: Okay, cool. So perhaps we could see {{item:3801}} + 200 = {{item:2049}} with an aura? ;)
and aura cooldonw reduction rite ? oh how i miss soul shroud.
: While I do like odd use cases for items - we'd like to shift towards a world where Aegis is more optional overall. If there are holes in support itemization - attaching them to other less powerful effects to boost the number of things they can do would likely be a better direction.
those changes put taric in a very bad spot let his armor scale of magic resist otherwise i see no point in a armor heavy itemisation for taric.
: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
The first bug I want to report has been mentioned a lot of times already but I'm still going to include it anyway, both Dragon and Baron don't attack me no matter what I do, I was playing a custom game and waited for them to respawn about 3 times ingame but there was still no difference. The second one was me having the homeguard buff at the very beginning of the game. I was playing Caitlyn this game using the new headhunter skin and the buff was on me the moment we spawned. (Refer to screenshot below)
: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
I used Braum on my first game and I tried clearing some jungle camps with him. I noticed that when his passive stun procs on Red buff and the frog (sorry forgot his name) they transform into another form, presumably the animation where they started to enter the camp in. At first, I thought this was intentional and it looked pretty cool thinking that when you CC a jungle camp, you get a visual effect, this however was inconsistent and this "transformation" happened 2 out of 5 times for each camp. I would be happy to provide screenshots for clarity.
: Thoughts and suggestions on the state of the Leblanc nerfs
This... was really long. But I managed to understand the most part. I agree with your final point that her Q mark can possibly not be triggered by a mimicked Q, this will force more variety from the LeBlanc player by using either Distortion or Chains to follow up. Then if the ult is on cooldown, it can make the player choose to either chain CC with a mimicked chain, or disengage right away with a mimicked distortion. If you noticed, Riot has been nerfing all the *hyper burst* type of champions (getting in, unloading all skills 100-0ing the target without any chance of countering), such as Rengar, Fizz (granted that it was {{item:3100}} that got nerfed, therefore balancing his burst damage) and even Zed by changing his ulti so he can't stick to his targets right away after being knocked back/CCd. I think it's time to take LeBlanc into the lab and consider changing her infamous broken burst kit and tone it down a bit and opponents to fight back. Have you considered that instead of a silence after triggering a mark, why not give LeBlanc a kit similar to Kassadin where instead of the silence in his Q, he got a spellshield. I would see this as a fair trade, giving LeBlanc some survivability while also giving the opponent a chance to retaliate. But if you don't like this idea, your proposal of multiple spells to trigger the mark sounds fair as well. As this will force her to really pick out one target to assassinate... *there is little use for a dead silenced champion though*.
: [Store] Purchasing Runes
It seems like Rune purchases still seem buggy. I have a theory why this is happening but sadly, I cannot confirm it if it's true or not. You see, Rune purchases have began to become a problem since Riot introduced the Runes bundle for a minimal amount of IP. They stressed the fact that you should buy the bundle only **once**. Because the game may not tell you this, but there is actually a cap for owning a certain number of runes (Marks, Seals, Glyphs and Quints combined) before, players who bought the bundle could not buy any more additional runes because of this cap. The solution for that was to keep breaking down runes in the rune combiner until they free up space. This fix was only temporary though. My theory behind this is that your runes might not have shown up in your inventory yet, like as you suggested - it lagged behind. Hopefully you didn't hammer the final nail in your coffin after buying those extra runes as you can obviously not use the rune combiner with *invisible* runes. Several threads have been posted and they all complain about the same thing. Have patience my friend, I'm sure Riot is trying their best to fix this.
: ─░mportant Feedback (Riot Please comment)
Uhhh.. **A** for effort? xD Seriously speaking though, good job on this post! It's quite informative and it's obvious you spent a lot of time doing your research. (I can't even begin to imagine how often you jumped in and out of game load times when switching skins) I agree with some things you pointed out such as the additional information for videos regarding skills. If I may add, I believe you haven't noticed some champion spotlights such as the one for Akali. Her champ spotlight is so old and outdated, you can't rely on it anymore if you want to get additional information before purchasing her. This though, is only something minor and shouldn't be on top of the priority list, but at least it's on the list. I believe your request about skin reworks might not look so good because as far as I know, skins never got a rework, as I think it'd be quite useless to improve something that serves only an aesthetic purpose. When skins are tested here on the PBE, Riot tends to get as much feedback from the players as they can, so that when the skins are released on live servers, they never have to deal with it again... BUT! Don't let this get your hopes down because as you know, a lot of champions are getting reworks and one by one, the champion roster is getting more lively again. Champs such as Nocturne, Malphite, Heimer and Xerath have gotten much love and attention from the developers and considering that these mentioned champions aren't even the most popular choice among players, you can be sure that Riot has a lot planned for the future.
: [Feral Flare] - Showing wrong amount of stacks when transformed (minor)
No worries, this isn't a bug at all :) As for the 30 stacks, Riot is trying to balance the Feral Flare by making the lantern transform at 30 stacks rather than 25 as they think this might be too much of a power spike early game especially when used with Yi. They just haven't updated the tooltip yet. Regarding the "resetting" of the stacks is completely normal and it has been like that for quite a while, you see, it takes a few seconds for the lantern to transform into the Feral Flare even when you have acquired all it's stacks. This is comparable to the Muramana or the Seraph's Embrace. Once you have the Feral Flare, a new set of stacks will be counted for each large monster, champion kill or assist you get and this will add up to the passive. (Additional health regen per attack and additional magic damage to enemies)
: Alright thank you I will try this!
Glad I could help, update me though if it worked or not, because others experience the same issue and the rune combiner thing is only a short fix for this.
: [Client]Rune Purchases Not Working
You have too many Marks/Seals/Glyphs/Quints in your inventory, there is a cap in owning a certain number. The fix for this is to keep using the **Rune combiner** until you have gotten rid of most of your stuff. Try to keep only 3 quints per type and 9 seals/glyphs/marks for each one you'd like to use, so you won't have to repeat breaking down your runes in the rune combiner for future purchases.
: You can lure bots towards other lanes on live by showing up between their towers and repeatedly luring them and kiting them. I do it for fun sometimes, heh. I'm confused on how you've explained your scenario though, how do the bots get turret aggro with their pathing when they return to lane? Are you luring them well into your own jungle?
Sorry if it was confusing, what I meant to say was, bots will usually walk up your lane thereby walking past your top inner turret, outer turret and finally the place where the minions are already starting to fight.
: I think that Riot doesn't want to let go players who are actually testing stuff, reporting bugs, giving feedback and are not toxic. That's why some of us are here for a long time now.
I see, thank you very much for this :) I'm just worried because I recently studied abroad here in Asia and the lag makes playing normal games impossible. I mostly stick to custom games and play by myself.
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: [Idea] Rewards for reporting Bugs
I'd have to disagree, though the idea is great, it's much more complicated than that. Not only are we giving the people in Riot more work by keeping track of who found out what bug, it might become competitive to report bugs just to crank up some IP (which you already get by playing games) or RP (which Riot stated is basically unnecessary now since new items cost 1 IP and/or we are not allowed to purchase RP on PBE servers). There are some cases where players never find bugs/glitches/exploits in their whole stay on the server yet they still try to in order to contribute to this community.
: Feral Flare and Spirit Stone should not stack
Confirmed, since Yi can be considered a starting champion due to his very low cost of 450 IP, I tried to replicate this scenario assuming I was a low level player trying to use this strategy with just basic masteries and low tier runes, around 17 minutes into the game, I followed OP's item build and tried to solo Baron with around 13 stacks of FF, the damage was significant but I had not the sustain I really needed to stay in the fight, especially after Baron's defense debuff started stacking. So I added a {{item:3072}} to my item set, got maybe 2 or 3 additional stacks of FF, and 22 minutes into the game, I took down Baron in less than a minute's time.
: Help on Custom Skin!
Yes, the custom skins should work on the PBE client as well, as this is only a mod and it doesn't matter what server you are on. But I don't need to remind you that as PBE testers, we are all required to fulfill our responsibilities when it comes to testing out new mechanics of the game and reporting any bugs or issues that occur. Modding, though not restricted by Riot, has no real impact on the game itself.
: This did, but you must still agree that an item providing some extra energy regen or just some extra max energy, would be nice for teamfights where one can not always see as clearly and execute mechanics as easy as when in a 1v1 situation.
There are runes that increase maximum energy and the energy regen per 5 seconds. Though I have never encountered someone who recommends using this kind of build.
: Energy Buff
I have to disagree. Energy management always played a big role with the champions that are currently on League, all energy based champions have some sort of way of replenishing their energy mid combo. The following are: {{champion:64}} **Lee Sin**: Passive *Flurry* How it works: After each skill cast, Lee gains increased attack speed and for the next 2 auto attacks he does he will gain 15 energy per hit. What this means:Lee Sin has a buttload of skills since all skills except for his R can be casted twice. Theoretically, you can recover 90 energy after using his entire Q,W and E combo and that's almost half of your energy meter already. {{champion:238}} **Zed**: W Skill* Living Shadow* How it works: Since your shadow mimics all of your abilities, if you throw a shuriken or spin with your E, and your target gets hit from your original champion AND the shadow, you get energy restored based on the level of your W skill. The energy restored depends on the level of your W and it restores 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 per level respectively. What this means: Assuming your shadow is at max rank, you can restore 80 of your energy if you hit your Q and your E on your same target which will refund almost half of your energy again. {{champion:84}} **Akali**: Q *Skill Mark of the Assassin* How it works: When you hit your target with this ability, an icon will display above his head showing that this unit is "marked" with your skill. Simply hit this same target with an ability again and the mark will trigger dealing additional magic damage and will restore 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 energy per level of your Q respectively. What this means: The maximum energy you can refund on Akali is only 40 energy which makes up only 1/5 of her total energy meter, this isn't a bad thing however since Akali's energy cost for skills are relatively low and aren't required to be spammed all the time. {{champion:98}} **Shen**: Passive *Ki Strike* and E Skill *Shadow Dash* How it works: Shen's passive procs up every few seconds and his swords will light up to display that his next auto attack will deal more damage and restore 10 / 20 / 30 energy for levels below 6 / 11 / and 16 respectively. For Shadow Dash, Shen will restore flat 40 energy for every champion he comes in contact with while dashing. What this means: Shen has 2 ways to restore energy this time and for good reason. His Shadow Dash energy cost is very high which requires you to hit enemy champions in order to get that energy back right away in order to chain to other combos. Theoretically, you can restore 200 energy, basically refilling your energy bar if you hit all 5 champions with the dash. Add the fact that if your passive proc is up, you will restore some amount of energy guaranteed for simply auto attacking an enemy. {{champion:85}} **Kennen**: Passive *Mark of the Storm* How it works: Every time Kennen hits an enemy with one of his abilities, the enemy will gain one Mark of the Storm mark, once 3 marks are applied, the marks will detonate and stun the enemy, additionally, Kennen is refunded 25 energy for every mark triggered. What this means: Okay, honestly, I'm not very familiar with Kennen mechanics as I have not played him before but his passive is pretty easy to understand. spam skills, stun, go for the kill and get energy back. It's that simple. As for energy costs, I admit, the 25 energy is the lowest from all energy resource champions but I have seen many successful Kennen players before and it should still work nicely. **Bottom Line** Don't just simply spam your skills as an energy based champion. Learn the mechanics, learn the combos, because restoring 10 energy per second is a really big deal and you just have to learn the timing of all your skills. Hope this helped you. :)
: Sounds good. The only objection that readily comes to mind is that it might be too much information, but that doesn't seem fair, since the indicator exists.
You will only be able to see the cooldowns of your own teammates of course and not the enemy's, knowing and being able to assess what your team can do in future team fights is never too much information.
: I sort of like this idea. An alternate idea would be to make it like Anivia's stun, where it does damage in a passthrough and can then be reactivated to cause the aoe blind.
So like.. Valor will hang out at the end of the skillshot range for a few seconds and wait to blind everyone? It could really add a tactical change in Quinn's gameplay if Riot decides to change it like that.
: If this is being done, it would also have to be done on {{champion:76}} and {{champion:126}} to make it even.
Seconded. Sorry if I forgot to mention those champions, posted this at around 2 a.m. local time =__=
: Sound problem
Confirmed, his Q deals no sound when it hits a target be it a minion or an enemy champion unless the shuriken comes from his shadow.
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: Ultimate timers in game
I totally agree with this. Maybe they can add that option to the "Enable HUD Animations" option?
: [BOTS] Updated Bots Feedback Thread #2
I'm not sure if anyone mentioned this already, there are simply way too many comments to check one by one, but there is a trend now in top lane that some players are doing when going up against bots and it works like this: -The top laner hides in the bush between the outer turret and inner turret and once the bots show up, the player will begin to pull/bait the bots out of lane. -Carefully kiting, the player will proceed to either the inner turret of top lane or the middle lane both taking the route between the Wight and blue golem camp. -Bots will then give up chase at some point and while walking back to lane, they will not proceed to the jungle and instead go up the lane itself which will in turn make them receive a lot of turret aggro and easier to kill with a well aimed skill shot or chased with a gap closer. Since bots don't seem to plan a retreat route or juke players for that matter makes the experience quite lacking, this trick works for both beginner and intermediate AIs
: Say what now? I have a PBE account since aug 2012 and AI games have been disabled 2/3 weeks ago, **Co-op vs. AI games are not "naturally" disabled on PBE**, you have no idea what you're talking about. PBE is a testing environment and you are meant to test every aspect of the game since some bugs may only manifest in Co-op vs. AI games.
I just got into the PBE about 3 weeks ago and the first thing that popped up was a notification saying that Riot has disabled Co-op vs. AI intentionally and we are required to interact with other players. This forum is about exchanging information in order to create a better experience for players. So I would appreciate it if you stopped telling others that they "have no idea what they're talking about". I'm sharing my experiences to others players and I have no reason to lie. -On topic- It would be great if Riot would enable games vs bots again but they haven't announced anything about it. So you should just stick to normals or custom games for the meantime.
: If you had a hydra{{item:3074}} and was clearing wards and enamy minions were nearby, then you could be geting life back because of hydra's passive. Don't thing that makes it bug. Are you sure there were no minions or jungle monsters next to the ward, also taking damage from {{item:3074}} ?
It was in the river area so I'm pretty sure there were no minions around it.
: Co-op vs. Al
Co-op vs. AI is naturally disabled in the PBE because we are encouraged to play ranked or normals with other people. If you want to experiment with builds or just practice some champs you don't have on the main servers, you can create a custom game against bots and play on your own or with some invited friends who also have PBE accounts.
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