: I had the same problem my usual fps is 60 and sometimes it drops to 10 for 1 or 2 sec. its very annoying when you are in a tf.
Yep, same as you.
: What sona skin was in your game? I can confirm huge frame drops from Arcade sona.
Yeah Arcade, i edited ty
: Has this FPS drop been occurring solely with the movement speed aura at the beginning of the game, later in the game, or throughout the entirety of the game?
Sorry for late reply. The lag was entirety of the game, I couldn't even look bot because i would have 1fps.
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: Ascension Bug Report Thread
I have found a bug with Zed, where his ability icons are zoomed in. This is only in Ascension and not Summoner's Rift. EDIT: I have found this problem with yasuo, leblanc, and thresh [](http://i.imgur.com/s6JEsEW.png)


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