: PBE crash after logging in the game
You mean just closing without Bugsplat or anything? If yes then it is happening to me too
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: Oversized patches
Quote from @Riot MEMEMEMEME > "Hey Friends, > > We are making a fairly significant update to our audio engine in this patch (8.5), if you want more details we will be posting an article later this week that will go over it, and some other changes on the horizon. Things to be aware of for this PBE Deploy: > > You will be downloading almost every audiobank in the game, be prepared for a large download. > There will be missing sounds, we have been testing this change for a while now, but there will always be bugs that slip through. If you notice any missing sounds/VO while playing on PBE please let me know so we can resolve it asap. > > Types of issues that you may see: > > Audio missing on abilities > Audio playing two times when it used to play once > Missing VO > Missing music > This will not effect LCU sounds. > > Thank you for your ear time, and patience."
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Shurelya's Reverie
Somehow Shurelya's Reverie is listed under Armor (even it doesn't give any Armor)
: Kai'sa goes invisible
> [{quoted}](name=Riot MEMEMEMEME,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=3wmYEZbW,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-02-21T20:48:38.322+0000) > Issues we are aware of: > > ~~* Leg flaps texture stretching on E > * Missing VFX Asset at the end of E causing some question marks to appear under her > * Kai'Sa can sometimes go invisible until death if your client dysncs when she is respawning or using E.~~
: I think this is happening again. I am unable to get any champs or skins or RP or BE in the past 12 hours. I was able to buy one champ finally for 1 BE but that is it. Nothing else.
Then make a new thread do not re-awake an old thread. It only gets confusing. Also, I might be wrong but this thread probably will not get any attention to Rioters.
: Resistance Illaoi Chromas
Just want to mention Resistance Illaoi is not on the PBE. So please Post this on the Live Forums and/or Reddit. Thanks
: Did you got the bug of XP leveling when we reach lvl31? We got 50 pop ups and in the next day a lot of capsules appears at the loot? If you don't disenchanted, this looks like the fragments of them. [XP Leveling Pop up BUG](https://i.imgur.com/tjceTr6.jpg)
I'm already Level 83. But I got this bug too when I got Level 31 (Well after the level up I was Level 50 or something) But I thought they fixed it. Still, It might have to do with leveling but I need some more testing. PS: I already disenchanted them long time Ago. (Gosh did that take long to open them all)
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: But if i already have all the other skins? i can't use the mystery Skins.
Then you can't get it anymore.
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: Ok. First of all, you are not here to gain ELO, you are here to test what RIOT wants you to. If you want to tryhard ranked, live is there for you. >Friendly reminder that PBE is a testing environment [...] :) *Riot KateyKhaos* >[...] Keep in mind that this is a test realm, and should be considered as such. ^^ *Riot KateyKhaos* Secondly, the PBE community is extremely small, compared to the live servers. Add on that the fact that not everyone on PBE plays ranked. Meaning there is only a handful of players that play ranked, so if you are matched with Plat players, it's completely natural: there are not enough silver players to fill out the team, so it fills it out with the higher ELO's. And finally, the report system does work. I myself got 5 notifications that people got banned thanks to my report. The difference between your reports and mine is that I write a full report explaining why I reported them, in addition to checking the boxes, where as you probably just checked the box (Verbal Abuse for example) and clicked REPORT.
Can you give me an example what would you write cause I write just a teeny tiny bit and well and you said you wrote a Full report why they misbehave? PS: It is because if have difficulties writing long texts and often make Grammatical Errors even in my Mother Langauge.
: How come your cosmic skins are so zoomed out? Custom edit? It looks beautiful this way.
Actually I took them from the Internet cause I'm to lazy to Photoshop them (except for the Classic Skin cause I didnt found a good or working one) But I agree those look more beautiful.
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: When start Maintenance and the game is not done, will I get leaverbuster?
No it won't. The game will be closed and the Match won't show up in the Match History
: Dragon Slayer Xin Zhao wrongly requires champion Swain
: Hi there! I see you put alot of work into this thread but maybe you should put it on live server boards? More people would view it there.
Why? The Unstoppable Ornn got removed on this PBE Cycle. So there is no need to post this on the live Servers Boards.
: Actually game-breaking Jhin bug
Finally a Jhin Buff. Never had one in Years. And it is a good one. *SARCASM MODE OFF*
: the fist bump ward in the store costs 99999 rp which means pbe players will not be able to buy it.
: Bro if it has been happening for 3 months, you need help to fix that lol
No it was on the Live Servers where the Client was newish.
: PBE is down on the first day of 2018?
Thank God I thought it was only me. It is the same Problem like for 3 Months
: Nasus New Year
Hi! Please post ideas on EUW boards, NA boards, Reddit, or other similar websites that attract Rioter attention. You can get more visibility there because the community is larger. The PBE boards are meant for feedback on content currently on PBE, not for suggestions. The Rioters you wish to reach to not read the PBE boards.
: I'm not bragging, and I'm not gonna stop doing it just because you and someone who comments on every PBE board post says it, i just wanted to show something i achieved.
Still not every Skin. It misses Grey Warwick, Medival Twitch and Urfwick. I've already got Grey Warwick and soon Urfwick. The only Skin that misses for is Medival Twitch.
: What to buy?...
Boosts when they available
: Before you say Arurf is more popular remember that people only play it hoping that they can get champs they want not cause they enjoy the random factor, arurf is also less fun since some champs aka sona is permanently removed meaning Sona mains never get a chance to play her in arurf which is why Sona mains dont like arurf.
I think the AR is fun in my oppinion. Also I think most or maybe all of the ARAM Players (Like me) Enjoy it too. I could be mistaken.
: Snow Battle Urf
Of course he is from Freljord but he doesn't fit with the Winter/Icy/Christmas Theme, cause you know, HE SPITS FIRE. PS: I'm hoping for next Year that Riot will make a Santa Ornn Skin.
: More Loot Boxes in Aram
This is not the right place to Post it. Either post it on Reddit or on the Live Forum. PBE is just for the Feedback and bugs currently Testing
: URF - Queue idea.
This is a great Idea. No one will ever complain and there is a 3rd Tab with Snow ARURF. No one will ever cry about normal URF and everyone will be Happy.
: Riot games sacrificed a game mode for a theme.
I made some Math now for chances with different Team comps: Normal ARURF: 1:425067659180736 = 0.000000000000235257% for the same Matchup Snow ARURF: 1:127805525001 = 0.0000000007824388% for the same Matchup This has no particular Reason at all. I just like to do Meth .... ehhh Math. Edit: Chance to get/see the Same Champ: Snow: 1:63 = 1,587% Normal: 1:136 = 0,735%
: [Runes] Arcane Comet no cooldown
The Cause is very simple. Arcane Comets cooldown scales with Level -> The higher Level the lower the cooldown. Annie was Level 30 so it makes sense that Comet has such a low cooldown.
: A second test server for the player
I think what you are trying to say is, you want an Extra Test Server for Skin Designers who creates or improve Skins. Maybe you can add them via a Workshop (like Steam) and the most popular and that Riot likes the most are going to be added (like TBOI:Afterbirth+). It would be really cool to see that and not download extra Custom Skins but I think Riot will most likely not do that. Just an Extra Server for Skin Creators and Testers is unnecessary. Also the waiting time will be longer cause there will be more Downloads during a Game and as of now it is not possible to do that. Also there will be like troll Skins or something like that that will cover the whole Map or are just Dumb. PS: I might be wrong but this is not the right place to post that but I can be mistaken.
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: Victorious Graves splash art.
: store glitch?
It isnt a bug. God Dammit read the Posts that the Riot Members wrote. It is intentional
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: Champ Prices with BE Upped ((Skins can only be purchased with RP as well.))
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: what are you doing rito
I guess it is for fixing the Store and Loot.{{champion:32}}

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