: [FIXED] New PBE Accounts
Speaking as someone who has bought literally everything in the PBE store manually(except for 12 skins which I'll be getting come this sunday : P), I think this is a great idea. It use to take months to get all the runes you needed to test different champions properly.
: Ok, so no one in this thread understands op's question. I tried a couple different values. When Q crits, the scaling damage is increased by about 133%. The base damage is not increased. ie: 20/40/60/80/100 + ((1.0 Total AD) * 1.33)
So what you're saying is that the crits just do base damage + (1.33 Total AD)? And then how would IE factor in to that? Based on the info that was posted by Mirfak here: http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/bugs/bWO9WNAA-bug-seems-like-yasuos-q-isnt-doing-the-proper-damage?comment=0002000000000000 It would seem that IE is affecting the damage on the Q. I would really appreciate a red just telling us exactly how crits work on his Q. : P
: How does Q crit for reduced damage, it's essentially an auto attack with added base damage and range? Late game it essentially functions as another auto which is why u don't stack AS higher than 1.5 to get it's max cooldown and maximize his DPS. You will constantly alternate between auto's and Steel Tempest.
No, I mean it literally crits for reduced damage. Normally crits do 200% damage without any crit damage bonuses. Yasuo's Q's don't. I just found this post by CertainlyT that states Yasuo's Q does indeed crit for reduced damage: http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/bugs/bWO9WNAA-bug-seems-like-yasuos-q-isnt-doing-the-proper-damage?comment=0002 But no where in that thread was an exact value for the modified crit damage amount stated.
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: Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to try to fix the targeting indicator for Wind Wall. I agree, right now it isn't intuitive. Should have something for you to play with by Monday. The Q3 not being autosmartcast is something we are trying. I assume that it didn't occur to you to make Q smartcast. Can you speak as to why this is? It's possible we can solve it. A lot of players expressed frustration that it was hard to learn Q3's length and width as auto-smartcast, so I'd love to find some balance here. As to Yasuo's scaling, I agree that he is a little too soft early game (and a little too strong late game). We've leaned to heavily on early game nerfs to contain his late game power, rather than addressing the problem directly. There's room within the carry domain for a late game that is less powerful than Yasuo at present. There's room below lane bully for an early game that is more powerful than Yasuo at present. All that said, we never promised Yasuo's early game would be easy. To flourish in the laning phase with Yasuo, you'll still have to play as well or better than your opponent.
Since I first played Yasuo, I thought it would have made more sense if his wind wall was cast like a skill shot. It acts just like one. The only real controllable property of the skill is the direction in which you cast it, as the wall will always move the same distance. Sounds like a skill shot to me. :P
: [BUG][YASUO] Wind Wall blocks Howling Abyss Tower Shots
I can confirm this. Windwall does block turret shots on HA, at all ranks of the skill.
: PBE Quins Glitch
"Elite Paint Skilz" The next van Gogh, for sure. : P
: Feedback on High Noon Yasuo [Riot, prepare to be BOARDED!]
"his Tachi" From what I can tell in-game his sword is at least a meter(∼3 shaku) in length, as such I think it would be classified as an odachi. Then again, this is just a video game, so it's not like it matters. As far as most people are concerned, it's a 'Katana'. : P
: The fail calculation for double crit chance is absolutely the case. With every crit item, it will always calculate at less than double what the item claims to add. With no crit from passives or runes or shit, Crit Cape gives 15% which should hit 30% on double - nope, 27%. Not even rounding error causing that, something more there.
I find that the value goes up over time, so if you got the crit cape and then waited a minute it will go up to the 30% it should be at. Which is rather strange, as it should just be giving us the double crit chance right away, not over time.
: Personal opinions regarding visuals on Yasuo and Anivia
I agree that the colour on the flow bar should be changed. A light cyan would better visualize the concept of flowing, than yellow.
: [Yasuo] E dashing pass target (video)
That is intended as far as I know. His dash is fixed distance, so if you position yourself properly you can get over quite a few walls using monsters.
: Yasuo critical chance increasing too slowly.
What he means is that once you buy an item will crit on it, you will get the listed crit chance right away, but the bonus crit chance from your passive slowly gets added to your total crit chance. The passive does not give it's full effect immediately upon purchase of a crit item. It takes a few seconds. To me it seems like a bug.
: [INFO REQUEST] "Unexpected plataform error"
Still getting it. :P SN: General Twigums
: [LOG IN] Background Animation Outside Of Client Frame
Just checked the Jinx log in on the regular(non-pbe) client, and it also does the same thing. Both of them only in the top left corner.
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: PBE Update: Login & Audio Bug
It was working for me before the update, and now it isn't. I'm getting a "unexpected platform error" popup when I try to log in.
: [Graphic Glitch] Pool Party Leona
This also occurred to me yesterday. It had no effect on game play insofar as I could tell.
: [Masteries] Conjuror Mastery doesn't work on Shaco boxes
I can corroborate this claim. After testing multiple times the boxes would only last for 60 seconds, instead of the 66 seconds they should last if this mastery were working correctly. This is of course assuming that the mastery is intended to affect Shaco's boxes.
: [BUG] Using 2 Biscuits at the same time doesnt que as in pots
This bug has already been posted: http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/bugs/1IFjLulf-masteries-culinary-master-not-working-properly In the future, please use the search function or look at recent posts to see if the bug you are reporting on has already been posted. And if so, comment in that thread instead of making a new one.
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