300 rank 1, somehow this overriding the typical base dmg of 80. Please fix soon Rito.

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