: Or at least give the option to revert to the old one
It seems pointless to get rid of the old one and replace with something that does not benefit me at all
: Repeatedly declining queue pop ups
Yeah, this was really annoying. Someone was dedicated to declining the game for almost 20 minutes straight and getting matched with us every time.
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There was no {{champion:30}} in our game. Seems not to be the cause.
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: Option to reset PBE rank
Good idea! Said by the #1 player himself on PBE.
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: Can we have a no spectate mode in custom games
YES PLEASE!!!! Edit: Seriously, it would be a great addition. Sometimes, it would be fun to have the friends that want to watch matches without actually doing harm. It would also be a great addition for pro gamers to have their coaches watch their scrims. Also to reiterate it would be in customs only.
: Constant dc when making custom hexakill games
This is true. When hosting a custom hexakill game it definitely dc's the host from chat. Not constantly, but permanently.
: Gangplank is immobilized when he tries to W Yasuo's ultimate ability
>and possibly nerf Yasuo along the way. Heh, nice catch on the bug, have seen it multiple times as well.
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: No rp and ip for weekly?
: How does being banned relate to being unable to log in? If you cannot log in, and it is because riot disabled your account, then you will receive a notice when you log in.
He couldn't reconnect to his game, and therefore resulted in a leave. A leave results into a leaver-buster ban of a day and he couldn't do anything about it.
: Huge 400 ping lag spike
Just disconnected off a game.
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: Can't re-queue games until people leave the lobby
Breakdown: Once a game ends, people are not able to re-queue until everyone leaves the game lobby of the previous game we are assigned to. Otherwise the server believes we are still in an existing game and says to reconnect when said game does not exist.
: [CHAMP SELECT BUG] Unable to trade in champ select
I was the one also unable to trade with him. So I am confirming this is a bug to the person who is being traded as well.
: My thoughts in regard to the update
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