: Yes. Or weave through them. Or use a spell. Or kill the melee minions.
That's the only thing i really fear about. I mean, it's logical. But annoying to know, i can't just shoot that one minion, i have to flank the melees to get that one minion... if i dont want to use a spell. But the rest of the kit is utterly awesome! . . . PS: I don't play classics anyway... PSS: Oh, and who came up with this terrible Sivir design ? Yet again, another Victorious Skin that can't make me want to play classic again...
: Graves can't auto the anything at the back....for example...if he stands infornt of the wave and tires to auto the back minions, it won't hit them and instead hit the first melle minion in front of you....you should be able to at least do reduced damage to them
This is what i feared, after reading: >"4. Unlike other basic attacks, Graves’ bullets hit the first unit they collide with. So he basicly can't attack anything, that's hiding behind another enemy unit (with auto) !?
: You can see that they carried over elements from the original concept, but I think what they eventually decided on is that she needs _clothing_, not _armor_ (she is a _fencer_ after all). Her new outfit is more of an ornate tunic than a suit of armor or bodysuit, which seems to be a compromise between the two. So, while I also prefer the _look_ of the original (new) design, I can accept that it may not be ideal for functionality. The only real criticism I could raise is that it seems a bit too 'modern' for League, like something you'd see today, not in Runeterra. And with today's update, her face is pretty much fixed, so now my only beef is with her new walking animation. She's almost at Bard levels of floaty prancing, which is a bit ridiculous because A) she's a _human_, not a cartoon/magical being and B) it just looks out of place when compared to other champions' walk animations (especially 'normal' humans). The rest of her animations look fine (lunges, stabs, etc.) because they show deliberate, thematic motion; the walking, not so much. Her new walk is comical in a Team Fortress 2 sort of way and I can only imagine that the intent was to convey her lanky stature and nimbleness as a fighter, but I feel like they missed the mark with the latter.
> And with today's update, her face is pretty much fixed lol... no. They added fat to her face, nothing else they did.
: I have to ask...
Tiny improvements, huge impact: Still the face is too bright/white/shiny to me. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/3eagp1/uwuzidan_makes_one_of_the_best_fiora_edit_ive_seen/
: About the hate that players give the new Fiora rework
To me it's not the hair, or the look as a whole. It's the face, it's very unnatural. Looking like she smashes her face into a bowl, filled to the tip with makeup stuff, which makes her look much older, than she is. Seriously, the new face for itself ain't ugly. But compared to the old one, it is.
: > [{quoted}](name=Gelban der Reihe,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=lTz9kOZA,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-07-22T23:20:38.419+0000) > > Serious question: > Why does a specialst at duelling heal allies ? It's been said that it's considered the Grand Challenge, which if victorious, she's basking in the victory and the crest below her can signify she brought honor back upon her name. More of less, she's so proud that she's radiating her pride in a form of healing "aura" around herself.
HA, i can make that work in my head. But it's way more like they had to _"**ADD SOME RANDOM THINGY TO THIS BORING ULT**"_. Don't get me wrong, i will still like her. I'll get used to it. But that kinda Character healing his allies, by defeating an enemy, is plain stupid to me. Also, like discussed all over the web already: Her new face is a simple failure. I really don't think they wanted to recreate Creulla De Vil or Wicked LeBLanc. So why did they ? Just trash this "upgrade", which really feels like a downgrade and take this one instead: http://postimg.org/image/ekvy1jz25/ I think at least 90% of complaining people will be pleased. But that's just me. Like i said earlier, i'll get used to it. Once in a while, i will notice again and moan and yell at RIOT, but then i'll forget again. Sad truth.
: Champion Update: Fiora is awesome!
Serious question: Why does a specialist at duelling heal allies ?
: [Champion Update: Fiora] Can you guys revert the VU?
I agree, because _**what's the deal in making her look like using tons of (bad) make up and/or being a grumpy mid-old woman ?**_ I agree with IronStylus, that there is somewhat too much of oversexualisation in the game (Miss Fortune Splash - what kind of Otaku made that one?), but why taking an absolutely fine looking face and simply make it look bad? The sense behind it, is just too well hidden. Only "good" thing: i'll get used to it anyway, which is sad enough...
: Fiora Run Animation
Riot seem to like broken walking animations lately: Fiora (jumping ?), Miss Fortune (breaking her hips with every swing?), Allistar (simply weird), Soraka (stomping the ground with every step), i bet there are more, that i just can't recall right now.

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