: Experimental ARAM Changes on PBE
So considering we're talking experimental aram changes, how possible would a reroll quality of life change be for all all random type game modes be? To clarify I mean a few things: 1. Some system that gives the person who rerolled first dibs on their choice between the champion they rerolled and the champ they got rerolled into, a little too often I'll be nice and use a reroll because I'll have it back next game just so my teammates can have one more option and the enemy team can have 1 less option, only to see someone on my team instanly take the champ I rerolled(this might mean you'd have to dictate a short period where people can't reroll and can only trade champs with others in the pool) 2. While not about rerolls, it is closely related: if someone dodges an all random game mode queue everyone in the game but the dodger gets the option to just have the next queue be 100% random or have a slightly higher chance to get the initial champ you got, while the person who dodged will 100% have the champion they randomly got when they dodged and they're locked out of trades and rerolls that they initiate.(not sure if some dodge punishment like this is already in for all random modes or not, never really dodged even if I got a champ I thought I couldn't play well at the time. As someone who likes all random game modes, I don't mind when randomness gives someone a champ they don't know how to play and they do awful, but I do mind when randomness gives someone a champ they don't know how to play and they dodge).
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: This is something we're definitely watching for. You'll be net up in gold by quite a bit, but these cases do slow down quest completion. Getting testing to get data on how often this happens and much impact it has is one reason we went to PBE for an extra cycle.
A somewhat related idea to what Sp33D97 suggested, but maybe do something where nearby allies taking cs(who don't have a gold item, maybe also jungle item too if you want to stop jungle tax from freeing up solo laners with support items) lower the lockout timer by between 1/2 and 3/4 of the lockout time added per minion killed, it's something not likely to happen for solo laners if they take the item, but it will happen for supports, and will allow them to take cs in situations that call for it. Edit: Also I'd say coin line is in the good to way too good range for how much gold it gives, so it probably doesn't need any gold increase. I'd say the vast majority of supports opt for coin since it gives so much gold.


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