: I don't really have an issue with the color combo, but I would like them to use MORE of the turquoise, particularly in her abilities. As they stand, the whole skin feels _**very**_ orange.
I would especially like to see the turquoise in the final burst of her ult.
: Academia Lux color is so bad
I don't really have an issue with the color combo, but I would like them to use MORE of the turquoise, particularly in her abilities. As they stand, the whole skin feels _**very**_ orange.
: Battle Academia Lux: Prestige Edition
: Can't buy Yuumi's chromas
Usually, it's like a day until the chromas are released. Not sure why Prestige Academia Lux isn't available, though.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Golden Conqueror / Challenger Chromas!
Did Riot want to limit feedback on these chromas? The base skin is not available in shop so that the chroma can be purchased for those of us who are new to PBE.
: Hello Riot employees and PBE players, I am very active on Internet platforms dedicated to our beloved queen LeBlanc. One thing that I have seen a lot, a part from a lot of praise towards the execution of the skin (we love it!), is a strong demande for the return of her eye makeup. It is an **iconic part of her visual identity** (just like the headdress, cape and staff). It would also help identify her a little more from other skins that have similar hair and face (Camille, Kai'sa, Fiora). It would also just **feel right**. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} @Riot could you guys look into this? We would love to hear what you think! Edit: Since I'm at this point I will also leave other ideas that I have seen thrown around a lot inside the community: -Her hair being more sleek and less messy would be ideal. -Her ingame model being a little taller would be great too. Let's make this amazing skin even more of a perfect purchase for all of us dedicated players!
Instead of tear drops, they could be black wings.
: That's understandable! IMO, you might want to consider adding black details somewhere else in the skin then (maybe his fabric cape or vest?) for cohesion with the rest of the skins. Or just go all out and make his ears white as well, they look really silly lol (BTW, Rakan is one of my two favourite champions, and I'm quite glad he got a skin seperate from Xayah to shine a bit on his own. I understand its a special case and might be the last time it happens, but might as well add that i wouldn't mind them having skins that the other does not have in the future, seeing how a tematic that works for one might not work for the other.)
I agree that the colors do need a slight balancing, but keeping the wings white and true to the 'less fallen-angel' aesthetic Baolan wanted is ideal. I think if you darkened the grays where they already exist, it could help, and perhaps making the cape hood/collar dark could also help alleviate the one-note feel the skin coloration currently gives off.
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: > [{quoted}](name=PBE ProNoob,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=LzwGA40G,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-21T05:43:25.230+0000) > > NGL he looks like a slim Thanos > > It just doesnt look like the Arclight skins that are already in the game, they have white base and gold accents. He has a dark purple/black base for some reason. > > The white chroma is what it should've been and should be his base skin instead. > > https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-3VmCzwB_HZQ/XG2yTRW5ftI/AAAAAAABPCs/vam9TrzrjGExJNdGbkr4OM_sP5e4xswOgCLcBGAs/s1600/63012.png > > Other than that the model looks pretty good, one thing that would make it better is have his back accents float out a bit instead of lying flat on the skin > > I find it weird that his autos leave a red/black trail while Q has a blue one, doesnt matter which but would be nice if they were the same and have the same effect on the other spells too > > The brightness and intensity of the effects could also be increased accrossed the board and match the color on his accents. His W is especially weak compared to other Arclight skins like VelKoz. It should look like a reverse Leona ult. And the 'Lucian W' effect in it could be moved to the Passive proc instead so it's not wasted when the brightness increases and prevents readability. > > The passive cooldown indicator also looks out of place with the theme. The circles should be 'perfect' with minimal accent. And when it explodes it should use the effect from W instead of a recolored flame explosion. Hey, Thanks a bunch for the feedback! The team talked about the model, and they're going to stick with the current model that he has and not hte chroma. Our VFX artist is checking in a couple changes to today that should amp up the VFX just a bit to increase readability (i.e. passive procs and Q), but we don't want to go too, too crazy bright to fall out of our style guides for VFX. But, the changes he's putting in *should* at least touch upon what you're looking for. :)
I agree about the chroma idea, but for a different reason--it more closely resembles the splash art. If you are intending to keep his original model for the final, can you make adjustments to the splash so that they match better, color-wise?
: Can we get a better quality Base Splash for Morgana and Kayle?
I agree with your assessment, and have similar feelings nezhe.
: New Exiled Morgana Changes
I really appreciate that they took the time to make these changes. I do still have a small issue with her w's colors--could they be slightly brightened to be a richer red, and can they make the blue-green ring around the edge a less dis-harmonious color like the yellows or oranges used elsewhere in the kit?
: Can you guys change Kayle Aether Wing form on lvl 16?
I don't know if it's just me, but your pic links are missing their pics.
: Ghost Bride Morgana Wings/Dress Accent Comments
I think part of it is that she is lacking the transparent vale-like covering for the bottom of her dress, and the skin is just generally darker now, as opposed to ethereal and ghostly. Also, the blue used for the roses on her head piece are also noticeably darker--I really preferred the lighter blue ones, and the more ghostly aspect of the original skin. This version looks visually heavy in comparison.
: I don't know if it just not implemented jet but the backport animation of Pentakill Kayle has no sound/music. In generally Pentakill Kayle could have more music elements. Espacialy in her Q and E ability. Kayle is my most favorite and played champion and I have to say that the voice over of Aether Wing Kayle with the programm/mecha like touch is very strange for me. I mean, it's not a Programm or a Mecha skin. According to the original lore of this skin it is basicly just a exosuit for Kayle that she gets after she loses her wings and shouldn't effect her voice (in my opinion)
I believe they are integrating aether wing kayle into the universe with the dreadnova, bullet angel, and gun goddess skins, putting her as a law enforcement figure--the mechanized voice is to mimic the intimidating aspect of something like a police megaphone used to give warnings/instructions to criminals/suspects.
: Kayle and Morgana bug report thread
The new chromas for the Blackthorn Morgana skin are not applying in-game, regardless of mode. I tested multiple chroma options in Practice Tool, a custom game, and a ranked game--the skin always appeared as the base coloration. I would reeeeeeally like to see how the chromas look in-game, so I hope it's amended soon!
: it's not just you--lunar wraith morgana still is RP only for me, too.
Also, 2 of kayle's skins are not even available for purchase--transcended and riot.
: Edit: I talked with an employee or an expert on this issue. They helped me out in getting some of the skins to test out. The other few still cost RP for me and I'm not sure why. I tried uninstalling the pbe and reinstalling it and that didn't fix It. This is very mysterious for sure; I'm almost wondering If It's a store bug.
it's not just you--lunar wraith morgana still is RP only for me, too.
: This is a store bug, not a game play bug--the names of the chromas for Morgana are flip-flopped for her green and black skins.
Also, Bewitching Morgana and Ascended/Judgment/Pentakill/Silver/Riot Kayle are missing from the store.
: Don't almost ALL 975 RP skins have different spell effects from their base skins tho?
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: Kayle and Morgana bug report thread
This is a store bug, not a game play bug--the names of the chromas for Morgana are flip-flopped for her green and black skins.
: Morgana VU looks AMAZING, BUT this would be the cherry on top
I think that would be a nice change, but it might be difficult to do while maintaining the price bracket for the skin.
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