: > [{quoted}](name=GarySlays,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=6YyL4HUM,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2019-02-10T16:24:49.596+0000) > > (You don't see any AD Bruisers using comet/aery, for example Gnar and Camille would like to speak to you.
Both are niche, Gnar runs fleet and Camille runs PTA. They are vastly superior. You can run comet or aery on any Bruiser. The closest thing to a Bruiser that abuses Comet/Aery is Jayce, and tbh he just uses it for more burst on his Range form. I was implying but I guess I should clearly state that no Melee only AD bruiser abuses and breaks Comet (No, Camille does not break and abuse Comet). Meanwhile mages and ranged ADCs literally break Conqueror so it can be thrown in the trash a few patches later or nerfed to the ground. Eh, on the bright side, at least we can rely on Kayle top to literally shred every tank in the game because Kayle
: I appreciate you going through testing so many different interactions with the new Conqueror, but I disagree that the rune should be exclusively melee. Barring the unique exceptions of multi-hitting auto attacks which is a concern, I don't think there's anything wrong for Ranged champs to have other options. Mages don't particularly like the 1st or 2nd minor trees in Precision, so there's a trade off to picking it. ADCs face a more odd dilemma because Conqueror may crowd out Press the Attack as their damage option, but I don't think it's wrong for them to have a choice of a tank killing rune.
No, the rune should be incentivized for melee champs, and should have most of the bruiser specific benefits gutted for ranged champ. This rune is something that Bruisers need. They really only have this rune to actually damage tanks, for the most part. Ranged champs and Mages have their own runes to use (You don't see any AD Bruisers using comet/aery, for example). If they leave this rune the way it is, champs like Cassio and Twitch are just gonna break this rune, until it gets nerfed to the ground and reworked again. So I'd much rather let mages and ADCs take the L this time for once, because we lost out on Fervor, then we lost out on the Bruiser itemization items, and now potentially this unless it is significantly nerfed for ranged champions (I don't care if Akali, Kassadin, etc get it)
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