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: Hey, thanks you for the thread made ! I was at the point to make a one about feedback/opinion. So, about that crazy (and the word is specificly adapted to him !) man : VO/Design: Nothing to say negative, (i'm waiting the loca on my language o/ ) it fits really well with the (small on client side!!!) lore and the character. The manner he walks too, good job on that {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} It's definitly too early to say if he'll be over or underpowered (or balanced!) but here some questions : - I tried some % Damage Crit rune on him, and built IE too, it makes a flat addition on that crit damage, it's intented? - The reload time is 3s from the begin to the end of the game, and it seems that we can't reload without use every bullet (except wait 3s more and launch the back animation), same question, is it intended? I thought it would be like graves reload - Display effect on some of his skills will be fixed soon (huge rectangle white)? - In his whole kit, trap are making the bigger flat damage, it's quite crazy ! If yes, it fit again really well the idea of a meticulous murderer in fact More about balance aspect now : - How you prevent to buff him if he's too weak/strong in early phase? - How you prevent to nerf him if he's too strong/weak on late game? As a kog maw player i'm feeling quite concerned, late game, Jhin seems to be super strong, but the early will be damn hard on bot lane That's all, for the moment !
his early game seems decent ;and his late game seems strong but he's trading it for constant dps that other marksman will have all times , i don't think his traps are a problem at all ; they hurt squishies far more then bruisers or tanks also they have a huge delay, imagine if shaco boxes had a 2 second delay before they damaged you, thats what his traps are, delayed shaco boxes that do burst damage and have no hard cc attached but a slow that won't do any good unless they are at the center of the trap/ontop of it. his ult fits his theme well ; it doesn't hurt at all unless your low hp or a squishy champ; or take the 4th shot. the only thing i find werid is that nobody seems to gank him at all. i mean this guy has no escape skills so wouldn't that make him easy to gank? yet i never see that in any games and people seem to not even try to sidestep his w. and kogmaws not really a good comparision for jhin to begin with because he's probably the weakest adc on live currently. and pbe is nuts half the people here don't even know what they are doing.i think he's okay maybe overtuned in some aspects and underpowered in others. but we won't know til he hits live. if they have to nerf him i'd say hit his early game and mid game and make his late game stronger to compensate.
: Jhin Gameplay & Feel Feedback!
Hey Gypsy Jhin sometimes won't let you use abilities and then he says some quote's ingame ; this happens often when your sticking together with your team sometimes for me and other times when im spamming my abilities. Is this some game mechanic or a bug?
: Jhin can't use abilities for a while after killing a champion
not sure if its a bug though because he always says some unique quote when this happens .. maybe its part of his champ design?
: Jhin Gameplay & Feel Feedback!
He's pretty cool and feels thematic ; looks like a solid release. It'd be nice if his ult was slightly longer ranged.
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: [Bug] Master Yi invisible

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