: I would agree that tanks ruin the flow of the gametype, except for the fact that itemization is vastly limited. I can't build dead man or randuin or frozen heart or banshee. In other words: I can't build tank itemization. For example, say I picked Tahm, one of the tankiest champions in the game. I'd be worthless due to the intense lack of health items. The best I could do for Tahm would be to build on-hit for Q and W, except that without cdr and hp, he'd still be worthless If the criteria for the game mode is to oneshot people, then we've got a lot of champs to consider. Nautilus, Amumu, Quinn, Warwick, Renekton, Garen, Darius, Nocturne, Yi, Poppy, Sejuani, Zac, and basically any midlane mage. All of those camps have the ability to oneshot a champ almost right out of the box. I can understand not having champs like Nami, Lulu, and Janna though. They can build raw ap and still be just fine, and would disrupt the flow of the game, so yes, I can agree that some champ pool limiting is a good thing, but not the wholesale limiting they have right now.
Quinn, Maybe Darius, Nocturne, and Yi are the only really good options that should be considered. The rest either have too much cc, inherent tankiness, or extremely one-sided fights. Naut, Amumu, and Poppy have a lot of CC which would make them harder (and slower) to kill, plus assassins are very CC vulnerable. Naut, Amumu, Poppy, Warwick (new i assume), Renekton, and Garen, all have inherent tankiness. Naut shield, Amumu tantrum (debateable in its value.....), poppy's shield and bonus resistances, Renekton's ult, and Garen's courage and PASSIVE lol (esp broken for not recalling). Naut, Amumu, Poppy, and debatably renekton? are all very one sided in their full damage builds. It's typically not very viable, but in a gamemode based on a lot of 1v1 fights, these champs can easily slaughter people with no counterplay. If AP naut hooks you, you are guaranteed dead, if AP Amumu lands bandage toss you are guaranteed dead, if Full AD poppy slams u against a wall, you are guaranteed dead, and fighting a fed Renekton is usually a loss, though he doesn't really fit in here. While the assassins currently permitted require some intricacies to one shot, 1 CC heavy ability will instat-win a fight for these champs. It's more a balance thing I think, easier to keep it fair with less champs. Plus, if you add more champs, they might have to add bans.
: Way too few champs in Blood Moon (opinion)
Exclusivity in champ select is what makes some game modes fun and interesting (look at smite). Not allowing every champ in the mode is important not only for the thematic, but for balance. Tanks and Fighters (with Camille oddly being excluded from the fighter category?) make awful targets for assassins, ruining the flow, speed, and balance of the game. Fighters are harder to kill than assassins, but can duel them, which is why they're generally bad targets for assassins (assassins like squishy carries and other assassins). Tanks are just real hard to kill. The whole point is this mode is supposed to be lighting fast and extremely brutal, but fighters just sorta reduce it to slow paced duels instead of 1-shot shuriken showdowns.
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: About Camille's Ult Counterplay & Changes to Her
Honestly, I like that the ult is inescapable, it's the only ability that actually FORCES a fight. I don't think her E should stun tho.
: Twisted Treeline spawn bugs now on Summoners Rift
Riot is trying to teach you that jungle farming is murder!
: Brand
You can't douse the flames! No but in all seriousness he is only decently strong, every other mage is just really weak atm. Im not saying he is flawless but pitchfork worthy? not really
: > [{quoted}](name=Lunar Revel,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=KhUyJPbR,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-12-02T07:45:44.105+0000) > > Well, the only skins that I don't own are TPA set and I only got a special offer for TPA Ezreal. I don't play him or any other champ from TPA Squad. Maybe it's hard to make it so personal on PBE since most of us already have most of the skins for champions that we usually play. > > On the other hand, "personal special offers" might be just random but only you are going to receive these type of discounts. I got TPA Ez too. I heard a lot of people got TPA Ez and Championship Shyvana just like I did :v
I only got skins for champs i have played once or never is what was weird as it was supposed to be personal. I assumed personal meant actually taking us into consideration and not rolling a dice.
: This might seem like a dumb question, but did it at least favour them relative to what you didn't own? It can't give you 6 Brand skin sales if you already have them <3 p.s. I can't check this myself since I got pbe recently and only have arams in my match history.
Well i couldn't really get one for a brand skin, but for all the other champs i play i have plenty of skins i could have gotten sales on
: Snowdown Preview
The snowdown shop should be made more personal. why would i get a discount lee skin over a karma or brand skin if i haven't played lee but play both?
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: Lucian's undetected passive change ??
http://www.surrenderat20.net/2015/08/812-pbe-update.html#balance The bottom of the page
: Battle boss blitz doesnt look weird?
And if it can't be switched around there has to be a better name lol It sounds so blocky and wrong.
: Battle is the adjective, boss is the noun here. In case, you cannot have it the other way around. The skin title has to refer to the champion. Blitzcrank is not a battle, that's simply not the definition of the word battle. Sure, you can have *a battle with Blitzcrank*, but he is not *the battle*. So it's kinda impossible to name the skin boss battle without making it look weird.
: Battle Boss Blitzcrank, No no no this is Battle Toy Blitzcrank
It is very underwhelming and is much worse than rivens for the same price i mean his looks like a joke. I reccomend Making his W fire particle much bigger, maybe making him blue and white like a pac man ghost when hard cc'd, "Incoming boss Battle" upon the start of the game or revival like riven's "KO", or maybe another text like riven's "KO" that says "Boss Defeated" or "Level Complete".
: Morde W, let him self cast.
His new W is just stupid lol I really don't understand why they are trying to make him a duo laner at all. They didn't help him with kiting issues so if they force him bot the ranged champs that typically fill that role will stomp him. He could support but that would make his W experience passive worthless. Riot is rushing out half baked reworks. People want them to make cookies, not give them room temperature cookie dough. The new changes make it where he could be a dangerous control jungler but his w is worthless in the jungle and his clear speed is mediocre. Maybe allow self cast but only affecting monsters and minions not champions? I think His passive should be reverted but perhaps keep the below 25% thing. Make his E give 15% shield on large monsters. I Haven't completely worked anything out but they need to either make him a support or push him in any direction but melee adc as he has no mobility at all which is what makes those somewhat viable. Morde live is far better than this atm and maybe Morde should not be updated with the rest as his is more drastic and needs a significantly higher amount of work if you don't want to ruin some people's favorite champ and potentially lose many players.
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: Thanks for the feedback! Here's some relevant info: > [{quoted}](name=Euphoem,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=lTz9kOZA,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-07-22T19:48:32.495+0000) > Maybe make the angle at which the passive spawns fairer? As in, don&#039;t have it spawn completely behind the target or at an angle where Fiora has to Flash to proc it? The logic is intended to sometimes favor Fiora and sometimes favor the opponent, hoping to, on the whole, be fair. The passive will alternately spawn Vitals on either side of the map's diagonal axis [the one dividing the blue and purple sides of the map created by the river]. Thus if a Vital facing either down or to the left expires, the next one will either face up or the right, and when that one expires, the next will face down or to the left, and so on. > There have been times where an ignite + Q would finish off an opponent but the Q randomly decides to get that sweet 15 gold instead of 300. Please fix that I'll likely be tuning this forever, as it's difficult to make the ability function as expected every time :(. That said, I think we can get pretty close. I just made some changes to de-prioritize minions when there's a low HP nearby champion. Those should make it out in the next build, so hopefully that'll help!
This is the first time i've ever seen a rioter pay attention to the pbe boards so im gonna take this opportunity to ask you not to VU fiora as it makes her looks worse than before (splash included)
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: My thoughts on Gentleman Gnar
A different Vo sounds like a great idea
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: Client looks like the old one
I hope they do this for april fools day next april :D
: Sated Devourer And Yi
This item makes Master Yi almost impossible to kill without assassinating him where he can't respond in time to strike back. The Yi on my team and the enemy team got 1v4 quadra kills because being SEEN with no fast escape from that demon meant death no matter how many people were there. To kill a Sated (Satan) Yi you need someone with high dmg as well as a stun or at least a snare like Ahri. His survivability is actually very high with his untargetability, meditate, ult movement speed, life steal (more now), which makes him doing so much damage so fast crazy.
: Sated devourer
sounds like a bug, it should count as 2 hits i'm pretty sure.
: Mid lane Zyra isn't a thing for a reason, she has no way of killing carries. She's basically a poor man's Orianna. Too inconsistent. Sadly these buffs won't change that. The only time she was picked mid was when her numbers were so broken it didn't matter that she was an inefficient mid pick.
...... Poor man's Orianna? Zyra cost more than Orianna...... Just saying
: Client looks like the old one
: Client looks like the old one
Very strange bug lol i kinda like it tho da nostalgia .
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