: New Players: RP and IP
Will you be updating the FAQ with this new information?
: Minimap not showing, overworld dark.
I had this issue too and [this](http://imgur.com/jjwFRdl) was what I got. However, by relogging, I found that I hadn't fully patched the client, and when I had done so, I returned to a game and found the error was resolved.
: You might change Kassasin to Kassadin (in title :3)
This... is the third Kassadin report I've made and I ALWAYS make that mistake! :D Thank you. **EDIT:** Umm... I can't Edit the title, guess we are stuck with my silly mistake! :S
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: Hey! My friend figured my PBE account dates out and i want to know how to change my Password! How can i do this?
Click your Summoner name on the top right of this webpage and go to the Change Password section.
: You also know why we only can take PAX Sivir and not other 'PAX'-skins?
Sivir recently had her Visual Update, during that time we had access to all of her skins, including PAX Sivir, to test for changes and errors related to that skin. This didn't happen for Twisted Fate when he had his VU a while back, that's why his isn't up, and Jax hasn't had a VU recently.
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: [bug][thresh]invisible death sentence
Just confirming this happens on Championship Thresh too. Something to note is that when you actually strike a target with your invisible Death Sentence, the chain reappears.
: Voices disappeared again after the last maintenance
Just confirming that this issue is happening to me as well. I asked my team and the other team as we were playing a game if they were having the same issue, but only the Sivir on my team was. I was playing Angler Jax in an ARAM on HA, she was Classic Sivir.
: [BUG] One for All - Ziggs can throw other Ziggs from W
It's not a bug, this is actually intended behaviour! Also, it's tons of fun to do all the time :D http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=42088957#42088957 is the link to the actual information about Ziggs in particular and One For All.
: [BUG] Re-opening a chat room shows text field on top of the chat room.
Just posting to say I have this bug too, and also whenever I try to send a private message, it doesn't send or show the text on my version of the PM when I hit return. The other user doesn't receive the message.
: I knocked him back mid air while he was Resonating Strike, then, my Condemn stopped working on him. Played with Aristocrat Vayne, don't remember Lee's skin.
Hey Japaliicious x, I tested this again after getting that key piece of information, but could still not replicate the issue you seemed to be having. Anything else you could think of that would have been the cause for the error?
: [Client] "Recently Played' list of players does not work
Just confirming that this is happening to me too. Happens for all game modes, including Custom Games.
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: [Vayne] Condemn broken against Lee Sin
I just spent a long while testing this and couldn't reproduce it. Condemn always knocked back Lee, applied Silver Bolts and did damage, it even procc'd the 3rd shot of Silver Bolts like normal. Which skin were both of you using and on which map? Do you recall the rank of Condemn when you first noticed it stopped functioning?
: Varus Q hits further than the animation
I can confirm this bug. Minions, monsters and champions take the intended damage well outside the outer range indicator of his Piercing Arrow. It also occurs on all of his skins.
: Newbie who just downloaded the PBE today here, what are the Huntsmen?
Thanks for the question! We used to have a forum thread that explained it but it was on the older style PBE forums but was taken down like everything else (http://www.reignofgaming.net/news/23014-the-news-roundup-super-small-pbe-patch-new (that's the closest I could get)). The Huntsmen are a group of active and helpful bug testers on the PBE who try their best to find bugs and report those bugs correctly. But our main role, is helping everyone else out to the best of our abilities. We'll help you in tests if you need it, give a lot of advice for those who are new to bug testing, keep everyone updated in-client on what changes have been occurring and what Riot needs to be tested. We also keep summoners updated on the Terms of Use, so that they are much less likely to break the rules accidentally. I hope this helped you and everyone else reading this out. :)
: I think you guys should have a blue overlay like Riot's, and change threadstarter's overlay to green. They should also sticky their Huntsmen thread to the main page, it'll help new PBE testers a lot.
This are some pretty sweet ideas for visibility that I haven't thought of before. Awesome! Thanks for the thinking about ideas that would help out newer players, we all need to help everyone out the best we can :)
: If you guys have additional suggestions for FAQs, please post them here!
How about including some information about the Huntsmen? Just so that people know that we are usually around and able to help out if they are dazed and confused in terms of content to be tested, news and how to report specific problems. Personally I am always on Public Chat 1 if you need to contact me. I also thought that the most recent iteration of stipends that was given last week that amounted to 8k RP/20k IP was the new amount due to skins being released at the same price they are on Live. Is that not staying the same? EDIT: Another suggestion I have is to place the 3rd party websites like Reign of Gaming and Surrender@20 on the FAQ, since they post detailed patch notes and will help newer and older players out immensely if they don't know about them already.
: My PBE Client is updated but has no xerath rework?
Xerath has been returned to the same state he is in the Live client while some adjustments are made to his rework. :)
: No Single Rune Page In The Store
Rune Pages are now located under the Runes tab of the store. At the top of the Runes Store page, there is some blue text that says "Show Rune Pages", click that and you can see the 7 Rune Page Bundle and the Additional Rune Page. :)
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: All Sivir skins being available
Huntress Sivir is available by purchasing the Gamer's Choice Bundle. She's been available for some time now that way.
: Minor: Unexpected Platform Error
I would like to add that the "Most Played Champions" segment doesn't load up on either of the pages that display this error message. It might be something to do with this feature?
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: Hi guys! I think this issue should be resolved! Let us know if you are still experiencing it. Thanks!
Yes, it is acting as intended for me now. Thank you.
: Little probleme
If I'm understanding you correctly, you lost the installation for your PBE client when your hard drive crashed? If this is the case, you can reinstall it using this link http://pbe.account.leagueoflegends.com/ and choosing either "Download PC Client" or "Download Mac Client" for your relevant computer type.
: boots
Which boots did he have four of? I just checked this out and I couldn't buy more than one pair of Boots of Speed, or more than one pair of Tier 2 boots with the same enchantment. I could however, buy multiples of any unenchanted Tier 2 boot, because that is how it is intended. So if he had like 4 differently enchanted/unenchanted Ninja Tabi's, it's not a bug, just a weird build.
: Thanks for this report, we are investigating right now! Just curious, how often are you able to reproduce this issue?
Each time I opened the Champion section of my profile and scrolled. Tried relogging a couple of times and the error still persisted. So... 100% able to reproduce it.
: [BUG] Champions - Profile
I can confirm this bug. The icon for the champion being F2P (the blue !) is shown on a large proportion of the champions, and each time you scroll, the icons change champions.
: PBE RUNES!!!!!
I have this problem too. Damiya has replied to what I would assume is your post on the NA PBE forums, saying that they are looking into the issue. http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3771331
: [Major][bug] rune pages custom
I have this issue too. Damiya has reported that they are looking into this issue though. http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3771331
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: Spectre's Cowl/New Banshee's Veil seems to invalidate Spirit of the Elder Lizard's passive/low-damage true DoT's.
So checking this out with Talon, I can tell you that the actual DoT from SotEL doesn't proc the Spectre's Cowl passive, but it does render it completely useless for the lower levels, since the scaling is +2 damage over 3 seconds.
: [Bug][Major] Alpha Strike Glitch(with pictures)
Ok, I got that the "Ghost" only appears after you level up Wuju Style (E) for the first time. Casting Alpha Strike without having at least one point in Wuju Style will not leave the after image. I also was able to take damage, and gained the Lee Sin's Q debuff on me once, when the Q was fired at my after image.
: [UPDATE] PBE Community Site Updates - 7/23/2013
Looks great so far! Just wondering if the ability to search via 'Recent' and 'Best' (highest upvotes) will be implemented into the profiles for the "Their Comments", "Their Discussions" and "Anything they said"? Also, the ability to actually search for profiles without having to click on their name would be a nice addition.
: [BUG][MAJOR] Lucian Q costs more mana/Lucian attack speed
Tested this a while ago, forgot to post (my bad). Just confirming with OP and Talon, mana cost for Q is 110, but says it should only be 70. Just noting that you have to use Q on a target marked with Ardent Blaze to make it cost the right amount of mana, rather than just using Q after casting your W.
Remember it can take up to 3 days to get your stipend. To receive your stipend you have to have been active in the week before, this means playing 2 - 3 games that week. Another criteria is that you have less than ~20k RP, which you clearly meet. If you were not active on the PBE though, you will not receive your stipend.
: [MAJOR] Sightstone/undo bug!
Thank you for your report. It has already been reported, confirmed and noted by a Rioter on this thread here, http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3690325.
: [Bug][Minor] Bear Cavalry Sejuani Q makes her Flail Spin
This was reported a while ago on this post, http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/f/A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF/d/6W1kTkXZ. This has also been confirmed multiple times on the older forums.
: The Monsoon bug you mentioned may be due to gameplay or interface interaction. Even on live servers, I find it very easy to cancel Monsoon during a channel. This usually happens to me when I've sent my character to path ahead, and then cancelling the movement to cast Monsoon. The result is that Jana will begin channeling, but then cancel and continue onto her destined path.
Eye Of The Storm is her E spell, her shield. Monsoon is her ultimate. Just making sure you are talking about Monsoon when you say "Eye Of The Storm"?
: [Game] [Major] [Janna]
http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/f/A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF/d/U3HiPIhm is my report on the Eye Of The Storm bug on this forum. I'll give it a shot again though. EDIT: The shield is working correctly although I got the shield amount reduced by damage in blue text if I had mana gains enabled. The ultimate doesn't show the channel bar, but everything else seems fine. Cast animation and healing are in there. This was using the Classic Skin and Hextech Skin on Summoner's Rift Custom game.
: About the Spellbreaker item...
Since it builds from Avarice Blade which gives Critical Strike Chance, I would assume it would continue to give the same bonus, rather than remove it and give it a different stat all together. But the wording is wrong no matter what, so thank you for posting this. :)
: Infinitive armor and magic resist
You get this bug when you go AFK and return to the game, and retain the 1k MR and Armor boost from being AFK. You also can not recall due to your champion continuously walking back to base when you do not have any movement commands queued up.
: Thanks for this report. What browser is your friend using? I'm having trouble replicating his issue.
Hey, using IE right now, so I can actually view the post now. Seems to only affect me when I use Firefox, and it is still happening.
: What does S.E.R. stand for? I would attempt to reproduce this bug if I knew what you were talking about.
Scorched Earth Renekton.
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