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: Morgana Gameplay Feedback
Can we get an upgrade to Morgana auto attack range like Janna got. It's really shitty having only 450 auto attack range in mid lane it really should be 550. Would be helpful to her and her opponents because 1 she'd be walking up more to use it allowing for people to harass her in bot lane and 2 it would help her farm a bit better as a mid laner.
: Morgana Gameplay Feedback
@Rito jinxylord Any way Morgana could finally have her shitty auto attack range put to 550 like other mages. I mean even Janna got this fixed. This is something that I feel is really needed at this point and its basically the only change i wanted out of this update.
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: Same thing just happened to me. i solved by finding the task on the task manager and the reconnect button apeared on the client.
: I had the same issue come up just now too! As the lobby champ select ended, this popped up. After doing the answers, it takes you to the client with only the "reconnect" button available and if u press it, it doesn't load and loops back to this error message. I've tried logging into my regular LoL client and everything is working fine there. Restarted the pbe client and as soon as I press login and it tries to load me in, the messages pops up.
This is happening to me as well. ;/
: This is perfect. Thank you. I'll let you know when we figure out what went wrong.
This is happening to me as well.
: > [{quoted}](name=rProxy,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=lIcMQAfG,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-12-08T03:13:18.764+0000) > > Its a huuuge fucking nerf to his late game when paired with the nerf to base damage. If they make Yasuo good again, I certainly think he'll make a lot of skillshot picks such as Xerath quite a bit weaker. Xerath merits some nerf but that one is very harsh. I still have nightmares of Yasuo from when I tried Zilean a few months ago. He'd block/dodge all my damage and shove me under turret. I can only farm with Q and autos but he'd even put a stupid W in front of my wave so I couldn't do even that. If I try to go to the side, he'd smack my face and tank a turret shot or two before his shield broke. Xerath has more ways to damage the wave but I still think a decent Yasuo would be hard for him.
They got reverted thank god and instead are nerfing his mana costs which im totally fine with. Its more reasonable along with the nerf to mana band its going to make him have moments where he has no mana and needs to get it back with his passive.
: 15% decrease in the ap ratio isn't gutting him LMAO
Its a huuuge fucking nerf to his late game when paired with the nerf to base damage.
: Zyra plant durability changes
I just wish riot would put her Q back to old Q that would entirely fix her for mid lane. It had more range which allowed her to poke from safer. The new q has less range and more aoe but i dont like it whatsoever.
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: Please let us delete preset Rune pages
: IMO, she is not half as hard to face as people say she is. I've played a couple games on her and against her, and countering her is fairly easy. I'm gonna talk about mid Zoe, since it's the most logical role for her. 1- You have to remember 1 thing: Zoe's full kit is powerful, but she starts at lvl 1 too, so stomping her at the first levels can assert some kind of dominance in lane. For example, Syndra is clearly much more powerful than Zoe at the first 3 levels. She has a constant poke with her Q, a hard CC that isn't hard to land (even on the biggest boosted bonobos), and to top it off her W slows the target. 2- Her Q doesn't go through minions, so most of the time you can just hide behind your lane minions to avoid the Q dmg. But still, her Q is an AOE, so dont stick to your minions, as she will hit you anyways. You might say the dmg pushes the lane, so just try to counteract that push as much as possible. You can also pick champions that can hit through minions, as you will be able to poke her down, as she won't be able to trade back. 3- About her E. People seem to forget that when she hits her E, you don't fall asleep instantly, when they get hit, they just stop moving around. NO, you are drowsy, which means you can still move, that means that this gives you time to react, and since your are in lane, you aren't too far from your minions, so run behind them, or if you have a dash, quickly dash behind them to safety. 4- I personally find that her W is pretty mediocre. Yes she can have free summoners, which includes heal, redemption, or even barriers or hextechs. But she gets her drops from 2 sources: Minions and champions when they use their summoners. About the minion drops, she only gets them if she kills the minion. So all you have to do is either deny her that minion by pressuring her, or punishing her for trying to get it. About champion summoner drops (this apply to minions drops too), you have to remember that they drop below you, so if you use your flash, she would be stupid to walk to it just pick it up and flash back, so don't go around fearing to use your summs, most of the time it's hard for her to pick them up. Plus they stay for only for 40 seconds, so unless she picks it up fast, she probably won't get it. 5- Her ultimate I find didn't have much work put into it. It's just a Leblanc W, but much less powerful. First of all, her ult denies all movement. Yes she can use it to reposition herself to land her spells, but that gives you a chance to hit hard too. Since you know for sure she is coming back to her initial position, you can easily set up a trap that is guaranteed to hit if you have decent timing (for example Malzahar Q, Syndra Q and stun, Annie stun), so if she uses it in lane, don't hesitate to punish her for it, she can't move when using it, so take advantage of that. 6- And finally, the last thing is Junglers. Don't forget that you have junglers. Since she is fairly recent, people fear her. So most of the time, a good jungler will either camp her, or you will get camped. If you see the enemy jngler roaming around too much, just play very passive, You would be better off missing 50 CS rather than giving up 5 kills. So either kindly ask you jungler for help, or play passive. This is my personal opinion on her, so yours might differ from mine. I'm not talking to Bronze or bad players, and by that I mean players that go die to their laner 7 times in a row without even being ganked by the enemy jngler. If you die twice to the same champion, think and stop fighting him, you clearly can't win the fights, so stand back, and farm under tower, even if you lose CS, it's better than feeding. I hope this helps you understand easily how to destroy Zoe in lane.
100% agree with you! She has alot of counterplay but people are jumping to conclusions and playing against her emotionally rather then logically. They arent trying to think about her abilities and how they can be countered instead they are only looking at the power aspect of those abilities and ignoring the CLEAR weaknesses riot has given them. I have 0 issues laning against Zoe. In fact not one Zoe has beaten me in lane since her release to pbe and now live. TBH I feel like she might be a bit weak. Especially when you compare her to other burst mages filling the same role. They do her job better and more reliably with less room for error and from a safer position. I feeel like too many of the meta mid laners counter zoe. Also another important thing that people will learn in time is that late game... if your ally gets hit by her sleep... that is your q as a tank to stand in front of them and protect them from the uncoming burst. Her burst is exceptionally lower when you arent asleep because you arent getting the bonus damage.
: Zoe aginst champions.
........ Zoe is garbo... compared to other burst mages?? what are you talking about.
: this shit? this is not okay.. IT'S NOT OKAY {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} I know I'm new to playing Yasuo and I'm totally shit at him right now but jesus fucking christ.. I can't do anything in lane without getting burned down to half health again and again thought it was a bug at first that's why the video says it is but now that I've seen the patchnotes.. it's just.. jesus.. **SUGGESTION** I think the lowering the cooldown is fine.. but make it so that after the last tick of the cooldown reduction, put it on a 10 second cooldown or something.
....... did you also look at the fact that she did like 0 damage to you LOL?
: her q is a aoe, she can just fire at the minions next to you and hit you, you're eventually gonna have to back off if she keeps hitting you, which opens you to her e. also, while it may seem that others do her job better, her main damage ability is on a 4 second cooldown later, and is amplified by her non existent cooldown ult. and the rest of your points are called "counterplay"
No shit??? LOL thats the whole point im trying to make... she has counterplay. and doesnt seem that good in comparison to other burst mages.
: It's really not hard to land her stun, the thing has a massive range and a good width of a hitbox. one hit is all it takes, and you will be chunked to below 50% hp at ALL levels. ALSO, the CD is not even that long. Every other mage needs to use their ult (which has long CDs) to do the amount of damage Zoe can do with a single Q.
.... yea but every other mage has reliable burst. She is unreliable. and its not true that they need their ult to kill someone. Syndra can one shot someone with her Q W E combo. Lux can 90% someones health with a Q E auto attack combo. Veigar can one shot someone with Literally a singular ability. Zoe is entirely unreliable accept for her enhanged autos. LOL and the sleep is the fucking easiest thing to dodge in zoes kit. LITERALLY just stand in minions. but you dont need to do that... pick a meta mage and literally just one shot her. I see zoe picked i pick annie or syndra and i click R and zoe is dead.
: Zoe Unbalanced...
Zoe isnt even good LOOOOL???? hello? She is literally one of the most unreliable mages ive ever seen. All the other burst mages do what she does better and more reliably. Zoe's kit is full of telegraphed delayed ass abilities, thin ass skillshots that barely register hitboxes and are blocked by minions and her ult is the worst part it LITERALLY is a button that tells your enemy where to aim their spells. The second a zoe ults you aim all spells at her previous location and she just gets one shotted. So dont get on her and put that she is op when she is clearly garbage LOL and Riot has confirmed this already and said that they are looking for ways to buff her that wont break her.
: I think you're missing her main point. Once she hits 6, she gets REALLY scary because you don't know where she's going to shoot from. If you get creative with her ult there are so many angles from where you can shoot, and if you hit that E, the enemy should basically be dead the next second. In comparison, Lux needs to shoot you directly, making waves hard for her (even though you can also get creative with that, I know), and for Syndra's full burst combo, she needs to get remotely close. Zoe needs to do that too, but she just hops out instantly after that.
Honestly... what your describing isnt an issue. She is extremely telegraphed on top of having extremely difficult skillshots to land. Her ULT is basically a basic ability and is the most telegraphed part of her kit. All you need to do is send your abilities to where she is going to return to and she will die. There is practically no room for error on this champion. Every single burst mage that exists right now in league does her job better. The only thing she has going for her is her angles and ability to jump in and out of combat but in a highly telegraphed way. On top of super hard to land skill shots they are both blocked by minions which is another weakness she has. Stand in your minion wave to dodge the E and your fine. AND THEN ON TOP OF THAT her only cc to set up her combo has a drowzy affect at the beginning which is highly counterable with Zhonyas and re positioning as well as cleanse and qss.
: Zoe Balance Changes
She isnt too powerful. Her abilities are VERRRRY difficult to land which is what makes her balanced. Other burst mages already do what she does better. Riot has already said they were going to buff her in a post because of how hard it is to land combos. Its almost too hard to do anything.
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