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: > [{quoted}](name=Gaymer7,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=dGijBlXB,comment-id=0019,timestamp=2016-04-19T21:41:29.219+0000) > > When passive seeds spawn 2 at a time, they can sometimes spawn right next to each other. Fairly high reproduction rate. To clarify -- do the 2 new ones appear next to each other, or does one of the two near ones appear next to an existing seed?
> [{quoted}](name=20thCenturyFaux,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=dGijBlXB,comment-id=00190000,timestamp=2016-04-19T22:32:50.120+0000) > > To clarify -- do the 2 new ones appear next to each other, or does one of the two near ones appear next to an existing seed? Two new seeds appear next to each other.
: MYMU - Zyra discussion
When passive seeds spawn 2 at a time, they can sometimes spawn right next to each other. Fairly high reproduction rate.
: Tricksters glass is so fun to use ^_^
I had an AP Cho on my team while I played support Lulu. He would use it on me when I was at half health and then walk past an enemy as if he had disconnected. So of course they thought, "Free kill!" and got close to him. When they let their guard down, he would 100-0 them with his combo. :P
: Black Market Brawlers is very unstable.
I crash during loading screen. It usually takes 2 or 3 tries to get into the game. I get a bugsplat messaged followed by the internet connection lost message. Once I connect, I stay connected though.
: Hey pbe Evil. Thanks for letting us know! Do you happen to know when this occurred during the game? Any details ( early/mid/late game, after X minutes, we had lost/took a few towers, our inhibitor was gone, etc.) would be super helpful in tracking this down!
It happens every game in BMB mode. I think it's sometime around 7:55 or so and then happens again later (presumably ~8 minutes later). I'm fairly certain it happens for all 10 players.
: I can't be the only one concerned about the new Rylais
It probably won't get nerfed until after it hits live. Enjoy your freelo. :P Brand, Zyra, Amumu, Vlad, Morde, and Kat seem like the biggest abuse cases. I haven't tested the latter two though. (Edit: Also Cho) I really love Brand with it since all 4 of his spells get a 40% slow and 3/4 of those spells can hit multiple targets. And once that 40% slow wears off, they're still slowed by 20% for 4 seconds because of his passive. It effectively gives Brand a 5 second slow on all his abilities. It's kind of insane. Edit: For anyone confused about how Brand gets a 5 second slow, remember that his passive lasts 4 seconds. Any spell hit will apply a 40% slow for 1 second. After 1 second his passive still has 3 seconds of damage left during which you are slowed for 20%. After the passive ends, you still have another second of slow that was applied by the last tick of his passive.
: VS AI bots behaving funny
It appears to be only bots on the intermediate setting. The bots I've noticed doing this are Rammus, Soraka, and Malphite. Someone else mentioned MF doing this, too.
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: New Sion Keeps Crashing Games
I just had a game where no one picked Sion, but the game still crashed. The possibilities are as follows: 1. Ravenborn LeBlanc and/or Underworld Wukong are responsible for the crashes. 2. The SR Update is causing crashes. 3. PBE is just crashing.
: The only glaring complaint I have so far is the duration of her E. Relative to it's size it is very difficult to land. Someone can walk over nearly all of it and still be out before the snare kicks in. It's cast range is too small to use as a good "Don't walk here" tool, so in all it seems like it is defensive only when not in retreat. That seems to be too specific a use to really fit very well. I would suggest a few solutions: 1. Shorten the time until it triggers a snare 2. Increase it's area 3. Increase it's cast range 4. Make it do some other ability. Examples: a. Regen mana to allies b. Stop enemy regen (doesn't quite fit in lore as a healer though) c. Do damage over time. d. etc.
Perhaps a very small slow (like 10%-15%) would help to keep enemies in for the root. It would ideally wear off immediately after they leave the zone.
: @Riot, you are nerfing Lulu's whimsy all wrong.
While I agree with the title, I don't think her utility ratios should be completely removed. I think they should be nerfed, and the base values should be buffed. More specifically, her Q slow should decay to something like 10% or 20% but have a lower AP ratio on the amount the slow decays to. Her W should give 35% movespeed (like it did before utility scaling) but have it's AP ratio reduced to .05 from .1 (this would be a buff to Lulu builds with less than 100 AP and a nerf to Lulu builds with 100+ AP). I mained support Lulu this season and I usually included Athene's and Frost Queen's Claim in my build for 110 AP. It would kinda suck if her utility ratios were flat out removed because there would be no point in buying AP at all since her other ratios are decent at best. Also, what's up with that nerf to W's duration at early ranks? Did Riot forget that support Lulu exists? That nerf will hit support Lulu so hard. :/
: Having played the final stage of Doom Bots a few times now, I can definitely say we need a few changes before it goes live on the server, I'm thinking this is a Halloween time mode from a few of the skins and general design? - AoE on turrets and minions needs to be cut. Seriously, its just too much overkill. Its one thing with the minions but them AND the turrets catching fire and being damaged by it? I'd even settle for the turrets not being damaged by the fire, but, its ridiculous right now the way it is. Games end sometimes in 15 minutes just from the turrets going down that easily. - Possible way for the human team to disable some doom? Perhaps a way for the human players to actually disable for a few minutes the more ridiculous and OP bot features? (Egg passives, 20 Ezreal ults, etc) Perhaps in the form of a quest that could pop up when all human players hit level 6, 11, and 16? Could be a dragon slaying or something randomly chosen and if the team does it, the bots take 3 or so minutes of being nerfed for a change and then it returns. Could also be an item players could buy and if they kill a champ with the item in their inventory it disables that champion's bonus doom for 3 minutes, like: "Egg Scrambler" - for 3 minutes any bot with the Anivia passive is unable to use it, or "Clone Crusher" - for 3 minutes no champion can use Shaco's ult. Perhaps this item could be a trinket? - Change some combos to be impossible to occur. It might sound funny to you to have Annie, Blitzcrank, Wukong, Ezreal, and Lux all on one team but its really anything but. Some combos should be kept from ever appearing together or else it'll be a quick match with a lot of angry Riot users. Also a big suggestion: Ban jungle items/smite from this mode so people don't go into the jungle and cost their team a man advantage knowing full well that'll occur. I've noticed a lot of people jungle in these matches and cost their team that 1 on 2 in top lane, which inevitably leads to a push that ends the entire game. Perhaps by ensuring its 2/1/2 we can be assured of a full 5 vs 5 fight rather than 4 on 5. Actually, in at least 15 matches so far I've seen with a jungler in doom bots V, every single one ended in a loss so perhaps discouraging jungling during this mode with item/spell bans might be useful!
I agree that Smite should be removed. Jungling is a terrible idea in this mode. I disagree with the other things you said. If the game mode isn't hard, it's boring.
: I don't like the current essence reaver build path i think it should be built out of a BF sword + vamp Scepter + Forbidden Idol and change the passive so its 2-8% mana given back over something like 3 seconds. If it built out of BF sword it might actually be a good option over BT. Besides, the current essence reaver is a bit cheap. A new build path would make more sense.
I agree. I think Essence Reaver will be outclassed by BT in this state because of BT's superior AD and lifesteal. I think Riot should give it a little more AD (maybe +10 more to make it 60?) than it has now, but keep the lifesteal the same or even drop it to 8%. That way it doesn't become overall better than BT. Imo, BT should be the go-to health sustain + AD item while Essence Reaver should be the go -to mana sustain + AD item that has a small amount of health sustain. But as it is now, Essence Reaver doesn't quite compare to the damage output of a BT. I could be wrong though. We'll see how it turns out on live. :)
: Match History Text
I'm getting the same problem. Instead of "Champion Kills" it says "Champion ills" "ssists" instead of "Assists." "Gol arne" instead of "Gold earned." etc.
: I really don't like the adding CDR to Twin Shadows and removing the MR. When building supports I always need a cheap source of MR and I am always over cap on CDR since so many support items give CDR {{item:3401}} {{item:3092}} {{item:3069}} {{item:3060}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3190}}. So if I play Zyra {{champion:143}} with 10% CDR from Masteries and Runes and I buy a {{item:3069}} I will be maxed out on CDR once I get level 5 on my W. I do like the new build path because 2 ap tomes and a null magic mantle was a little hard to have room for in mid/late game, but can it be something like Aether Wisp + Null-Magic Mantle + Gold and keep the same stats it currently has plus the new active.
I personally prefer the Twin Shadows with CDR. If you just want MR and are already at/above the CDR cap, get a Banshee's. It serves the purpose of protecting you from magic damage much better than Twin Shadows.
: I build {{item:3092}} on many supports because it's gold per hit passive lets me make far more gold And I also grab an early {{item:3401}} on Thresh and Leona as well as {{item:3023}} As a support main I don't really see why you think no one buys those things.
I main {{champion:117}} and play a bit of {{champion:37}} and {{champion:267}}. I don't upgrade {{item:3098}} too often. I usually rush it and leave it as is until after I complete {{item:2049}}, {{item:3047}}, {{item:3028}},and sometimes {{item:3174}} (if I'm still hanging around the ADC a lot. Imo the only reason to upgrade to {{item:3092}} would be if you wanted to take cs. The active is nice, but if I have 900 gold, I'd rather just complete Athene's for the MR and superior 20% CDR than complete FQC. I personally never buy{{item:3023}} because I prefer tank stats over AP. I buy{{item:3143}} (which has utility in the active AoE slow) and/or {{item:3102}} depending on need. I find that being tankier allows me to be more disruptive and take focus away from my teammates. And if I'm not focused, I have a decent amount of AP, CDR, and utility to keep my teammates alive. I think I'll try the new Twin Shadows if I'm ahead. The CDR is the reason I think it'll be worth an item slot.
: 4.3 Itemization Update [Update - 2/19/2014]
Tested Spellthief Line as {{champion:69}}. Her Q and W can proc multiple charges with one spell cast. Is this intentional? This adds 30 damage to her Q at level 1. ._.
: [Planned 4.3] Itemization Changes (Boots / Duo Lane Gold Items / DShield / Ruby Crystal)
Just noticed this. The Spellthief's Edge on live gives 4 gold when you attacking a champion every 10 seconds **per champion**. Assuming you're in a 2v2 bot lane, it can proc a maximum of **6** times every 30 seconds. The new Spellthief's Edge can only proc **3** times every 30 seconds. That would theoretically cut your gold gain from Tribute **in half**. Can you fix this?
: [Planned 4.3] Itemization Changes (Boots / Duo Lane Gold Items / DShield / Ruby Crystal)
>Tribute is disabled for 12 seconds if you kill a minion. I don't like this because it's very easy to kill a minion just before your harass lands (think Sona Q or Lulu Q). 10 seconds already felt too long. Now that you have a charge system, it'll feel even worse to accidentally kill a minion and waste potential gold generation. I want to keep the AP on the Spellthief line in exchange for some of the flat damage from the passive. The charge system would encourage supports to attack 3 times for 30 bonus damage then play passive for 30 seconds since they now lack combat stats. Having AP on this item would favor constant poke (and help heals/shields turn trades into the user's favor). I also think the Spellthief line should have a little more mana regen on Tiers 2 and 3. > Active: > •Free Target instead of Enemy Targetted > •Increased Cast Range to 850 from 600 > •Area of Effect size decreased to 300 from 400 > •Magic Damage increased to 50 + 10 per champion level > •Now applies an 80% slow that decays over 3 seconds from a flat 50% slow over 2 seconds I LOVE these changes. The old active felt pretty useless. This active so much more playmaking potential. This makes it almost as good as Talisman, though it'd be harder to use (and would require the enemy team to be clumped rather than your own team). On the topic of Ruby Sightstone, I always felt like this item was incredibly slot INEFFICIENT. You get 360 health and a ward passive in a slot where you could have a Randuin's or Banshee's Veil. While obviously the item HAS to be slot inefficient so that not everyone would buy it, I think the item should either get an upgrade or have it's cost and stats increased. Edit: > Tribute: > •Your spells and attacks deal 10 additional damage to champions and towers and generate 4 gold. As someone asked earlier, how does this interact with DoT damage? Should probably be coded so that DoT spells only proc the damage once. We don't want Teemo and Lulu to get 30 bonus damage with one auto attack at level 1.


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