: In my point of view Willump needs to slowly fades away in his death animation, he is one imaginary beign if i'm not wrong...
that's right, it's an imaginary being, the one that vanished would be an option, in reality what causes a bit of controversy is the child's reaction to death.
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: _The same with me..._ https://gyazo.com/d4d073809f70e1ea61c5d43081de158d
apparently they do not have a solution so that the connection is not interrupted with the PBE server and it does not seem to matter much to them.{{item:3070}}
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: Are we all from South America the ones having the connection error?
apparently if we are all from South America
: Same here...
Aun no han arreglado el problema, sigue sin funcionar, ya se va a cumplir el mes!
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