: [BUG] Drake and nashor don't attack
This had been reported multiple times use the search function ;p
: [Howling Abyss] Strange anchor on map
Can you please not post twice? It's just spamming :/
: Rune Bugs (Riots Read PLZ )
Use the rune recombiner maybe? It did have a warning not to buy more than one of the sets lol..
: Baron and Dragon Bug With Video
This has been reported a million times ;p I think they are working on it thats what the map is disabled on normal ques.
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: Stuck in reconnect
They might be taking down the server for an update.
: hey riot
Read this http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/3Ea1s1JP-211-edit-summary-of-pbe-leveling-iprp-and-pricing-updates TL;dr They don't want PBE to be a trophy account. They want people to test everything new so everything new will cost 1 ip. You gain 70 ip per game so getting stuff is never a problem. Runes and Champs also are super cheap if you get the starter pack.
: Revive op
Death recap has always been bugged. I even see lee sin on live dealing damage with "revive" I had no idea what causes it.
: Yeah Boss Monster Bug.
Already been reported a few times use the search function. :D
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: I don't know if this is a problem for everyone, but when I used this skin in a custom match alone, Heimer stopped talking or making any kind of verbal noises at level 6. I was trying to laugh in lane but no voice was heard. Same for joke, taunt, and I think the rocket from his dance did not make noise either.
Same, I heard the first 2 jokes (or taunts) then he never said anything. I think they may have not finished the sound yet.
: [CLIENT] PBE Unavailable?
: [Primetime Draven] Spinning axes too loud?
I agree I felt like I was playing a real draven copter.. It is exccessivly loud compared to everything else he has. Just the sounds on his axes needs to be toned down so its not WOOSH WOOSH WOOSH as op said.
: Now that the PBE has a smaller community with linked accounts, how often are reports reviewed?
Plus, people are just spamming the report button. Got one of those "Your behavior is not up to the league of legends community standards." Only said a few things in all chat that entire game, nothing near offensive.


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