: What i see,you wish her be like 1 click char..it wont work like that..practice more,test builds(no recommended) mix speed/crit,hp leach weapons ap/ad items with effects..cool down and such can do a trick..even zoe with just 1 ap others ad items can do insane burst dps.. LEARN ITEMS!!
I'm otp {{champion:131}} The only champion i use in ranks, it's not that i spected her to bebroken and tried in PBE. The feast or famine they propose to take off is indeed more remacable now and yes i tried many runes and items but they just doesn't fit her, W is nerfed and has high cooldowns so running {{item:3027}} takes over 20 minutes to start being usefull because the very low scales in all her kite instead Q and R but R is extreamly dodgeable with any basic ability that brigs you a bit movility or flash will take apart that damage, so keeping with item you now have to rush some CDR unless you take mana runes but they do not fit her that much and those are your choices {{item:3003}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3030}} {{item:3115}} for a 20% or {{item:3152}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3157}} for the first 4 {{item:3003}} as {{item:3027}} need to be charged and you lose all early potential, {{item:3115}} is a bad item the others two ar great for start but since you need that damage or pasive now you need more than lv6 for 1v1 someone (Unless the one you're against is an idiot and takes free damage always), for 10% items ther is no need for {{item:3157}} unless you are laning high AD burst such as {{champion:238}} or {{champion:91}}, {{item:3152}} is must bought for the wave clear rather than movilty and diana WC well the AP is kinda low so if you see a {{item:3152}} 1st item {{champion:131}} she might be trolling, {{item:3100}} it's ok but not the best option. Since her base stats aren't that great either AD builds are dumb is not like you coold have a old tank {{champion:245}} or {{champion:105}}, they took many of teh 1v1 potential and early levels, sure you scale better in TF but for R champions {{champion:54}} {{champion:61}} or {{champion:90}} are greater. P is nerfed (Before you could rush at least nashor as final item but know why should you?) , W is ridiculy nerfed (Less base damage, less AP scale, more CD, and the healt scale is only for the shield and not for damage), dash is nerfed (Both base and scale damage), all her burst potential lands now in a dodgeble R. About runes Conqueror is not bad but to take advantage of it you must be extremely fed because you won't be healing a like {{champion:517}} or {{champion:82}} that can get more from the rune, Harvest could work but is still bettter Electrocute, Rush helps to use P but you become more outplayeble, Tanky options aren't great, Glacial isn't bad but the things from the tree are. Hope you read this.
: I don't even know what this is (Kayle ult bug??)
Only {{champion:10}}?, have you tryed {{champion:127}}? you can Shift+R too and see if you get the same results, if you press Shift+R on cooldown does that happens?
: That's why her main focus shouldn't be one shooting people but instead playing more like a Jax or Master Yi. Stick to a target and murder him/her with your attack speed boost and 3rd autos while surviving with W. Sadly there aren't any good items for this playstyle that you can rush in the early game. Yes yes, Nashor is there but Stinger is such a weak building component that it's basically trolling if you are buying it on your first/second back. And when you finally finish the item you don't have enough damage from your passive nor Nashor' passive (because you haven't built enough AP yet) and you are not even tanki.
Thats what i said down there :v
: I may have misunderstood your question but, no bruisers are not good as ADCs even if they are building attack rate (speed?), except if they have a very aggressive support against an in mobile ADC (for example Blitzcrank + Renekton against a Kog'maw) bur even then it's a risky matchup. The only exception is Yasuo who is basically designed to be good against ADCs. "benefiting from attack rate and AD" if she had AD scaling she would be an excellent bruiser/diver because she could build better items for her role, but she would lose her niche of an ap bruiser/diver. Regarding the second dash, I've seen this idea come up in the Diana mains Reddit a lot. If she had an escape move she would be an assassin and she would lose what is unique about her. She would be a second Leblanc basically.
another shield could make her a bruiser. I proposed in another post that if you keep today's scales and not PBE but you take out the damage of the new R an turn it into a base shield that grows on champ hit could work, would work as a not kamikaze diver and having more ways to overcome damage could lead her to build dps builds
: nashor is more my go to item when I get the feeling objective smashing will ease the chances of victory. The atk spd cant be beat and the cd helps on champs that can use it/have abilities that assist in atking towers etc so its definitely a useful item on diana, but its just that shes such a hands on interactive frontline champ that youd be better off grabbing some dueling material instead unless youre so ahead already that youll nuke everything regardless by the time the enemy catchs up, like the guy in the other thread
Sure{{item:3115}} brings benefits but there is not major reasons to pick it since it works better for champs that depends on AA that's the reasons APC like{{champion:145}} or {{champion:10}} buy it and more because the AS an Ap than the CDR, they can keep range and make it funtional but they buy it mostly because tehr isn' another choise. {{champion:268}} need AS and what another item could he get? {{champion:145}} because it helps to make her evolve her E. MP would make{{item:3115}} way better rather tha CDR or maybe an empowered attack like {{item:3094}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3095}} offer.
: I wish I could comment on scaling. I'm a beginner. But I'm alright with Diana staying more like a bruiser. Maybe there could be a balance to her, that would allow players to itemize and choose more bruiser or assassin. I plan to play her sometimes top and sometimes mid. Scaling her auto-proc with attack rate is interesting because players may build attack speed, a little bit, to make her a better ADC (she's melee I know). My question is: Do you think Diana benefiting from attack rate and AD, having better starting stats, and being a tanky bruiser would allow her, or any melee champion, to be a better ADC? And what if Diana can use her second dash to get away after trading? I'm crazy. Edit: In addition to decreasing damage and making her more sustainy and tanky, I would like Diana's auto-attack-proc to give her some mana, like before. It would allow her to be a better ADC. I don't mind her overall damage decreasing.
There are not great items for Ap bruiser and that's one of the major problems because Riot is pushing her to fit in in that rol besides her base scales aren't that good for a bruiser rol. Mana issues are not a problem, all cost has been lowered and the base mana incresed, running Absolute Focus or Mana Flow Band remove any lack of mana she could have.
: I find it hilarious that you think Diana needs buffs or doesn't do enough damage. She's infamous for her one shot combo and for some god forsaken reason, her ult is a casual ability now. I don't know who designed and who approved this, but this has to be one of the worst thought out reworks. This won't be well received in competitive play.
Pbe{{champion:131}} has no damage, E do less damage than a AA, W is 5s higher, and P is nerfed by 40%, only the Q remains at a great spot, her new ulty is insane but only for tf if you can get 3 champs or more, al that {{champion:131}} has now is a crazy ult and R champion basicly and I rather pick a {{champion:54}} or {{champion:61}} if i'm looking for a R cgamp
: playing a few bot games to get re-situated to the switch that was my initial impression too but its a bit hard to explain why lol. I mean with this she now lacks cc that was pretty handy in some niche scenarios until 6, but at the same time the ability to really dig in in an instant on sitting duck champs that like to keep their distance feels great. Its feels like being jax with the cc stripped from his own E in a way.
W were used to safely farm and E was great agains mele matchups cause you could force them to fight and with long trades {{champion:131}} passive made you win them and the W mitigation, they say W is buffed but has 5s more at Lv1, now you can jump them much earlier but is worthless since the damage is so low that any champ can outplay you if you decide to start these trades if you use the whole combo for aplying Electrocute and E back to a minion you will not be able to repeat it until 22s .-. and and about bruiser {{champion:131}} will only be good when ap bruiser get some cool items, {{item:3115}} is a bad item in my opinion only working with {{champion:10}} and {{champion:268}} an having my doubts with ap{{champion:102}}
: https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/jdzGy9hG-diana-badly-needs-a-nerf you sure?{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
I answered that post, that's a 4 level ahead champ, even {{champion:16}} could oneshot them .-. and been that over is not because the champ is broken, that means it was a great match. We've all done that .-.
: Diana badly needs a nerf
Been 5 lv ahead even {{champion:16}} can instakill the whole team, {{champion:55}} E+w+R would have been even faster .-.
: Ok, no. They changed nothing about her Q and W scaling or base damages. W in fact got a slight buff (bonus health scaling). She actually deals even more early game because of her new E, despite the passive scaling nerf. Since E has a 40% AP scaling AND base damage of 40 lvl 1, it actually completely compensate for the removal of 40% AP scaling on the passive. THEN coupled with lvl 6, she has an additional 200 damage (60% AP) nuke on top of her already high burst. There's literally no way you couldn't burst their team with {{item:3089}} and {{item:3100}} unless you were playing against 5 Maokais with Force of Nature and Adaptive Helm. Edit. On second look, it might be just a slight nerf to her single targeted damage, but a huge buff to her overall teamfight. She feels more of a diver now rather than an assassin Edit 2. If I'm being critical of this rework, she isn't enough of a diver that their pushing her to be
Basicly with out ult you're pretty useless. A kamikaze rol isn't alluring at all and comparing the damage between live and pbe in a burst combo Live {{champion:131}} Makes the same damage with 4 abilities that PBE{{champion:131}} using 5 and now a part can be dodged, surely great TF but easy counterplay in lane u.u P.D.- I just realized that I wrote week I ment weak e.e sorry about that {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
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