: Clarity 3 - You don't though, you start equal distance from a champion, not all champions, you have to walk around the entirety of a circle and some people are legitimately closer to some champions then you are 5 - I think you are confusing this with 2, this is in regards to making the placing phase longer after a carousel round 6 - depends, it can make or break a build for a carry, so it might be niche, but its certainly useful 7 - this is a limited view, it does not consider external factors such as lag, disconnect, computer quality, people who look after young kids, this is not a fast game, its useful, and your reason for not is essentially 'git gud' which is not a good way to deal with problems Basic gamepaly 2 - A draw? both players take damage based on the amount of champions still alive, it turns this into a more tactical sustain game then who can kill who fastest, but I suppose that comes down to personal preference 3 - having a toggle beforehand does not mean it is not auto combat, the combat still remains auto, nor does saying 'this is how things are on other things so they should always be this way' clones die, originality thrives 4 - A bug yes, one that needs fixing RNG 1 - Good to hear 2 - broken? this means everybody gets the same amount of gold champions, it's far more balanced then somebody getting some and somebody not, it also creates an escalation for fighting 3 - No, it decreases the amount of chance that somebody gets advantage by making sure everyone has more chances to get something viable, it would only give an advantage if it were not distributed evenly 4 - I am aware of this, but some people prefer some play styles to others, this is also more of suggestion for when they add the rest of the champion roster rather than now General balance 1/2 - as long as mana is generated through attack speed it will be op 3/4 - it depends, I would prefer if a glacial build applied an attack speed slow because then you still can do something rather then a stun, stuns in general are anti-fun as a concept, I did not suggest this because I had not seen it was an existing mechanic yet 5 - I agree, its either make balance changes towards lowering damage dealt or buff tank items, I do not think these 2 things are mutually exclusive, but I have faith in riots ability to balance if they have an idea of what they want to balance 6 - I never said he was, but he is practically useless, no matter when he is used, better off dead then zed 8 - I have no problem with what it does, But the issue I see with it is that its such a niche tag that would make Elise and Anivia significantly better then they are, because they kinda suck terribly 9 - low tier weak sure, but essentially useless regardless of when shes used? no 11 - Gnar is a purple/pink tier unit, that is significantly better than the other purple/pink tiers, he is in many cases even better then gold units, he is not balanced 12 - Usually I tend to preference balance, but since you usually don't want to win early so you can select first on the first carousel, his usage is limited, this could just be gameplay preference though
Every tier has stronger and weaker champs, which is intended. Not every champ is supposed to be equally strong. Elise is a filler for shapeshifter, Anivia can be filled in Elemental or Glacial comps. I've found Anivia to be very strong in Elemental comps, because she prioritises ranged champs, which slows down their attack speed as they're targeting the summoned Golem. You'd only want Fiora for the Noble synergy at best, which can work out pretty amazingly.
: My Teamfight Tactics changes suggestion
Clarity 3 - Players already start at the same distance, you can work with anything you get from it 5 - There's no need for that, if you're last, you should've already thought of what you should pick 6 - Very niche. Unnecessary, in my opinion. 7 - That is part of the 'skill' and 'knowledge' aspect of this game. The better you are, the less accidents should occur Basic Gameplay 2 - Without damage, the rounds would just result in a draw. 3 - That's not how auto battlers work. They all start at the same time, assassins become 'invisible' until they've jumped to their target. 4 - That's a bug. RNG 1 - They're looking into fixing items, I do agree that items hold a lot of power, especially if you stack them on a carry. 2 - That would be too broken. 3 - That would give advantages way too quickly. 4 - Champions by themselves cannot carry (or at least shouldn't), from what I understood from Riot, they want you to build around a carry. There are many comps that can beat 3 star units. Some 3 stars fall off late game, like warwick and kassadin. General balance 1 and 2 - They've nerfed Guinsoo's(gives 3%) and Recurve bow(gives 15%), so you should see them dominate less. 3 and 4 - I don't know how i feel about this, I've won and lost against full glacial, but I do agree that Sejuani's stun needs a bit of work, it can stun a whole team (and sometimes stunlock if you have the right items on her) 5 - Can get VERY problematic. 6 - Zed isn't supposed to be strong 8 - The Dragon synergy seems fine, it counters comps that rely on spells quite well, but is weak to basic attackers. 9 - Fiora is supposed to be a low-tier weak unit. 11 - Gnar is meant to be top-tier. 12 - Kassadin is intended to be like that.
: Its not about goddamn TFT bro... its about the PBE which i use regularly bc its important to me that there arent any big gamebreaking things coming to live servers. but well seemingly thats must how it is now
but you're only lvl 47, and I rarely play on PBE and I'm lvl 88.. HMMMM
: Yup. Waited 2 hours after getting kicked from a game and now with this bs gonna be at the back of queue :) Greatttttt Already went through a lot of the steps, even downloaded the stupid Hextech Repair Tool. Super helpful. Line is probably building up with the lucky who are not having this issue. {{summoner:3}} {{summoner:3}} {{summoner:3}} {{summoner:3}}
I believe EU live servers have the same issue atm
: tbh can't be more grateful for this one. Im currently jumping from queue position "over 9000" and 12h 35min remaining to "over 9000" 27h 22min. After i waited that time i cant log in. Or the PBE is down for maintenance. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Everytime i get kicked out of queue these times are getting higher and hiher. Fix pls
It's PBE, there's a player cap. It's gonna go live in a few days.
: m8 Im outlining key problems with the way riot works, other posts i have read talk about wanting to play on the pbe to test league and not play tft, sure i want to play tft but so does the other over 9000 players in queue. Im quitting league to play minecraft with friends in 2 days cause i dont want to play such a shit game with them. you have completly ignored 90% of my argument and just said 'OH YOU WANT TO PLAY THE GAME' No m8 actually read what i said then comment. You're just downvoting cause you dont like the fact ive called a already dying company incapable of anything.
Key points you should know I always read the whole post before commenting. I never downvote or upvote unless a situation where it would matter arises. I also went through your previous comments. -You haven't played on PBE before (your account is lvl 30) -Passive-aggressive comments about you having to wait for so long to get on PBE Regarding Master Yi and Mordekaiser; -Mordekaiser, on release, was bonkers, but after the hotfix, his unfavourable matchups got worse where he can barely do anything, such as Darius, Fiora. -Master Yi is in no way overpowered at the moment, there are many stronger picks than him. If you're level 150 and you face level 30's then there's a high chance that those are smurf accounts, because normals have a hidden MMR of its own. How is Riot being sexist exactly? Are you telling me teens want to jerk off to High Noon Urgot, or Dunkmaster Ivern? Hmm... Regarding trolling, many people have different views of what 'trolling' is, say someone had a bad game and they went 0/5, there are many people (especially in low-to-mid elo) who will say they were trolling and inting, and that they should get banned. That's a very controversial subject that Riot has to deal with, which in fact, is not an easy thing to do. If Riot were to manually do these things on a daily, they would need a large collective of people looking through tickets and videos to justify if they were trolling or not. The 'urf effect' doesn't apply here, this is the PBE, there should be a set amount of people trying new things out to test for possible bugs, Riot does not need to increase the server capacity for only a week. One thing that I will criticise Riot for is that they did not close the PBE signups beforehand. That caused a huge amount of unnecessary anger (much like yours).
: It's not on each attack, Elise does the same with the shapeshifter bonus, they gain 100% of their hp upon transforming. I think it's poorly written. They heal for 100% of their hp over time vs gaining bonus hp it seems like. I'm not sure what the intended interaction is, but it consistently just heals them for 100% of their hp after transforming.
Nidalee HEALS herself and an ally before ulting, but she heals on the next 3 auto attacks after transforming, which I don't think is supposed to happen
: Almost as good at subverting blame as Rito themselves noice, you need that tag next to your name xD
Dude, it's a Public Beta Environment. They never get this many people on PBE, that's why the capacity is so low. After TFT is out on live servers, PBE will once again be dead. Rito isn't to blame for anything, regarding TFT and the PBE limit, they're taking the easiest and most logical steps.
: Riot is a literal joke
That is A LOT of anger mainly due to you not being able to get onto pbe to 'test'... (we all know you dont want to test anything, you just want to play the game earlier)
: It's true that it's quite strong but still it does require 6 units, and a phantom dancer completely counters every single crit and there are many other strong comps aswell, Disguised Toast made a video on it, I had it too once, where a volibear can singlehandedly carry you the game if you place him correctly, seeing as his ult bounce can trigger the glacial bonus stun aswell and with spell damage/sorcerer buff it can just kill the whole enemy team in a few hits, so there are many broken things, but everything can also be countered with certain units/items/good positioning
positioning doesn't matter against 6 assassins, they get to attack first and just obliterate with a single crit. You'd expect assassins to be weaker against tanky units right? those tanky units die in 2 hits anyway.
: 2 TFT Bugs (Taking Damage twice at end of round, and losing item from Carousel)
There's also a bug with nidalee's heal, she keeps healing on each attack after transforming Lulu doesn't cast R
: It has become the Draven show. They already have a tier list posted on the web and guess what, he is S-God tier. I hope they tone him down before full release other wise the game is going to be pretty dull after a few days.
Ikr, it's already annoying, because the last teams standing are always the protect the draven comp...
Rioter Comments
: Nerf Invulnerability in TFT.
Nerf draven, PLEASE, his dps is insane
: After waiting 4 hours getting an error. "An unexpected bla bla bla" Thanks Riot.
thats what I got after logging in after maintenance, waiting hours... logged in again, and it's about to let me in supposedly, but I think I won't get in :(
Rioter Comments
: "Due to high interest in TFT, there is currently a large login queue"
There's a large amount of people playing already, why would they increase the cap for only a week?
: Defeated
It's not Rito's fault, it's a beta environment, there's a cap, and we exceeded it.
: Yeah but that's not my point. My point isn't about what her ult was made for, it was the fact that it doesn't make sense with her character. As for the smoothness of her combos, I don't know what Champion you were playing but from my experience every one of her abilities except for her w feels sluggish and unwieldy, not the snappy cast you expect from an assassin. This can and will likely be improved relatively quickly, but the fact still stands that she feels like a collection of abilities than a flowing coherent character. Her W effectively gives her taliyah passive and her ult seems like it should be taliyah's.
you can Q mid E, which pretty much auto locks the champ you e'd. W then q again and ult. That combo feels SO smooth and snappy. Im going to be playing her a lot. Thematically, yeah, she kind of seems on the 'she exists' side, dunno what they pulled there. Gameplay-wise, I really like her, she's gonna be played like Talon with tiamat to clear wave, cover the map quickly and help crush other lanes.
: The exact same thing to me. Was on before and then got kicked from queue for maintenance, got on again as soon as it was up then after hours got hit with the 'unexpected error' and thrown back at 2h15m :) Been trying to play since 1pm. It is 10pm.
At this point it just feels like people are just logging on and never logging off, even if they're just going to sleep, keeping pc on with client on.
: Qiyana Feels Bad
Her ultimate was made for dragon/baron fights. Those are gonna be crazy with her on the team. If you've played a few games of her, you would start noticing how smooth and fast her combos are, her spellcasts (particularly q and w) feel like ryze's with the resets. But I do agree, she doesn't feel like a 'master of the elements'.
: Remove TFT off PBE until next patch
: Waited 5 hours to have an "unexpected error" when i was just about to log in.
I've been waiting all day, hours before the maintenance... Tried logging in right after the maintenance, and literally just now had the 'unexpected error' pop up :)
Rioter Comments
: I just waited 3 hours to log in just to have a "connection issue" when I finished the queue
: Tahm W and R bug
> because no one went inside me. :))))))))))))))))))))))
: https://streamable.com/konss a video of me encountering this bug
Hey, I was in that game! :D
: I wonder if its only with Kat and Rakan.
Rioter Comments
: Katarina E Bug
Xin Zhao's E doesn't work either but consumes mana. You can even hear the sounds.
: How recently did you encounter this? This actually sounds exactly like a DIFFERENT issue that should have been addressed ~1 week ago
My bad, I thought it was the same issue. It was ~1 week ago.
: Welcome back to League of Legends. Since Mid 2016, Rengar's R is a guaranteed Critical Strike.
: Bug with leveling up abilities
Hello. I encountered this bug whilst playing a Lulu game. I spawned, everything was normal, bought items, reached the jungle (red side blue buff) and tried lvling up E with hotkey, but it didn't, then I was clicking the lvl up arrow above the ability, still couldn't lvl it up. Other abilities worked fine, used hotkeys and the arrow, it was just the E that didnt want to lvl up for some reason. Still won that game xP
: Hey! Just to be totally clear, this is not a NEW version of ARURF. This is a different take on both URF and ARURF, called Snow Battle ARURF. This is not intended to permanently replace ARURF! This is just a twist on the mode, geared specifically towards the Snowdown event. :) We do hear a lot of the feedback about the Limited Champion Pool, and are going to be monitoring this feedback from live as well. Depending on reception, we may limit the pool in different ways going forward. Or we may not limit it again, and keep to making just gameplay changes. We are very interested in seeing what everyone thinks once going live! (PBE has lots of valuable feedback, but even PBE has mixed results on this, and Live Environments have magnitudes more players). Thank you for your feedback and thoughts! I really appreciate the way that you wrote this up.
It wasn't that good of an idea for a festive game mode. Festive game modes are supposed to give more excitement than normal RGMs. Just adding the snowballs and the ability to choose a skin for the picked champion would've been better. The limited champion pool is horrible, because most of these champions can't deal with the 'OP' champs (Fizz, Jax, Irelia, Shen) so they end up stomping every game. Adding the snowball was a good idea for giving immobile champs some mobility, but this also gives already mobile champions even more mobility, so tanks (Shen, Sejuani) are stomping on other champions. I wouldn't say PBE has given mixed results about this. Judging from my games and threads covering this gamemode I'd say its apporximately 60% of players dislike it and 40% enjoy it. I never thought I'd say this but I now hate a gamemode.
: sure you dont have all the champs but its still urf and fun why cant all y'all just play it and have fun. now you dont have to complain 24/7 about zed and shit play n have fun or dont. lmfao
Its not just Zed... {{champion:105}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:98}}
: The only SR RGM, besides urf, modes were 14ALL, Nexus Siege and Bramble pets thing which never came back cause it was so bad. No one 2 of those, I'll let you guess which ones. Yet they still come back. Riot is trying alot of RGM to make, yeah alot of them flopped but they're trying. Plus its only seasonal as you said and Riot said. Unlike the ascension and others you hate come back alot more yet i see no one trashing riot for that. Sorry if you hate it, just deal with it like you do with other RGM's you hate.
I legit don't hate any other RGM, they put on Ascension and others repeatedly because they're working on coding for other RGM's, such as One For All. Legit ANY Summoner's Rift RGM would be better than Snow Battle ARURF. If anything, a seasonal RGM should be slightly above the other RGM's on a 'joy scale'. For example, Invasion. It was made for a huge event, and it most likely will come back with a few updates for the next batch of Star Guardian skins. Have you ever thought why they're 'trashing' Riot for Snow Battle ARURF only and not the other RGM's? Think of this situation like this; you're in a restaurant and you ordered soup, they brought you the soup(I know it's cringe but bare with me), but without any liquid in there, so you complain to the person in charge and demand what you want. Also, running around posting that everyone is a child is not a solution to the 'trashing'.
: No it won't there's also Poro King you can play. :) Pick one or none! Also phew people like acension and other modes yet they still put it up, so I don't see your point in that.
Okay, true, but what about the people who want to play an RGM on Summoner's Rift? Not everyone enjoys Howling Abyss as a map. I'm pretty sure the amount of people who would rather play on Summoner's Rift is quite larger than Howling Abyss. This just leaves so many people without a game mode they can enjoy with friends.
: I know it was not the nicest way i could have said, but i mean he also shouldnt write something like this. He doesnt even know what mads mean and just calld me that. Do you know how it feels to nearly colaps from laughing and someone calls you mad ? XD It just feels akward and shows me that he totaly not know whats going on inside my head. If he dont know whats going on in my head he should stop thinking for others, thats not his job? at the end he is just a brat ^^ Yeah i know the risk, but you tell me i am not allowed to respond negativly on negative feedback? XD Wow what are you?
By responding to negativity you're just going to raise more attention to it. I'm not picking sides, I just wanted to help you out, she of course is out of hand and you know what to do in those cases. Sorry for sounding so ignorant, that is not what I wanted it to seem as.
: If you're bored, don't play it! :oo Wow magic!
You're not getting the point. They're complaining that Snow Battle ARURF is gonna be taking up a RGM slot during the winter when they obviously would settle down for ARURF instead of Snow Battle ARURF. The fact that the champion pool is more limited means that the players are going to reroll until they get an 'op' champ, which means that you'll see the same op champs even more. Since there aren't as many champions that can deal with other op champs the games become one-sided and incredibly stagnant. For a seasonal RGM it seems to be the least enjoyable one.
: XD jesus your like the others, stupid. Do you even know what "mad" means? Looks like your not knowing it xD im not even a bit mad.... If you have to write that comments you realy searching for attention XD your maybe 22 or far younger, but geez, get some friends and seek attention from them, not here in a game XD {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} ~~Stay Crispy~~ Burn to ash
There's no reason to reply like this. You posted this with knowing the risk of getting negative feedback.
: Poro King game mode cooldown bug
Just looked back at my replay, and it's refreshing the last ability you used when the snowball hit you.
: Poro King game mode cooldown bug
Same happened to me. I used Lux W twice in a row. I think it's something to do with the Snowball hitting you as the ability is supposed to go on cooldown.
: that's why it's in PBE, and that's why there's going to be PRESEASON, and that's why you are given access to test this, and that's why you are reviewing, so if you have got good points, write 'em all down, Riot devs do check, or use report bug bug feature, and then make your own post, if you like to be heard
It's hard to make bold statements due to matchmaking. The difference in ranks is quite a huge factor that influences the outcome.
: I feel like increasing the base stats of champions was a bit excessive.
: It doesnt fit in leage".
Are you a game developer? Do you work at Riot? Ye, that's what I thought.
Rioter Comments
: well atleast someone here have facts and can raise hands up with me that the report system is not working, in pbe aswell as in live or to be precise, riot is more into forgiving
How are those facts, there's legit 0 statistics.
: The report system works on neither live nor PBE, and if they want it to actually work the team needs to inspect games then have a crappy bot do it. Ive found people who use inting strats in live ranked games to lower mmr. if their score isn't bad its not inting, is basically how the bot sees it and if someone is "Feeding" then it will usually put that into account and say it was just a bad game. An account :StopReadingThisY has a ~33% wlr the last i checked.
Riot manually look at inting games. If someone gets reported for inting, a person checks the game.
: Appreciate that you came up with that issue we may face in future but look at the probability of kassadin queuing up for that spell and having the right moment to execute that kind of play also kassa has been nerfed a lot, so maybe if this could be a slight buff for him to come back to 50% win rate, and meta, that might prove healthy for gameplay otherwise we have 2 months of live gameplay to experiment and get rekt to such metas
That interaction definitely shouldn't exist, the 800 mana cost is there for a reason.
: Rito in Nutshell: Good players, and people who will cheer you up after you lose a game-Nah Toxic and AFKs-Yup, that's perfect
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