: A Tip for knowing THE REAL Que time in login
Today i had 20 hrs , and i logged after 3 hours. That 's just because the que time is calculated based on the average log time. People who never log out drastically increase that amount , and also u have to consider the different regions connected. After 2 AM in America there is a drop on the connections ( early morning in europe ).
: Less randomness and more certainty
0 knowledge of english in 2019? xD Anyway the problem is not the randomness. The problem is that 2 easily obtained items combine in 1 strong item. The game is 50% decided by the items , for sure something will be changed, like adding +10 items and not only +20 .
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: Is there any way to get in quickly?
It is not really 30 hours . It said like 17 to me , but i logged after 11 {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: A few suggestions for TFT
This are all useful things , but they are really marginal. I think there is a lot of other things to improve before getting to these things .
: [TFT] Assassins and melee carries aren't viable.
In dota Autochess there are 2 main melee carries : Terrorblade and Dragon Knight. They are both used a lot. Dragon knight can transform and become ranged thanks to dragon sinergy, TB is simply starting always melee but when he transforms he gets lot of health back from your character that has the highest %hp. In TFT you can use {{item:3094}} to make them ranged. The problem is that Blademasters buff is not well suited for the current characters it must be changed to become viable. U could use voli that was broken , but got nerfed , or Shyvana that needs too much mana to ult in time in order to be useful and probably she still would not be that strong .
: PBE Login Queue - Getting out of hand?
Y the pbe already has few servers + people who play lol has a lot of free time + PBE signups open ( brilliant ) + people leaving the client logged in even when sleeping . Now , we can't delete the account of the people who signed up these days , but we can kick afks from client. Why is that not happening ? Ok probably they have a lot of things they are working on right now , but this had to be done before release if they wanted to open subscriptions to PBE.
: PBE should kick people who stay afk in client
Y , i see streamers playing every other game in the world and then switch back to PBE after hours cause they were still logged in. I always log off , infact now i have a 7 hours que to do. Initially the waiting time was about 1 hour , i think thats the one we get if everyone logs only if they have to play.
: TFT Duo ranked que
Seems cool , but sending troops can be pretty unhealthy to the game . There are already really few units available , if you can rely on your mate to get the right ones too the game becomes too fast. Should have more restrictions / rules , but il really like the idea of having fun ranking with a friend.
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: I literally did that and it fixed nothing. The two are not at all related.
: [UI IDEA] [TFT] Show results of item combinations
They are already working on it for sure. You should wait the final version.
: Just got hit with this as well. The notice isn't clear on what we should be doing in regards to the logs "Network Operations – 32 minutes ago If you're leaving your client on for extended periods of time while in the login queue, you should check your logs directory as they may be very large." Wish there was a riot post on a temp fix for this issue.

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