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: [TFT] Now is the time to apply consistent language to the game(mode)
I dont care much about the actual wording BUT why is there item&ability text , if you have to check every interaction for yourself , because it doesnt clearly say in the text yes its fun to "discover" the game , but why does shyvana with guardian angel and rageblade , revive in human form, but keeps the rageblade stacks? and there are many more random interactions like that , it punishes gamesense, and forces you to learn every single little one of them, or checking 3rd party platforms
: TFT DMG overated
good units still beat bad units , and your comp was very bad
: Remove the xp drop in tft
: (tft) an item is worth way more than 3 gold or 4 exp
every time I get exp or gold , I feel like I lost , I freaking lost that creep round, gold and exp arent even close to the strength of items and roll tactics is part of the genre I want to keep my % on 1 drops or 2 drops riot please reconsider , and if you want to keep it , make it an Item atleast , that you can use, random gold and exp is a bad thing
each and every time i get exp , I feel like i lost, I fucking lost that creep round, it was worthless... and what makes it even worse, exp in TFT is BAD, not always obviously but randomly getting exp can fuck up your strategy around rolling holding levels instead of exp drop there could be a random bear trap that takes 10 hp off me , I honestly would prefer it riot please reconsider this "feature"


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