: Except Sona's passive 'after three spell casts, her auto gets a better effect that is increased by AP' meaning that she falls into the same category as everyone else that's getting buffs. If you want some way to buff AP Sona and make her not such a passive support, well here it is! Make her more reliant on her power chord, and buy items that help you increase power chord's effects.
**I was trying to make a more general point here.** Of course everyone has a favorite champion and feels he/she needs a buff (you might be on to something there and possibly someone will read this and look into a buff for Sona, which would be cool). But **Champ X** only gets weaker by the same amount an AP Miss Fortune or AP Alistar does. You just can't rebalance all Champs around one item change. It is kind of narrow-minded to blame Riot for not buffing 70% of the champs as compensation. They are trying to save the guys that Lich Bane was kind of "meant" to be used and are seen frequently with this build path. And before all, they are **trying to give other champs a break against Lich Baned Champs.**
: Where's the Sona power chord compensation buffs? And isn't that the issue with Sheen items in general? The sheen proc plus any ability that applies on-hit affects does a decent amount of burst.
This is kind of turning into a "**why no buff for X?**" chain reaction. You can't just go around handing buffs to every champ that benefits from a Spell+Autoattack combo and so happens to have an AP scaling of some sort. Sona, Miss Fortune, Poppy, Gangplank, Alistar, Blitzcrank.. **where would this list end?** Some champs are obviously evolving as items change and the next op build is right around the corner. So don't worry if Champ X can not be played with Item Y for all eternity.
: That's kind of the idea around the 10/20% system entirely. However, the 5% CDR mastery in utility is too important not to take and there's some other classes which don't have the option to not take the mastery. I'm of the opinion that the right time to fix it when we tackle on runes and masteries holistically.
About the 5% not being desired by everyone but some - wouldn't it be possible to **push it off to the Enchantments**? They are the most optional upgrade, after all. This could actually make the Distortion Enchantment viable in more circumstances and the 5% can even be enchanted onto other boots like Merc Treads. I figured something along the lines of: **CDR MOVED TO ENCHANTMENT:** **Boots of Lucidity: ** Unique: +10% cooldown reduction **Distortion Enchantment:** +5% cooldown reduction. Your Ghost, Teleport and Flash cooldowns are reduced by 25%.
: [Champion Abilities] Vel'koz interactions with Yasou's Wind Wall
Did you check if Vel'Koz' **auto attacks** are blocked by the windwall? I learned from Jatt and Phreak that Thresh and Kayle CAN use ranged attacks through it because they don't use projectiles. Vel'Koz seems to "lash out" with his tentacle before applying a laser beam to the target (played Battlecast Vel'Koz) so his autos should not be blocked by windwall, right?
: Games not starting past the "Prepare Yourselves! Battle is abotu to be"gin...
You can play, but it takes forever. (Played Custom, Battlecast Vel'Koz) I tried reconnecting at first but then closed the game and after that game timed out on the server I tried Champ Select again and just waited there in the "Battle is about to begin" state. After 5-10 minutes the "League of Legends" Splash and the loading screen appeared and I got to play (custom game). It just took patience.
: [suggestion ] Would it be difficult to make Vel'koz's pentakill into TENTAKILL?
Tentakill Vel'Koz skin confirmed. Looks like a bagpipe from a medieval metal band. ....I'll show myself out!
: Post, Upvote, Downvote Counter
If you put it in a private place (that only Riot and you can check), then yes. This would be kind of interesting. Not desired would be a system where everybody spams upvotes, downvotes and comments to gain "points" purely for showing off.
: Will you be releasing any new one Olympic skins? How about the FIFA skins??
Surpriiiiise, Mighty Jax is back! Great news! If I'm completely honest though, I would rather see new Summer Olympics skins in 2 years. That could include: * Dunkmaster Darius (seen some fun stuff riot already did) * Fencing Fiora * Javelin Jarvan * Beachball Orianna * Discus Sivir * Marathon Malphite (a finish line appears for his ult)
: [TEST REQUEST] Vision Mini-Map Bugs
Awesome that you are looking into this! It's been number 1 of the technical issues with the Live client! Man, great tests atm! Teambuilder, Xerath rework, a possible vision fix, Vel'koz lurking in the Void.. Pretty excited for this to hit live servers!
: [Team Builder] - Should be optional
As far as I know it is meant to release as an optional "Beta" feature on live at first. The reason the PBE has **only the team builder available** during testing times is that the PBE has only a fraction of the number of players on NA or EUW. Riot wants **to direct full testing power to this feature** while they have people there providing live support. TL;DR: No worries, it won't be the only way to play league.
: [Sommenors Rift] - Invisible projectiles
Happens on live as well. Don't know if it is even PBE related. I get invisible Ezreal Ults like every game he is up against me. And yes, spears are also often invisible. Not even a hit effect will be played. You only hear the sound and see your healthbar suffer.
Can you please add the **percent value** for better comparison? " 93 votes of 620 total" is not something you can grasp easily. It should say "**15% (93 Votes)**".
: Penalty for not following the role that you specified
While it is true people may build troll items, **where do you draw the line** that a report is justified, and how would you call it? You could call it "Abusing Team Builder" but I don't know if you would use this report flag rather than using the "Refusing to Communicate" flag for instance. My point is, **would you just want this person to be banned from Team Builder** for 30 minutes (which wouldn't benefit you or would be punishing enough for them), **or would you rather report them for their general trolling** and refusing to follow their teammates' consensus. Drawing the line between trolling and playing your champ the way you want to is another thing. You can call Ezreal mid and then build AD if you notice your opponents stack Magic Resist or you could go for an AD Renekton because you feel you will do better than as a full tank. **Reporting people for misinterpreting their role in the meta is really difficult** I think. If it were easy, we would have a "Does not play Standard Meta" as a report option already. Do you see some sense in that?
: [Teambuilder] Social experiment and breaking the system - new metas
After the last testing round I actually proposed to give the team captain a **Text field to describe his team** if he chooses. If you enter a game you would **directly see the idea behind the team** and adjust accordingly or leave if you don't comply. Messages could be as simple as "Standard Meta pls" or "Bruisers Welcome!" or "Kayle Zilean Zac Aatrox Anivia xD" or "Hey! Trying out for ranked fives!" Could also be shown before accepting to join the team, but would be hard to judge if the message actually describes the team. People might write "Boobs & Cookies" again like in old ARAM days ^^
: I've been trying team builder with a mostly complete team (last week I did so with a 3-made and this week 4-made) and one thing I've definitely found wanting while waiting for people to fill the roles is some sort of indicator which lane/roles are most likely to be filled at the time so we can make our picks accordingly. That said, perhaps this won't be an issue once there is a bigger player pool to draw from but I figure I may as well make this suggestion nonetheless since it occurred to me this could be a neat feature.
Sounds good to me. Had terrible troubles finding a adc/marksman while testing. It was so hard to find one that I had to remake the game and pick adc myself.
: Not trying to shun away that great idea. But, what if they get trolls as team captains? How would the system know which is a troll and which is not?
If you find your Captain is a troll, you are free to leave at any point. That's what I like about the Team Builder. You see what you get before the queue starts. I think the idea would work if the team captain gets a button **similar to the "Allow Invite" button** next to each player name. You could make it an "**Unlock Champ Selection**" button. You would ask the Captain if you can pick something else and if the Captain agrees, you can change your Champ once, forcing all players to click "Ready" again before the queue can commence.
: [Teemo][Vision] No Oracles Makes Him Strong
There is already a nerf to the Noxious Traps for the Twisted Treeline and Crystal Scar ("Trap duration is 3 minutes instead of 10 minutes"). Maybe this is an appropriate change for Summoner's Rift as well. Been running premade botlane with my gf as Teemo support for about 75+ games (Season 3 and Preseason 4). Can confirm it has been pretty strong and just got stronger with the changes. 80% of all these games Teemo support scored the most damage dealt to champions. His damage seems to go up when your team is losing, obviously, because of mushrooms getting more valuable when you are defending. These observations are personal experience of course and you might have seen something else. One might argue one or multiple parts of Teemo's Kit are too strong for Season 4: * No max number of Noxious Traps (37 shrooms possible instead of 3 in case of Caitlyn's Yordle Snap Trap) * High lifetime (10 minutes in comparison to Nidalee's Bushwack with 4 minutes lifetime) * High damage scaling of Noxious Trap (0.8 AP scaling and extra damage in combination with {{item:3151}}. * Turns invisible after 1 second (6 seconds fade time for Eve, 1.25 sec - 4.25 sec for Twitch) At max level with 40% CDR, Teemo can place a Trap every 16.2 seconds (not considering mana cost). With {{item:3364}} having a CD of 60 seconds and an average number of 1-2 players getting it, even by perfect management you can kill a shroom every 30 seconds, meaning that in the same time there will be 2 new ones placed by the time you clear them. **Conclusion:** Noxious Trap could need a little nerf or rebalance. Proposition: > ACTIVE: Teemo places a mushroom trap on the ground, which arms ~~and stealths~~ after 1 second **and stealths after 3 seconds**. [...] Noxious Traps have a ~~10 minute~~ **6 minute** duration. Teemo generates a new trap periodically, affected by cooldown reduction, and can only store up to 3 traps at once. This would make the "Shrooming" more of a strategic endeavour, as nearby opponents could still kill the shrooms when in plain sight. And shrooms would have to be replaced more frequently and don't block a path for a max time of 10 minutes.
: > Number of Teemo deaths in the last hour Really -_-'? I upvote for: * Ranked standing (when the user has a standing in ranked, otherwise, useless unless it shows about normal games in those times. * Game stats * Did you know (if it is trivia about the game client or champions' lore) I'm neutral to: * Did you know (if it is the same as when waiting for a game) * Friend ticker * Status message from random member. I downvote to: * Countdown to the next LCS or main event. Who is interested in LCS is people who are keeping their attention to the schedules in their browser. I don't think that enough people are interested that makes that valuable outside the already warning that appears above everything.
> Who is interested in LCS is people who are keeping their attention to the schedules in their browser. I just think Riot should do more to **keep players in their client** and update them on current matters other than changing the Main Menu background for each LCS highlight match. The Dota 2 client for example lets you * spectate Pro games in the client * create and view Champion Guides in the client * purchase user-created mods * not even talking about the replay functionality (that Riot is working on) Let's face it, the LoL client is so behind in features to keep players logged in. I love LoL for it's gameplay - the client just can't keep up. Clicking the Countdown or a message like "NA LCS: TSM vs C9 about to start!" could bring you directly to the stream, better positioning the client as a source of information. I don't see any downsides (other than work for a small strike team and additional testing). And viewer counts would only go up because it creates more awareness. The beauty here is that if you don't like one of the proposed type of information, you can toggle it off using the filters. You could say "I only want Game Stats, my Ranked Standings and Champion Trivia, updating once every 20 seconds". It is kind of like a subscription to a "Channel".
Rioter Comments
: > I'm sure Riot would have thought about this by now, but hard to tell what's technically feasible when you can't talk to the programmers themselves. That's my complain too... But sometimes... pings do fly and one comes here to the forums like a reply to a post I made a while ago about the minions bug. I'm finishing a revamp (just text improving) of a suggestion I have developed a while ago. Would you like to help me and also check it out?
Sure, I'll stick around to check out your suggestions.
: #####**Point 1.** I really felt that when I was trying to play 2v2. Sometimes it is frustrating to try to discuss something with the play mate and time running out. For the time after the selection seems correct, I would just add the option to jump right to the game and leave the timer as it is now. #####**Point 2.** That's too much one for all influence, IMO. I think as it is is the best option. #####**Point 3.** *thumbsup* #####**Point 4.** For the **item sets** I agree with you but, anyway, it is an almost one-time mode for LoL... We could make the item sets for the featured game modes, though :). For the trinkets, I think as it is is the right way. A ward would be so OP that it would be a required trinket. #####**Point 5.** Agree (except for the trinket). #####**Point 6.** You are right. I think that too. #####**Point 7.** That is a quite interesting thing (rematch). The issue there is that both would need to agree on doing that rematch... Good idea in theory but a bad idea in practice. #####**Point 8.** Yep, I noticed that. I say the same. You got just about all my points about what I wanted to point out about this feature in PBE, so I won't do a discussion myself as I would be almost just repeating you. nice feedback there.
Thanks for the feedback! I guess the fact that we think about these things almost alike, I'm sure Riot will be on to a similar conclusion. Most important and game-flow relevant would be the Rematch Button, which initially made me write this lengthy post. > both would need to agree on doing that rematch... Good idea in theory but a bad idea in practice. My thoughts on that: 1. The first player to press the rematch button triggers the rematch countdown. This looks exactly like when your queue pops (the "ready" check), only it would say "Do you agree to a Rematch?" * You will be displayed as ready and the others have to decide in the next 15 seconds. * If all accept, it restarts the game as it was before (would need to be cached). * If one declines, he appears red and the rematch will fail. A fallback option would be to add a functionality to the "Rematch" button, that 1. Creates a generic Custom game for Showdown mode * It automatically invites the people you were just playing with * You appear in the lobby right away and need to wait for the others to join I'm sure Riot would have thought about this by now, but hard to tell what's **technically feasible when you can't talk to the programmers** themselves.
: Yasuo's Dance
He's likely not to dance in joy. Rather he plays a lonely song. Brilliant.
Rioter Comments
: [major][PVP.net][Showdown] Summoner spells not retaining from previous game
Can confirm this bug for both the new featured game modes (OFA and SD). It is slightly annoying so would be great if it were fixed. I would not call it "major" though. It is a matter of 3 seconds to pick your summoners and you have about a minute after the champs have been locked.
: 1v1 Best of 3
I would suggest that the **"Play Again" button** in the Post-Game Screen should be available for everyone and trigger a **rematch request** to all participants of the last game (that can be accepted or declined). It could have some neater wording like "Rematch" that can be repeated as many times as you like. I instead had to ask for a rematch and then create a custom game and invite my previous opponent. If you could remake the game faster and without adding the people, I think you are on a way to a great solution. Edit: Please take a look at my **detailed feedback post** [here](http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/gameplay/q60puAJO-showdown-detailed-feedback-and-proposals).
: New Summoner Spells and Runes
I am also looking forward to test the new summoners. Some really interesting changes there. With the new summoner icons introduced, I hope the changes are coming soon.
: Voices disappeared again after the last maintenance
Happens for me too and in every game somebody (on my team or enemy team) asks if anyone gets any voices.
: Smite icon looks a little inappropriate
WUT HAV YU DONE!?! Never occurred to me up until now, but can't be unseen... I think the hand is a little unnecessary. It would do just with the energy bolt as the main focus of the icon.
: [Suggestion] Riot, Toxicity, and In-Game Presence
It's a nice thought to see some more **Riot presence** in a closed testing environment, yes. Sadly, the **problem of toxicity will not be solved by this.** You can watch streams of Rioters and other key members of the community and you will see toxic players doing their thing no matter what. Specifically, I remember a game where **RiotPhreak got sabotaged by his support** who went afk after 10 minutes or so due to negative attitude. The game could have been carried by Phreak and he told him to stay and tried his best to be friendly and motivating - but no dice. Now I ask you, **who if not Phreak could convince toxic players to hang in there**? There is just no limits to the toxicity of some people. Even when Riot employees reach out to them, they will not change. Phreak reported the player afterwards and thats about all a Riot employee can do as a last resort. (They will not delete accounts just because they can.) **The main problem on the PBE is, that getting reported (and possibly banned) poses no threat to Live accounts of the testers.** In my opinion, PBE offences should be able to affect your Live account and should be treated equally, if not even punished harder.
: Of course you can summarize pal, I actually like your comments, you're really documented about this topics. I agree with you about your personal favorite idea, but still it doesn't resolve the problem about spamming the chat in game, and it could help, only really experienced players that scroll very fast the chat. It would be awesome if they try to implement this in the pbe so we can test it, I think this is a usaer friendly performance, were everyone can benefit on it.
I was rather hoping not to upset Morello by quoting him on something that he said over a year ago. We all know opinions can change quite frequently in the game design process. I am wondering if the concept of openly announced spawn timers is out of the question now or if it will be looked at in the future. Personally I would not like a timer to appear over the spawn points.. **I would like to see a countdown effect** like the circular effect we have on the Twisted Treeline where shrines are getting "unlocked" over time. It's a game after all and **we all love graphics over numbers**. You could display an effect around the campfire of the Elder Lizards for example and Dragon and Baron pits have an optimal shape for these kind of **circular "timer effects"**.
: [Suggestion] Timers for jungle camps or new (second chat screen).
**This was actually addressed by RiotMorello [exactly one year ago](http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=31641984#post31641984).** If you let me summarize, he said he wanted to implement this, as he did not consider "counting and accounting" a valuable measurement for skill in League of Legends. We can only speculate on why this has not been done yet. My personal favorite idea would be to post a message in chat when a buff is taken and who got it. You can then see the timestamp if you have enabled it. > 1:06: Summoner1 (Lee Sin) has slain the Elder Lizard.
: [Suggestion] XP Bar for new Health Bar
This would make the new Health Bars complete. Full sail for this!
: Leviathan always had a big problem: Snowballing. The offensive items give stacks, but the champ stays squishy and only gets a higher priority target. You are able to remove the stacks from them. Leviathan will make the champs more tanky, but that reduces the priority you set onto that target. You want to get the AD and AP carries first. That was the reason why it was held down a lot. Riot could not buff it without making it a problematic item. I also think that the other 2 stacking items are not really good. You need too many stacks to make them worth the gold and till then, you would have done more with another item. And if you die once, the advantage vanishes. Too much risk and the reward gained is only there in games that you are already winning without the item.
This. Riot are obviously working on de-snowballing the game a tad. You normally get stack items if you are stomping your enemies anyways or just to add some risk/reward to your game. This concept does not really apply to Leviathan, because it just makes you harder to kill with every kill/assist you score, while delaying your other items, thus making it a must-have early tank item like Heart of Gold (R.I.P.) used to be. Balancing the item for some champs makes it even harder ({{champion:31}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:154}})
: [Request] Where is Scorched Earth Renekton Splash Art?
My best guess is they are holding back some **fire themed skins** for the **Magma Chamber** release coming for Season 4. They did this last time for the Howling Abyss, where they released an ice champion {{champion:127}}, reworked {{champion:113}} and {{champion:48}} and released multiple ice themed skins. **Infernal Nasus** might be the first one of those and **Scorched Earth Renekton** might be one of them. I personally would love this and a potential **Magma Chamber Event** with Skins, Lore and Summoner Icons and everything.
: Just played Howling Abyss, No Orianna voice over, no announcer with kills. Really threw me off. It was quiet... too quiet.
Can confirm, this breaks the Acoustic Warfare potential of {{champion:17}}, {{champion:117}}, Hyena{{champion:19}}, {{champion:20}}bot, and {{champion:99}}
: Well, it was added to balance the jungle on both sides. Having it move up and down the map would defeat the purpose. It is an interesting idea though, maybe adding another monster that moves in the river, giving a speed buff that would be helpful for ganks?
> monster that moves in the river **Urf! Riot PLEASE!!! ** He could be swimming up and down the river, appearing at random points as sort of a "whack an urf" minigame xD I mean, even if it's only in there for fun and grants 1 XP and 3 Gold for the player that slays him, it will be SOO much fun to watch out for in every game and hear the announcement.
: Anivia Support in S4
Will definitely try this! Wanted to use some casters as a Support for a long time. I'm thinking about Lissandra, Orianna, Ziggs, Elise (that has already been pulled off on high levels of play).
: Regarding One For All on Howling Abyss Feedback
**Thank you for hearing us, Riot!** Been posting on 5x vs 5x on HA a lot, because I really see potential there! Hope to **see all of you** online this weekend for: * All Lee Sin * All Riven * All Singed * All Vayne * All Zilean Oh boy, can't wait! I'm gonna create those custom games or join for sure if you post it up!
: I don't understand the "clear progression" between Spellthief's Edge and Frostfang at all. How are they even related? What does "spellthief" have to do with Freljord? Does "edge" mean advantage or does it refer to a knife blade? Frostfang -> Frost Queen's Claim is fair enough, though I still find Frost Queen's Claim awkward as it doesn't even sound like an object.
I see a theme there: Caster slow items. **Spellthief** = Caster Item that grants something on attacks **Frostfang** = Gaining an icy theme preparing for crowd control items **Frost Queen's Claim** = Offensive slow item **Twin Shadows** (maybe renamed to something icy) = Defensive slow item
: Wow... just wow. Riot takes all that advice we gave them in that 40+ page thread and threw it out the window like they didn't even read it. I give up. It's very clear you guys don't care about feedback in one bit and simple ignore it while putting on your PR hat.
You're missing the point. The very existence of this post is proof that Riot is concerned that the community does not like the new names. It actually makes sense in context and RiotPwyff explained it pretty convincingly. Although I liked the names of {{item:3303}} and {{item:3092}} for example, names like **Spellthief’s Edge > Frostfang > Frost Queen’s Claim** better portrait the **expected build paths** and their **new abilities**.
: New Item Names hitting the PBE
Long time ago {{champion:86}} me and my brother {{champion:10}} Kyle here, we was {{item:1001}} hitchhikin' down a long and lonesome road. {{summoner:3}} All of a sudden, there shined {{summoner:20}} a shiny demon... in the middle... of the road. And he said: "Play the best {{champion:37}} song in the world, or I'll {{champion:31}} eat your soul." {{champion:412}} Well me and Kyle, we {{item:2044}} looked at {{item:2043}} each other, and we each said... {{champion:33}} "Ok."
: Twisted Treeline Rank Solo Q
> Please tell me this is being implemented come Season 4. [...] Now that it's out of beta, please add this. This! A thousand times **this!!!**
: One For All Disabled Until The Weekend
{{champion:32}} : Is it Friday yet? No? Oww.. {{champion:36}} : Get back to work!
: [Site Update] More Formatting Tools
**Thank** you! *Really* helps ~~a lot~~ tons! {{item:3078}} It deletes words if used improperly, but oh well.
: Adding incentive to be actively testing on PBE would be a good touch; I feel like a large majority of people on PBE just use their accounts to create custom games and look at new skins or new champions. The main problem with mass account deletion or deactivation is that the player base on PBE would probably shrink considerably; this is important because queue times on PBE are already pretty long (5-10 minutes for a blind pick game) which means that shrinking the active player base, even if a significant percent is toxic, would still have a net negative effect on testing overall; hard to test efficiently if you're spending a lot of time waiting for matchmaking to find games because there are even less people playing. I don't think you can expect such a large number of people to join the PBE with each invitation set either unless Riot really sends out massive amounts of invitations; it feels like most people would log in and play a custom game to check the changes that they were most interested in and then go back to their main accounts. That's where account-linking and incentive come in; I feel like, at the very least, a percent of IP gained from playing games on the PBE should be in some way linked to each PBE account's main account. Honestly, until Riot figures out how to give incentive to people to play consistently on the PBE while they have access, rather than simply mass deactivating PBE accounts, I'm more in favor of culling accounts that are obviously inactive or toxic, maintaining active users in order to make sure testing doesn't become tedious.
> I feel like, at the very least, a percent of IP gained from playing games on the PBE should be in some way linked to each PBE account's main account I like the direction you are headed with this, but IP rewards would only make people spam more games on PBE and rage even more if hey lost. I would love to see **loading screen badges, summoner icons, free random skins** (like mystery gifts), **or the new champ, that you found a critical bug for** as a reward for productivity on the PBE and on this discussion board. > unless Riot really sends out massive amounts of invitations I am kind of hoping Riot will openly promote PBE signups that would be linked to your Level 30 Live Account. There would be a check involved that denies access for Summoners that have been taken before the Tribunal recently. I personally would love these steps: * Launching 1 or 2 new PBE servers (possibly at the new Amsterdam server facility) * Mass-invitations announced on the Live Client in all regions * Creating these new PBE accounts from Live Accounts and linking them together
: On the limitation of one jungle items per build
Noticed this too when I tried out the jungle for the first time. I went {{item:3209}} and then thought about getting a {{item:3154}} which is impossible now :( **Why can't we have the limitation for 1 Gold generating PASSIVE** (by slot order or purchase order or something) but still be able to buy the items we like. Some Jungle items are just too good on some champs and we don't want to sacrifice one of them for a jungle item that proves to be more Gold-efficient, sacrificing power or utility.
: Aren't they deleting all our PBE accounts then having stricter standards such as linking PBE accounts to standard ones and making all those new PBE accounts temporary?
This. I believe getting reports on the PBE was promised to be a surefire way to get you kicked out after 1 or 2 months and never come back. Sad thing is that's too little, too late. The problem seems to be that players **don't see a connection between their Live accounts** and the **PBE wonderland**. I hope in the future PBE testing will be more closely connected to your live account, so that a proven toxic or abusive player will not even be chosen to test. Maybe add **rewards for Live accounts** if you prove to be a valuable tester on the PBE, and **penalties if you abuse the testing environment**. Something like that.
: One for all should be on howling abyss
Completely agree, as many do in their posts about One For All. Much more fun on HA. Have tried many Custom games and I had most fun when both teams actually had the same champion as well. Ten of the same Champ felt really fun and fair. You should try it :)
: [Feedback] Issues with One for All, and why it is much less fun on PBE than it was during the leak
Agree on most of your feedback. One For All in general is really fun, but not ideal for SR. * HA feels better than SR, because One For All is targeted more at quick, fun games with no real neccessity to push objectives and win the game. * Banning is pretty much abused by captains to ban champs that their team suggests and stands against their own preferences. My suggestion is to **make it 5x vs 5x** and leave out banning altogether. You would see the enemy team's picks as well and every player would get **the same champion** and start the game on HA. This makes the match 100% fair and eliminates the need for bans.
: I think this was suggested some time in the past (many months ago) in one of the euw forums...
Yeah, just look at the masteries. They are the old ones (with improved summoner spells R.I.P. ^^). +1 for OP's suggestion! The space is currently pretty much wasted anyways and a little summary couldn't hurt.
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