: Practice tool selects champion at random
I logged in to signal this problem but you came first
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: New friend discovery feature on the way
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: Animation Glitch
I had noticed as well that some effects, both graphic and sounds came from a different area of the map than they were originated from. For example I noticed soraka starcall animation to repeat on the ground where they were hitting even after she wasn't there anymore. And after I recalled to base the animation of the starcall was flying all the map from my base to the ground on the other side of the map, also the sounds effects did the same. Against a fiddlestick I noticed the sounds in my base everytime I was around there, and at some point I saw fiddlestick near me on the map and the crows flew from my base to him (6 or 7 all at once)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: El Tigre Braum!
FIrst of all I like the idea behind this skin. But I wanted to point out some things, in my opinion the mask and the head of braum on this skin are too small, I know that this is something intended for making more contrast with his big body, but the mask should be an important thing to look at on this skin and I think people would buy it mostly to look at the tiger mask. So why not making it bigger? Maybe the head could remain the same but you should definitely increase the visibility of the mask and its mustaches. Secondly I don't like much the texture of the shield, it looks like it's affected by lateral chromatic aberration, I mean it looks like it has some fringes of colors that doesn't interact well with the surrounding. But to be honest I can't say how this could be improved, and maybe many people will think it's good like that.
: Jungle difficulty
I think the same, even a third potion could help. Right now I feel like we're loosing diversity since everyone keep playing the same champions in the jungle, especially {{champion:19}} and {{champion:9}}. And a heavy nerf on them won't be the solution in my opinion. So at least lowering the machete cost to 365 could help a bit not following behind those 2 champions or others like udyr.
: Windows Firewall Messages When Updating PBE Laucnher
It happens to me also, every time there is an update windows firewall need to be opened. But after that the client works with no issues
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