: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: High Noon Ashe
So 200k Ashe player checking in. I love her new animations, but since I have 200 ping on the PBE i couldn't *feel* them if you know what i mean. They look amazing however. I couldn't listen to her Hungarian VO, because right now it's impossible to set the PBE to any language other than English. Therefore I don't want to comment on the processing because I'm not familiar with the English voice. What I would like is if you didn't remove her processing before releasing her to live. I think it needs to be a more broad opinion. What I noticed in game was a passive glow on her from the start. It's simply amazing. Her transformation is awesome too, but since the basic form is wonderful already I can't say I love her angelic form more. It's refreshing to have such a beautiful non blue skin. My only problem is the lack of a green chroma. I'm sure it could've worked as it did with Arclight Brand, which she shares the color palette with. Her icon looks beautiful. Probably the best atm. Her border is quite unfitting tho, but it's a very minor problem. Maybe a yellow change to the upper ends, like the change with jhin's? Or a yellow/gold fire instead of the red? Thanks for reading my feedback.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Pyke
AMAZING new VO (thanks Jared) Lack of new animations - please dont use pyke being new as an excuse (look at kayn's Q, Jhin who is also fairly new, what amazing animations he got), i feel like in this case it was rather a problem of fantasy-less execution when it came to anims. Basically either no time or not too much effort from the anim department or producer. This holds true for any future release. Legendaries are your flagship products. AMAZING VO 2x Coin - if Ahri's orb was changed for prestige, I'm sure the coin couldve been changed too. Or is a part of him PF/Praetorian, capable of time travel? I also like the snake in his w and elsewhere Last point: model change in game - Jhin, Leona, Zed all have in game model changes, I'm not sure if he doesnt but if he does I'm sorry. I think they're also a part that makes Legendaries different from a 1350 skin. If he doesnt have any model changes, please do not do this with future releases of legendaries.
: Morgana Gameplay Feedback
AugustUwU, pls consider changing Blacthorn's W border from purple to brown or smth that suits blackthorn better. Not a fan of purple on that skin. Awesome chromas tho!!
: Yeah, id like to get some context too. Seems weird all of a sudden.
It was probably since his first legendary was a "joke" skin, and not everyone likes that. Riot, please draw consequences about making joke legendaries. They may not be for everyone's taste, and even tho I love these funny legendaries (especially Janna, i love it soooooo much, but Corp Mundo, Brolaf are funny too), only make them for those champions who would not get another, but the players would still love it. This is a hit in the guts, for those of us who love to play league, and even tho you made improvements in recent times by bringing out skins for long-neglected champs, this goes on the negative side with a huge weight in my opinion. Even more so since this year, a lower amount of legendary skins has come out compared to last year. We had 4 by now, and yes, they were for champs who were popular, but they didn't have one and deserved it. I don't say you shouldnt make second legendaries for champions, but while less than a third of the pool has a quality one, i really, really don't feel it justifiable.
: Give us a limited edition border please. There is no telling that we bought it to support charity if you bring the skin back in the future.
IMO a border would be silly, you support because you feel it is right, not because you can get a border for it.
: **HUGE HUGE UPDATE: **Dark Star Cho'Gath will now be on sale from 7/13 @ 11:00 AM through 8/10 @ 23:50 PM, with the plans for charity contribution unchanged. This puts Dark Star Cho'Gath release in the last weekend of Patch 8.13. Sorry to delay you guys a month. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
No problem at all! At least I can save some money for it. You guys surprised us with a Your Shop, and i don't want to spend too much money rn. I'm also excited for the thing Anna 'Supercakes' was teasing in her March video. I'm not sure if it's the recent ARAM map update or something way bigger that hasn't come yet.
: Hey Geneman! This isn't intended to be a full balance pass on HA, so there are probably weaker or stronger keystones that could be addressed in the future, just not for this patch! :) With regards to the experience confusion, basically the way ARAM worked before is you started at level 3, but with the experience of a level 1 champion. All experience in League is additive, so to hit level 2, you need the full experience of level 1. And to hit level 3, you need the full experience of level 1+2. Since you at level 3 with 0 exp, you had to essentially "level" through 1, 2 AND 3 to get level 4 in Live ARAM. Now... you'll start at level 3 with the minimum exp you'd have as if you naturally reached level 3. Does that make more sense? It's mathy :) but the real TLDR is you'll hit level 4 faster!
WOW That isn't surprising, but it's a huge revelation. I always felt hitting level 4 was really really slow, compared to hitting 5. Now i know why! Thank you again for the work you guys put in improving the ARAM experience. Is it because more people have started playing? I kind off have this feeling that now there are more people playing aram. I had to edit this, i left out the reaction to the items. The best I like is the spectral cutlass, I can imagine Jhin using it for the fun factor too. There was really a need for another lethality final item, as i felt none really close to my heart.
: Alright! This is some good stuff! As someone who spends more than half their time playing League in ARAMs, I have some thoughts/suggestions: 1. Dark harvest - I like the proposed change here. Most people don’t realize just how broken DH is on ARAM. I have numerous pentakills and even a double penta thanks to this broken rune. 2. Update to champ-specific abilities - There’s nothing quite like getting a Shyv in ARAM... rip your passive. Champs like Shyv, Kindred and Ivern, who rely jungle interaction to fulfill the full limits of their passives end up feeling left out in the cold (as do their teammates). I would suggest replacing these passives with either some basic stat buffs (e.g. melee champs receiving extra armor and MR). This helps people who play with these champs feel like their game is on a more level playing field. Still thinking of other ways to make these champs more relevant in ARAM. 3. Ability resets - With not much room to work with, if a champ with ability resets (Kat, Darius, Yi, Vayne, etc.) gets a kill, they can snowball out of control way too easily. Removing these resets would likely lead to a game that lasts a more normal length instead of a 9 minutes stomp fest. Again, love the take you are dedicating to improving ARAM. I’ll probably have more thoughts to come, but this is my initial take on the changes. Cheers, JB Follow-up: I just saw the 3 new items. They look OP and super fun! My guess is that they’ll likely need a slight nerf to not become 100% buy items on a large pool of champs.
Thank you for your thoughts, as a fellow ARAM lover. Kindred is really something unique, as is Ivern (I don't know Shyvana's abilities at all:D). Surprisingly Ivern doesn't have a really low winrate there.
: ARAM Updates on PBE
I'm semi-happy with the changes, though i think DH's strength won't ever go away. It'll still be the best pick for many champs because of the dmg to towers. Comet just can't do that. Neither can Aery, and it's even worse i think, as it isn't AoE. Some keystones would need significant buffs to be viable (Phase Rush, PtA, Electrocute, Grasp, and any Inspiration tree). Also, the problem is not just with DH. The whole tree is what gives you strength over the others - without the need to even try. For other runes and keystone runes to be viable, they'd need lower CDs, and then DH wouldn't have to be nerfed. While many many many runes have those, eyeballz and hunter don't. They give you momentum right at the beginning because they are balanced for SR, where kills are scarce. Warmog was the ARAM version of Ardent, with some randomness calculated as not every composition had tanks, but it was a necessary item for any tank. I'm happy that it'll be gone, making it a harder decision for any tank to choose items. My champ pool mainly consists of mages and ADCs so you can see why it was a pain in the back. I don't really understand the experience part. I hope those new items will bring something unique to the gameplay, i can't see them yet on surr@20. Good to have special items like TT has. (starter items and faster versions excluded) Thank you for addressing the worst of ARAM.
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