: good thoughts but lets be honest pbe players will rarely try to consistently get the wraiths. when i played i would win a massive trade and take that opportunity to get the wraith. on live however with teams i think people will actually give a damn about the wraith and send people to stop a wraith take or even ward the area to know when it respawns and take it immediate
Yeah as i said, pretty early to judge, could be people just get it to get it though. We'll see :D
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: They usually remove SR VU when preparing our current PBE patch for live servers because SR VU is not coming to live.
Yeah i already know that. It seems like they're releasing it after only a week of Azir tests, really weird. Thought they would release it the week after this, welp.
: Don't worry. SR VU should be removed either today or tomorrow. This PBE cycle was a bit of a mess. We weren't able to test MTU's of Cass and Renekton and SR VU wasn't available in blind pick normals. :\
I was able to test renek, didn't test cass because i saw her and she's kinda weak. I just don't get why they didn't write Summoner's Rift not updated in the splash art for normals. And why are they removing it? They're already putting it up this tuesday, i don't think they would it's been a week...we'll see.
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: Azir Bug Report Thread
1- Azir sucks 2-See guy playing Azir oneshotting people 3-Play Azir, 2 soldiers do 1800 damage on champions 4-1v5 Penta at mid turret 5-Repeat from 3 Fix the bugged ratios on soldiers, there also seems to be a bug with Ult that does like 3000 damage, soldiers do too much too anyway so ye.
: The GOD-LIKE Azir bug.
Dude 2 soldiers do 1800 damage to minions and champions...the ratios are bugged, i was like WHY IS AZIR SO GOOD then i saw the damage lol I just got a penta 1v5 LOL...i did use ult but i tested after and 2 soldiers do 1800 damage and three do 2000, imagine that with nashor's tooth AS, i just oneshotted a whole team. I said Azir sucked as mid and sucked in general and it made no sense why he was so good, only way he can be good if it's bugged LOL or they buff shit, still looks like a pretty decent top to me dunno though had a discussion with a guy that went "he's like ori" makes no sense... Welp, fix rito pls
: Just report him, I did as well.
I did, kinda more than usual stuff, not a "you guys suck" so i wanted Riot to read and permaban asap, i don't even care just posted it in case, they were so borderline childish random "let's write all the words i remember" thing that nobody got even mad, just wanted to give Riot a hand.
: > I mean it's obviously just a 10 year old since... Instantly lost all credibility. As far as > What about "only the most worthy and sportsmanship players get on PBE" Riot? Is concerned; some snakes are bound to slip through the cracks. People who are normally decent players, but then see the PBE as an opportunity to push the boundaries, maybe assuming its harder/less likely to be punished on the PBE (the exact opposite is true). Or maybe their toxicity actually went unnoticed. In any case, new players are admitted into the PBE every few weeks, so the turnover rate is higher than most people assume. There are constantly new players, and some are bound to be BM. Chances are they wont last long. so don't worry about it too much. Report 'em and move on.
>I mean it's obviously just a 10 year old since... >Instantly lost all credibility. Yeah not like i explain in literally the next line and not because i'm hypothetising since he was saying "u are all shit faggots i make more money than you" and "kill yourself i slit your throat", that's totally an adult way of writing things, not a 10 year old writing words he heard the day before on 4chan. Good job not being to read literally the first line in the post. The "a snake slips through" doesn't matter, players on the PBE should not be the ones flaming, and one guy writing this not "fuk u noobs" but literally "kill yourself u faggot im gonna kill u im 23 years old with my house and money" (totally not 10 years old, lost all credibility there) shouldn't even "slip" through. He's also so dumb he included his name in the PBE name and i bet if Riot checked on his account they would find real fun stuff. Next time try and be sympathetic against people flaming and not a huge douche on his high horse without context. I wanted Riot to see this, not a random guy that had to say his "wow ye right 10 years old i believe dat for sure" when i wrote he told everyone they should kill themselves and that he was rich and 23. So yeah, good useless post. Bye.
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: I agree with you on how shiny and how pretty it looks. It looks very clean, sharp, i like the info panels on the sides as well as everything that its presented at the moment. If you notice where the % is there is space on the left side to maybe have the estimated time left on the patch. I really do like the idea but utilizing the left space could solve that issue. I read your previous message on improvements and i also agree with that. I think this is a big step towards having a better and "prettier" experience. I like it Also, just logged into the client and so far not a big fan of the sharp edges on the corners. Maybe a little gold accents and some settle round edges might make pop a little bit more. I have a pretty dark background and it seems like the client merges with it, like you cant really tell where the edges are. Anyway just my thoughts on it so far. other than that i say great job =)
Maybe you didn't understand, i don't really find amazing the new launcher, i got used to it and now i can see it's pretty decent, with all the SHINY PRETTY LOOK i meant to say it in a sort of negative way, because it's all so shiny and all to almost distract you. But now that i got used to it i can say i could "live" , for a lack of a better word, with it and it's a nice design that goes well with the map. And yeah, don't really know where they should put it because they make it so centered so adding anything would change that, maybe you're right, there's some space on the left, maybe there yeah.
: Are you guys still unable to queue?
Any update? Still can't join lol
Rioter Comments
: Why not? Imagine getting condemned into the pit and Vayne yells "THIS IS SPARTA!"
: You still path around it, it's a solid structure. The gameplay is staying exactly the same on the map, they're just improving visuals. so yes, I'm 100% sure you still can, with vayne or poppy.
I know you can, it's more for new players or the feel of it, why would you be able to stun someone against a hole? lol Riot needs to put some rubble or something to make it obvious you can stun someone on it.
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: Doom Bots of Doom Enabled on PBE!
First Impressions 1 bomb: We had galio malza top, zyra mid, karthus amumu bot. Galio malza are LOL, they're pretty imba and feel like doom bots. Zyra is meh, you can just step on the plants nothing more she was 0 5 or something. Amumu and Karth miss the oomph, it's cool that minions cry and stuff but they give no threat... Solutions: Zyra spawns active plants, not only seeds. And maybe make her range a little bigger. And her ult gigantic, all lane. Amumu needs to have presence, give him a gigantic Q and E range or something, before ult and items he's useless. For karthus you can only think of bigger range or multiple Qs, so yeah, maybe that. Also death defile happens rarely, should happen more often LOL So yeah that's first impressions, Galio and Malz are real doom bots, rest that i saw in this game is really meh. BUFF.
: Nid was just sniping people from afar before the rework you can hardly call that assassin. Now she has to poke and, to get a kill reliably, jump in to finish her job. Not exactly assassin either - You still have to fallback pattern of poking with a range which is far beyond any assassin. If you build no defense on a hybrid range champ it's your own fault. Full glass cannon stays at range and pokes. If Nid get's an escape *on top of pounce* she'll be the most broken op champ *ever*. Try experimenting. Spirit visage helps her quite a bit as it has health, magic resistance, amplifies your heal adn lowers your cd. You should consider that as a core.
Yeah, right, experimenting, sure. Oh by the way, 41% now. Last in win rate. Most op champ if she gets an escape? So along with every assassin? Kha most op champ, zed most op champ omg they can run away SUCH OP. What poke? Nidalee doesn't poke now, hitting spears is so hard for such low damage, it's not even worth. All you do now is launch it when you're in melee range so you proc hunted and hit them with your cougar form, and you still do no damage whatsoever compared to other champs. So you're pretty much saying mid nida doesn't exist anymore, since you want people to build spirit visage on an AP carry. I'll surely oneshot them with my 400 ap late game. They fucked up. REALLY hard. What you're saying does not correspond to reality, you can't poke anymore with nida, too easy to dodge, damage too little until late game. Also zed pokes, is an assassin, so again, invalid. Nida is below urgot now. And olaf. Nida got fucked, and i don't know what Riot's doing with these BF changes, since now ADCs are straight up not fun to play, just a mess. Nothing more to add, i'm guessing Ghostcrawler is fucking things up in another game. Welp. peace.
: What's up with the Nidalee stuff on PBE?
"Nidalee is fine" i'm reading do you guys understand she is above one position in urgot on win rate. 42%. Nidalee right now is complete garbage mid. She's not viable anymore there. And top, she's really weird, kinda decent early but just gets outscaled late, so useless even then. Nidalee was too safe, yes. But like this, you made her go in the enemy team without any escape, just like Diana. Difference being that a godlike diana actually can make a difference, while i got fed on a guy that was lagging or something and couldn't even oneshot a carry as godlike with rabadon and void. Any other champ, syndra, karthus, even heimerdinger would've made the game. Nidalee right now is urgot olaf level. And it's actually pretty sad that you guys didn't even think that when you give someone a way to go in and assassinate, you've to give him a way to get out, just like ZED, KHA, LEBLANC, ANY ASSASSIN HAS. Since Ghostcrawler got in, ADC itemization has gone to crap and Top is a stale meta with 4 champs. Now we get this 42% winrate champion. I sincerely hope he's not killing the game. But it does look like it. Bah.
: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
On blue side in the bottom tribrush, the gap between the brush and the dragon pit doesn't make it seem like you can flash like before, but you can. Just did it and it would be better if it were fixable, since it's still in the works. Minimap is amazing though. And maybe a little bit more color here and there, more light.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback: Headhunter Caitlyn!
We need cait as a steampunk, fully clothed badass with a top hat. Please when you guys are making the rework, do that. I have an image in my mind and i wish i could draw what i have in mind but can't really lol it's like same colours, but with black "leathery" pants and a jacket with lots of buttons and a top hat, looks freakin cool in my head, if anyone knows how to draw amazingly maybe we can get a concept to Riot, for an idea at least.
: > 10% Critical Strike chance Due to how the PRNG system works, lower amounts of critical strikes are more dangerously swingy than higher amounts - because it needs more time/hits to function in order to guarantee that 1 in X attacks critically strike. As critical strike values get higher, PRNG can actually ensure that in smaller windows - the amount of critical strikes can be normalized. However, with low critical strike values (10%) - there is very little that PRNG can do to prevent or tackle streaks or luck events. PRNG needs to work off of high base values in order to ensure consistency in a 3 to 4 second time window. Conversely, a 10% critical strike is far less predictable as it needs a 20 to 30 second window to normalize out. This is not true of pure RNG, of course, which doesn't care about time windows at all. The problem with critical strike isn't that if a critical strike happens, it's automatically bad. The problem with critical strike is that at low values it is *inconsistent* and *unpredictable* because there's no way to plan around it - what you want is increased predictability of the system - and PRNG needs a large base and a better time frame to do that kind of work. > Triforce gives 10% crit. > Zeal after BT gives 10% crit, and that's almost at laning over. The argument that Zeal after BT is 'lane is over' - then a similar analysis can be done on the I.E. 'rush'. Current Zeal after BT in the live game has at minimum - 4375 gold. I.E Rush is at minimum - 3800 gold. As I.E. Rush will necessarily need another DBlade to sustain it - it becomes 4275 gold in order to be an effective strategy. Note that this is 4200 gold *after* whatever baseline items you assume an ADC needs (typically default blade + 325 G boots). Essentially, by the time critical strike enters the equation with the IE rush - it's a similar time window to when crit enters the equation at the moment, except in the case of Tri-force rushers - in which case critical strike enters the equation earlier. The short of this is that unless Cloak of Agility actually turns out to be a good purchase (it's not and easily tunable to always suck) - we don't actually introduce critical strike chance much earlier than the current state of live. The leftover change is easily tunable with Gold if we've determined we've overbuffed things. Therefore, if your assessment is that Zeal after BT is effectively lane over - then you also have to take with it that double blade into IE is effectively lane over as well. The other portion of this is that if double Dblade into I.E. becomes the default, we'll raise the cost of I.E. The entire point of this item adjustment exercise is that there are multiple competing strategies. If in fact, 2x Blade into I.E. becomes the overwhelming default - we'd fix it with price increases because we'd be annoyed there is an overwhelming default that doesn't care about champion specifics. **TL;DR** - Timing doesn't change much to crit in lane. PRNG system makes higher crit chances more predictable and better able to be planned around. We'll adjust 2x blade into I.E. down if if becomes overwhelming default.
>The other portion of this is that if double Dblade into I.E. becomes the default, we'll raise the cost of I.E. The entire point of this item adjustment exercise is that there are multiple competing strategies. If in fact, 2x Blade into I.E. becomes the overwhelming default - we'd fix it with price increases because we'd be annoyed there is an overwhelming default that doesn't care about champion specifics. Welp. Then discussion has no sense, everyone is saying this is gonna happen, if you guys are gonna change things if this happens i've nothing to add. I didn't know you guys were using PRNG, but pure unadultered RNG. You're right, it's the same cost as BT + Zeal, but at the end of that you get 25% not 10%, as i said. The thing is, this talking leads to nothing if you guys are gonna change things like you said if this and that happens. I would gladly though not see three weeks of LCS before you guys realise everyone builds that. I still don't really understand the PRNG you said, to quote the doublelift tweet i was talking about, and some others as well: >I really hope IE changes never make it live. I don't want to see S4WC million dollar bot lane trades decided on who gets the first IE crit. >I hate RNG and it's even worse when it's an attractive option for early game where snowballing lane is most important >I can't believe there's an argument for the potential for IE vs IE 2v2 all-ins where the player who crits 1 more time is bound to win... lol So again, the whole PRNG thing i didn't get. To me, 10% is less than 25%. And at 25%, you crit more. BT has no reason to be built early, but more of late as a defensive+ offensive item. So you just build IE and who crits wins. Don't really get how PRNG is different, never heard about it. TL;DR last part = 25% > 10% ---> no reason to build BT --- profit? lol
: You missed my point here - BT builds typically have a Zeal in them, either directly before in the case of TF --> BT builds or directly after in the case of BT --> PD Builds. Which means the RNG portion of it - assuming similar gold - was already in lane. It then becomes whether you think 15% LS or 50% Crit Damage is more swingy - and for me it works out roughly the same.
? Triforce gives 10% crit. Zeal after BT gives 10% crit, and that's almost at laning over. I think you are the one missing the point. IE gives 25%. And it would be a rush after one or two dorans. That's not 10, that's 25. And after that, comes another crit item like zeal, now we're at 35. Shiv and PD are not taken into laning, unless you go godlike. Shiv can be taken at the end of a normal laning, and PD during mid game. I don't know if you guys straight up missed this, or maybe if you're not understanding that i'm talking about early. Everyone is talking about early. Instead of 10%, it's 25%. Then instead of 20, it's 35%. But 25% is already being too much, nobody complains about 10 because 10 is miniscule and happens almost never, while 25% is already an RNG number. Make that to 35%, and it's a disaster for this early in the game. So to make it more simple, a build would go like this. Doran's Blade, pot Doran's blade, pickaxe (or BF depending on money, obviously) BF or Cloak and boots if no money IE and boots Zeal / Berserker's greaves. And since you made AS even more cost efficient and giving even more AS, the number of attacks you do grows and so grows your chance of getting a random crit. Nobody is comparing 50% crit damage, i'm not talking about the passive of IE, we're talking about CRITICAL CHANCE, the R N G. I know you're smart Xyph, i remember looking you up on lolwiki and you came up with amazing champs, the support rework, a lot of amazing stuff. But putting RNG early is NOT a good thing. It's really weird that you guys didn't even think about putting so much RNG in a lane. On lolwiki there's even a note saying "Random system rework. RNG (Random Number Generator) is used for critical strikes." Come on man. It's pretty obvious if you think about it, not rocket science. Weird.
: A couple of notes on this: Rushing I.E. with zero sustain means you're running a heavy sustain support or basically dying. I.E. with DBlade support is more expensive than rushing BT and we should work towards tuning it such that the lane is either decided by that point or winding down. The current world isn't much better in terms of critical strike: Critical strike does pop up in the most common laner currently with the prevalence of Tri-Force --> BT or BT --> Zeal. Instead of a critical damage multiplier, it's backed up by 15% lifesteal instead - which produces equivalent swings in total life.
>Instead of a critical damage multiplier, it's backed up by 15% lifesteal instead - which produces equivalent swings in total life. The thing that for some reason you guys are missing, is that 15% lifesteal is not a random number. It's 15% of the damage you do. Critical chance is RANDOM. So everyone can now start with Crit quints and rush BF + Cloak and pray the RNG gods for a crit before the other player crits. 300 gold isn't pricey enough to make someone choose between 80 ad + lifesteal to 80 ad + crit. The whole point of this, and even doublelift said the same thing on twitter because it's pretty obvious to anyone in Diamond, is that bot will become a RNG fest. And with the removal of dodge, RNG wasn't really a big part of the game. While now, it starts influencing the game at the early levels, and not at the end game where IE was. The only reason why ADC rush BT is because you get more AD than IE, with the added bonus of lifesteal. Now that they all have the same AD, the choice is pretty obvious. The thing you can do is either make IE even more expensive or lower the crit chance and give it something else in return. You made attack speed viable early, yeah, crit should be that one stat that does not come into play until mid-late game, at 30-35-40 minutes. Because RNG at that point doesn't really matter. RNG is what kills competitive. Nobody EVER liked RNG, and Riot removed dodge for that reason. Don't force RNG into the early, or it will just remove all the fun in trades and playing bot at all.
: i just updated the post to reflect some upcoming changes to athene's, locket, idol, and morellonomicon. i'll be around for a bit making sure everything gets in correctly for the next pbe update, so feel free to ask if you have questions~
By nerfing BT, you're now letting the game go the RNG way, when Riot said RNG is toxic for the game environment. Can't you see that now everyone will rush IE and trades will be decided by who crits or doesn't crit, instead of dodging or having a number advantage? These changes make no sense, who wants RNG in LoL? You even removed dodge, and that was amazing, now 40% crit battles? Come on.
: I believe we fixed this today. Can you try it out on PBE now?
: New Game Invites System - Now on the PBE!
You guys should make also team captains able to accept invites, countless times i've made a match along with my friend and one of us has to leave manually and then click the invitation, just make it so that party leaders can accept invitations as well, closing the room they were in.
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: The purpose of being on PBE is to test and collect data and make sure players have a great experience on Live. We have to test every feature of Team Builder, and see how it impacts the system health. We tested "Any Role" a few times, and have a solid idea of how queue times are given that the PBE is a small server, and now we need to test how "All Roles" affects queue times. If queues are insanely long, we have an understanding of how "All Roles" might be inefficient at smaller servers, and that's an important data point to have.
You guys already tried this in the first tests, literally everyone knows we have to have Any Role on and we just asked you put bottom lanes with Marksman and Support so the queue actually starts and we're not there waiting with double ADC and double support. All that was asked was this and you did something random instead of what the community asked. This is the most unorganized i've ever seen Riot. But whatever keep doing what you want, it's not like we're the ones testing and we experience what the problems are right? Bah.
: Team builder, game crashes, bug splat
Confirmed thresh lantern, everyone in here crashed because of it lol...
: Team builder, game crashes, bug splat
SAME HERE Get this to the top, what's going on? Me and the elise in the game kept bug splatting randomly...Riot?? Don't release this on live please... EDIT: AND AGAIN LOL 5 TIMES IN ONE GAME what the hell Riot?? me and the elise were disconnecting at the same time, what did you do....
: Team Builder will be coming back on Monday (1/27) and Tuesday (1/28) from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM PST!
..................Riot why are you not listening? You just had to put support and marskman in the bottom lane, not EVERY ROLE, now NOTHING IS GONNA START I'VE WAITED FOR 40 MINUTES MAN... Why the hell are you not doing something so simple? This slows the testing so much and it's something so easy to do, just what the hell? Now queues are insanely long...sigh...
: Team Builder will be coming back on Monday (1/27) and Tuesday (1/28) from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM PST!
Please can you guys add Marksman and Suppor roles...i know any is enabled because there's no people but we're always stuck waiting for a support and adc when we get 2 supports or 2 adcs, just enable in bottom lane the Support and Marksman role so we don't lose time and can play! The other roles stay with any because they're too complicated but please enable those two! It's the only reason games are not starting, always because we get 2 supports or 2 adcs all the time...
Rioter Comments
: Correct, Team Builder will be turned on very soon. The team that handled the ticker update yesterday is currently prepping the 4.1 live deploys, but I'm contacting our NOC to help out with this in the meantime.
Imo you should just let it stay there from the day before next time, nobody really wants it perfectly placed one hour before or whatever, just leave it there telling us at which hour TB starts and everyone will be happy, no need to make people work double dude, work smarter not harder
  Rioter Comments
: What do you mean by save a meta? Generally in every game with a meta, it evolves and changes.
What does that even mean lol i meant save a meta meaning save the roles and positions so if you want to do the standard meta 2 bot 1 mid 1 top 1 jungle you can click and it's already set and you don't have to put it in everytime...what the hell are you thinking?
: Just let us choose for the role SUPPORT at least on Team Builder Riot...
Also give us a way to save a meta so we don't have to remake it every single time.........
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: Known Bugs: 1. If you buy a skin while in the Team Builder flow, you will not be able to play the skin unless you quit Team Builder and rejoin the queue. 2. Captains and Buddies are not able to change their skin once the Captain begins searching for Solos. 3. Solos are not able to change their skin after they start searching for a group. 4. Solos are not given an approximate queue time after they begin searching for a group. 5. After completing a Team Builder game as a Solo, clicking the Play Again button on the End of Game Screen will take you to the Waiting for Stats screen. - Twantonie 6. There is no "Home" button that will bring you back to the Team Builder lobby after you navigate away - Shakkenbake 7. Once in a Team Builder lobby, the chat input field will be cleared if someone leaves the group. - Angus McF 8. Champion portraits do not always display when a slot is filled, and occasionally appear cropped incorrectly. - Riot Blackrock 9. Champion names are not always displayed in the lobby chat when group members leave the group. - YaZzlig 10. After picking a skin as a Captain or Solo, the default skin is shown once in game. - 1hobbes3 11. Team Builder games do not populate the spectate featured games selector. - Leona Del Rey 12. Item Sets do not work with Team Builder games - Aiwen 13. PvP.net client did not transition to the game when a match was found - face n stuff 14. Solo left the lobby visually but was still able to chat with the group. - Fenix2g
At least you guys are listening this time...are we getting TB and Replays for S4? These are really minor bugs... Also can we get the option to select role support this is ridiculous please guys...
: I'm sorry but what the hell is going on, where's Teambuilder?
......and now it's up, why did you guys put a "From 6am to 4 PM PST message"???? ..............what the hell is riot doing......15 minutes late....
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: Team Builder available on the PBE! Monday (1/13) and Tuesday (1/14) from 1:00 - 5:00 PM PST!
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