: > [{quoted}](name=Hookers,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=RBJKZLQ4,comment-id=0016,timestamp=2019-11-07T02:50:12.953+0000) > > Hello 6armedrobot and Riot. I have a few parts to give feedback on and some questions to ask at the end as well that hopefully you could answer. > > **Thresh's skull** - it's too small for his body, there is too big of an empty space between his shoulders and head it looks very weird. > Secondly why is his mouth/face or whatever the thing protruding from his skull is facing the ground? It looks like you were going for a plague doctor look but were too scared to stick his mask straight. This looks so odd to me, it's especially noticeable in the second turn around image. > > **His noodle hair** - If there is anything that needs to be fixed it should be this. It looks very unnatural and doesn't fit the skin at all. Please consider removing the hair entirely like what is done on other skins or make it more chain-like. I believe the problem with the hair has to do with it being very boxy and uninspired, no one really knows what this is supposed to look like so it just doesn't leave a good impression. > > **His innards** - This looks so good please don't change a thing about this it looks very sleek especially with the hints of purple and the aura coming out of it. Very nice looking good job here. > > **The coat/robe** - It's too dark, so when you see the white on his lapel it stands out in a bad way. Is there any other iterations of the coat that we can see? I would love to see what other ideas you have come up with for the colour scheme of this. > > **The gloves and shoes** - Again these are very nice looking, the shoes are sleek with nice copper toes its pleasant on the eyes and not too distracting. The gloves are sick, they are so epic and stand out like they should as they are the hands holding the two most powerful abilities in the game. > > > Questions I have for you and riot, **what is the point of threads like this?** I've been reading some of the responses you have made towards other posts here and basically you just say that nothing can be done about design and that you will still forward it to the team. **Are the consumers ever a factor in changes made to skins?** I was always under the impression that these "feedback posts" were just that, giving feedback to riot on what we like and dont like hoping for a change but after seeing these responses it really seems like Riot never has that intention to begin with. > **Am I correct in assuming that nothing will change for design both with this skin and the prestige edition of this skin?** seeing as these are using the same model there is almost no chance that this skin gets pulled from release and reworked into something that the community is generally more pleased with as opposed to nearly all the posts being against the skin. > I have sunk so much time into this champion, I get so much joy playing him but for all that time I put into playing this champion I still don't feel like I have a voice at all even on the smallest things like small details of a skin. > > Thank you, hopefully you take my feedback and can answer some of these questions I have for you. Hi there! Thanks for the questions. I'll try to add a bit of clarity. Feedback it taken very seriously. We collect constructive criticism, disseminate it to the team, and apply what we can to future develpment. By the time a skin hits PBE, it has been in production for many weeks. Each level of production builds on the previous and design is one of the first. Changing a model element (like the head), although it feels like it should be easy, is not a plug-and-play situation. The changes we are able to make are largely small SFX or VFX tweaks. Hope this helped answer your questions. Have a great weekend!
That still isn't a valid excuse towards not fixing the problem, the issue here is riot is fine with this level of quality, and aren't actually taking it seriously, if you were, editing it wouldn't even be a question.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pulsefire Thresh Prestige Edition!
I feel like i'm going to be wasting my time leaving feedback here after how 6armedrobot handled the base thread, but here we go. Myself and many others are very upset because we were promised a Thresh Prestiege skin, we grinded and saved up tokens for it and are presented with a sub-par product. So feedback time. First of all the model is horrible with the head, remove the head and it looks fine. You can see where this is going. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b7e9a8de15a4fa611e3ca33898097392bab8c4ac677236e5f78e010204f61314.png?w=800&h The head on the skin is just inexcusable. There are many very solid suggestions as to how to fix this, the main request is simply just make it look like thresh, not Azir. the ribbons are lazy and just ugly. It's hard to explain what it even looks like. The color scheme doesn't really match up either to what you'd expect for a champion like thresh. For one the red eyes don't match the skin AT ALL, base or prestige. Personally it feels like a darker, yet still gold scheme is what it should be, I think the main issue Riot has done to this point is locked themselves into a scheme of gold and white, where that isn't necessarily what a Prestige skin HAS to be. In the image below Ignore the more pinkish tone, and focus more on the body. The green highlights look really nice and make it feel like Thresh, It feels like in the current version his entire identity is just gone. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/641731844404150322/641731971386441751/PPF_Thresh_not_official_colour_fixed.png His lantern is Alright until you throw it, then it looks like he's frying an egg which is just questionable at best, there isn't enough to really differentiate it from an Orianna ball or Darkstar thresh's lantern recolored. His ult has an issue where it's just rectangles that don't create a full shape, i'm hoping this is because it's testing and not the finished appearance as it's hard to look at currently. The hook itself is basically a golden noodle, this boy is the chain warden, not the eggs and noodle warden. One thing that throws me off the most about these skins specifically are how they relate to others. Lets take a moment to look at the other thresh skins, - Deep Terror - Blood Moon - Darkstar - HIgh Noon - Championship - SSW All of these have one thing in common, it's what we love about them, that special feel of something spectral, a being to be feared, a collector of souls. This new skin doesn't reflect that and it's hard to really imagine it as it is, as something that would make it even feel like Thresh. I understand the prestige skin team is different than the base skin team, and I beg you guys, please take our feedback to heart and help create something truly deserving of our chain warden. Don't let this turn into the biggest joke in the prestige line and the biggest failure of 2019, together we can make this skin great. Just trust in us, the community.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pulsefire Thresh
Skin looks fine without the head, it's actually a really good model, pretty clear all they need to do is fix the head. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b7e9a8de15a4fa611e3ca33898097392bab8c4ac677236e5f78e010204f61314.png?w=800&h
: I have been waiting with so much anticipation for this skin, and I feel like crying after seeing it. I love the VFX and the pulsating effects he has onside his body and the blue strip on the backstide of the trenchcoat. but the likes end there. I have been saving up PP like crazy to be able to get the prestige skin for Thresh... Why.. why in the mods name did you guys remove the futuristic pulsing from the trenchcoat? It is just a plate of gold now, from the 'ribbons' and removed all that was good about this skin? Please I beg you to look at it again, the 'chains' look like udon noodles without texture, and his 3 strands of head 'ribbons' has even less texture than on the non prestige skin?! The lantern is awesome, except for that the center looks like an eggyolk. I beg you, the PP is going to expire and there is no other prestige skinned champion I play... Atleast make it LOOK like an futuristic pulsefire skin.. not a cooking skin with gold.. {{sticker:sg-soraka}} If this should be an terminator-ish inspired skin. please take a look at how it could have been done: https://www.reddit.com/r/ThreshMains/comments/dsv7dt/people_who_suggested_a_terminator_head_i_gave_it/ And if that is too big of a change, then this subtle small change already makes a HUGE difference: https://www.reddit.com/r/ThreshMains/comments/dsrojj/i_tried_to_paint_over_pulsefire_threshs_head/ Please it makes no sense that Thresh has a birds skull for a head..
If they changed the eyes to green and added some green spectral glows to it, they could save the prestige version, but we both know they won't.{{sticker:sg-janna}}
: A great many things are still possible, just not some of the things suggested. By the time something hits PBE, model changes are out of the question: there's no time to change the animation, change the splash art, push the stuff to internal testing, push the things to PBE, collect bugs and feedback on that and then make it in time for live. Small SFX or VFX changes are possibly, touch ups on splashes or very tiny changes to the skin. Model changes are too big for that, unfortunately. Also with some skins there's things like cinematics involved which prevent most if not all of the feedback (True Damage, Star Guardian, PROJECT).
Good meme, basically saying feedback is irrelevant simply because riot won't do anything about it, all you are stating is excuses. The problem here is this mentallity Riot has. The feedback of their players, should be taken seriously, saying "well it's this now, and there is nothing we can do about it" is irresponsible and simply outrageous.
: Riot had already decided to cancel Sewn Chaos Amumu and Blitzcrank on their own before the stuff even hit PBE. Now, once a skin hits PBE, Riot has already decided to push through and release the skin. Besides, cancelling the skin would be a middle finger to X players that *do* like the skin.
I don't know, If they aren't going to take any feedback from actual thresh players, and if nothing can be done once it hits the PBE, it's questionable as to why the PBE exists and why they want feedback.
: > [{quoted}](name=Cakers,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=RBJKZLQ4,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-11-06T02:06:49.496+0000) > > As a Thresh {{champion:412}} one trick I figured I should share my feelings on this skin. I am an idiot who has 10 gemstone saved up just in case Riot makes a mythic skin for their most popular support. > > I'll preface by saying I’ve been looking forward to a sci-fi Thresh skin for years. Every year I think Project Thresh is coming and since the release of Praetorian Graves/Fiddle I’ve been hoping Thresh would be added to that lineup. Here we are with Pulsefire, not my first choice but it’ll scratch the sci-fi itch. > > I’ll start with the obvious, the skull is dumb and looks like a bird. I get that other Pulsefire skins are human so Thresh, not being human, has to be a robot but why give him a beak? I think he would look way more badass if he had a similar mask to EOD from Halo 3. It’s like the concept artist looked at High Noon Thresh and said this must be what people want but no horns. > > Why are his eyes red? Only Pulsefire Shen {{champion:98}} has a scarlet scarf with great accents and pulls it off perfectly. While PF Thresh doesn’t have any other accents to him and the eyes look sickly. > > I get that you can’t change his silhouette or rig/animations at all but there is a lot going on with the textures. The whole skin looks busy with almost no consistency especially compared to its Pulsefire counterparts. What are the gloves made out of? Probably metal, same as the skull probably. Why are the gloves a weird pink beige that isn’t anywhere else. Why is the white part of his jacket so pronounced and the same white as his skull but his gloves aren’t. > > His shoulders, gloves, belt, and lantern all have different shade of brass, why? Shouldn’t the brass be close to the same hue. His shoulders have a weird shade of purple that I guess is supposed to be metallic. > > Why is a scifi robot from the future wearing a jacket? The only PF skin that has a jacket is TF but he has a bowler hat and can pull off a jacket. Maybe every Thresh skin needs a lame trench coat. Praetorian skins pull off being a robot perfectly and Graves {{champion:104}} still has his cap. I wish there was one Thresh skin without a trench coat but I understand a deranged time traveler needs his trench coat. > > The long thin rectangles that make up his chains and dreads are lazy. His dreads look like a step backward compared to High Noon with no dreads and badass horns. Vanilla Thresh from 7 years ago has cooler chains, I don’t care that they stretch. I would look into not having lame flat planes as chains and more badass lightning hooking machines like Whiplash from Iron Man 2 {{champion:81}} . > > Like all skins in recent memory the VFXs look amazing, great work. The souls look better than his skull. The flay particles make my eyes water. The hook windup is bright, I’m worried it might be easy to dodge. The lantern looks clickable but more than likely will remain unclicked by my adc. The splash looks well rendered but that pose wouldn’t have been my first choice. > > Overall will I get the skin in its current form? Probably. I haven’t seen the Prestige chroma but I’ll get that too. 6/10 not the best Thresh skin but I think SSW Thresh is still the worst. > > PS: Please make the Championship Thresh’s chroma not piss yellow. Kha’zix {{champion:121}} and Zed’s chromas look regal while Thresh’s look yellow. Hi Cakers! Thank you for the feedback! Its very useful to hear the specifics about what players like and dislike. Unbfortunately, here's not much that can be done for the design at this point. I will pass the everything along to the team. Thanks agpain!
A lot can be done, mainly cancelling it like sewn chaos blitz and amumu KNOWING it doesn't meet YOUR COMMUNITIES standards. This cut and dry cookie cutter response is a middle finger to thresh players.
: I'd prefer the prestige skins not exist at all, but here we are
Fair, feeling obligated to grind for an unknown, which turns out to be a disappointment does feel really bad. And overall the quality of prestige skins is just bad.
: When the upcoming Prestige skins were announced I was really excited because Thresh is one of my favorite champions, I farmed the worlds tokens to get enough PP; seeing that this is the skin he's getting is really disappointing I highly doubt any feedback will actually be taken on board and changes made especially since the splash is done too don't understand the theme choice, the head/mask whatever is quite ugly and doesn't fit (looks lik azir lol) guess hes supposed to be a robot or something like that but a spooky blue or teal (shadow isles colors?? ) would be better than this red.
Sewn chaos blitz and amumu had splashart, we can hope riot understands that a large portion of the community sees this as a horrible skin and will shelf it for something else.
: > This needs to be redesigned, or given the sewn chaos blitz/amumu treatment and shelved (like some people in these posts have already called for). The problem is they've backed themself into a corner by promising a prestige thresh skin in 2019 that people have been grinding/saving PP for
I'd prefer my grind to be wasted than get this skin.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pulsefire Thresh
What have you done to Thresh? He looks like Azir, or a really horrid plague doctor with weird ribbons, of all skin lines why would anyone think Thresh fits pulsefire? I was so excited to see one of my favorite champions get a prestige skin, grinded the tokens for it, and for what? This abomination. The VFX are nice for what it is, but the whole model is just so ugly, it's clunky, and just doesn't look good at all. If this is the standard being set for prestiege skins and new skins moving forward, I don't know what to think about Riot anymore. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Remember to report toxic behavior. We've got tools in place to try and keep PBE as healthy as possible, and that helps. Overall numbers have dipped a bit, we've not had login queues or custom restrictions for a few days now.
This means a lot, I've been told bans don't take place from reports on PBE, and I always hoped that would be a lie. Thank you for verifying this for me.
: You can make a solo custom again. That is what I have been doing. To answer your question though no not really. Although most of those people I think have left for now.
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: Ekko ult should ignore snares
That is like saying he should be able to turn back time on a stun
: Login status
Welcome to new champion spammers {{champion:32}}
: So I tested it and I cant rly see the problem. Vlad is not even getting stunned in pool form [Check Here](http://youtu.be/dMPK8FoZlhI)
Tested with sandstorm? Any specific skins causing the issue maybe?
: I don't get it either. Why would you sign up for a TEST server just so you can have fun abusing early acsses to new gamemodes and free skins. I hope Riot takes away the PBE acsses of such people.
^ This, If you can't stand seeing the same thing every game, you aren't a tester...
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: Ekko Bug Report Thread
Echo's ult doesn't reset recall @-@ I haven't managed to test this on his ordinary skin only the sandstorm, as it's hard to ninja him

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