: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Mecha Kingdoms Garen
As a Garen main, I must say that it's an amaizng job you guys have done with this skins! It looks fantastic! I think that the only comment that I would like to make, is that the W active effect is not as visible as other skins are. For instance, Demacia Vice makes him a blue Hologram, Steel Legion keeps a Eletric barrier around him, and etc... I think that the gorund mark is not so visible as it could be, and the Shoulderpads detail does not give enought info during a fight, since it's not something so visible aswell althout it's cool. I think that, if you guys give that Shoulderpad Hologarm-Like detai on more parts of him, maybe could help to improve the visibility of his W active effect. Or maybe, if you guys have other better ideias for that, I would love if you could share in case you plan on updating it!
: Honestly what if Riot just made it so when there’s a mark above an enemy that meant you could kill them with ult. So like if there is a low adc that mark pops above them and that tells you they can be killed with r. Just a thought tho
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: Why was baker pantheon changed to blue?
Take a look at the original Pantheon model. It was red, and because of that, the skin used to match the original champion color Scheme. Old Panth used to have a lot of Red on him, because of his shield and armor. So when they made the skin, they made like that to be better to identify the champion I supose Now that his original model is pretty much a shirtless hot guy with blue scarfs, the color Blue is more prominent. So that's why the change of colors.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Demacia Vice Garen!
I wonder if they actually read any comments we made. Since there was NO reply and NO changes to skin, i don't know if they just ignored the feedback post, or didn't feel like it was worth changing the Skin.
: Absolutely love this skinline, hopefully Vi and Cait get it too. That said, any chance Garen could get into that palmtree action? His recall gets a moving JPEG while Lucian gets TWO entire trees. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
What are you talking about? Garen is way more A S T H E T I C
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Demacia Vice Garen!
Well, first of all, I wanna thank you guys for the amazing job on this Garen skin! Garen don't have any skin with a "non-serious" theme, and this one rocks! Based on my first impressions about the skin, I have only 2 suggestions for it: First, about the model. I think that his T-shirt could be a different collor instead of black. Something more like a purple, and his gloves a little more Pinky intead of a strong Red. It would be great because the colors would match the thematic a little more, and it would make the In-game model look more like the splash art, since in spalsh, it has both this colors. Second one, is about the Villain Mark. I think that the "It can kill" notification could be more visible. In this skin, it only flashes a little at the moment, and has some sparks. I suggest something like a bigger size change, or some addicional effect (something more flashy) that could make more visible, so it would be easier and faster during a fight to notice that the target is "killable" with the ultimate. That's it. Anyways, as a Garen Main, I apreciate all the work in this skin, and I thnak you all for making this amazing Theme!! PS: Tommy Vercetti Chrome when?
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: No idea why you’re getting downvoted. You got it exactly right. Vs skins are about the interaction, how often will you see a Garen and Kata in the same lane facing eachother or near enough for interactions to ve relevant?
I thank you so much for understanding my opinion S2
: Tried it on the PBE and I am amazed at the huge effort put into this skin. Almost perfect, the only thing that would make it way better is if the pink of his axe and the jewels on his armor would be darker or more orange/red. Pink feels a bit weird for Darius. Sounds and visual effects are awesome and feel good. Dunking feels so good, the wolf is big and so the ult feels meaty, awesome. Having a more serious 2nd legendary is a luxury I am grateful for since Dunkmaster is bad ass too but still has a more funny theme, so thank you for this one.
I agree with you on this one. I think about something more like Bloodstone Taric? http://oi68.tinypic.com/2hydiye.jpg A more "bright/strong Red" would fit it better, in my opinion at least.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: God-King Garen
As some other people said: **Altough it REALLY looks cool the drapes on his shoulders, it really makes it simillar to Riven's skin.** Since Garen is the big hero/King of all good people, maybe a full/long Cape would suit him better? I mean, capes. The simble of justice and a hero "badassness"? Well, it's just an opinion of mine. I am downlaoding the PBE again because I can't miss the opotunity to analyse the skin of my favorite champion and help making it as good as possible for all Garen fans! I will test it all the ways possible, and if there is something I can help with more feedback, I'll come here soon!
: Yeah, if only Garen didn't have more history with Katarina than with Darius.
Katarina is more like Romeo and Juliet plot with a little bit of rivality. Darius is a real rival/enemy in therms of ethics and ways. I really like the plot of Garen and Kat, but for a Versus event, I really think Darius suits better for fighting Garen in my opinion.
: Don't get my wrong: the skin is absolutely gorgeous and high-quality. The real issue is: why gotta be Darius? Why spent so many resources on a champion that already has one high-quality legendary (unlike Cho'Gath, who also has two legendaries, but his first one is so outdated that it's almost not worth the price) and one mythic tier skin? I was seriously expecting it to be a Katarina skin, so she could finally have good animations and more than one minute of quotes. Well, I guess it's too late now. I just wanted to vent a little. Congratulations, this is a utterly well done skin...
I gonna tell you why Darius: It's a VERSUS event, just like Yasuo and Riven had another year, and one of the MOST iconic rivals in League are Darius and Garen. And also Garen already deserved a legendary Skin, because, come on, he is a iconic champion. And these are the Reasons that Darius got a new Skin the VERSUS event. Garen could use a legendary skin, and they had the idea of abusing the thematic and making a VERSUS skin/event since he had one of the most iconic rivalities in the game: Darius. I know that Darius already has a couple of skins, including a legendary one. But come one, the idea of making a VERSUS skin using Garen and Darius is amazing, and very well done. So I think that this "There are many other champions that need a skin..." thing could be ignored, at least, on this ocasion since we are talking about a event involving thematics and lore.
: skin graves vitoriosa
Posta em inglês. Isso é um forum internacional, os rioters não na maioria americanos. Postar em PT n vai ajudar nada! English Please ^^
: I love Mort as a champ however I agree with pretty much everything you said. He's amazing if you can get ahead and stick on people however his slow movement speed makes him easy to kite abd sad to play. 5 base health will not be enough to make up for the loss of AD and movement speed from runes. Great post btw :)
Thanks! I Hope Riot can give another look on his stats while still in PBE
: LeBlanc
Dica: O forum PBE é internacional, e a maioria dos rioters são americanos, então sugiro fazer os posts em Inglês para participar aqui! English Please :3
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