: [League client update] Briefly visiting the PBE for a pre-alpha tech test *Ended Mar 22*
Honestly I really like the looks of it! I also think being able to log in while the game is patching is a great idea, who knows if this will open up to bugs in the future (I don't really know myself) but it's a great new feature nonetheless. The only thing I don't really like is the way the end chat is set up. I like how it is currently on live, it doesn't really cluster the whole thing when everyone has joined in a room. Also, could the names of the players in the chat go back to being the color of what team they were on? Perhaps have a button where you can toggle open or close the friends menu, like how it is currently in live, and behind it have the transparent chat where you can see the chatting and still the pretty picture in the back. I know it's still in testing and I can't wait to see it finished up. Rumor has it it's gonna be fabulous.
: [League client update] What does "SAVE" do in "Options > About"?
probably nothing in the about section but it's probably meant to save the stuff you might have changed in the alpha section Though it didn't grey out for me when I tried it...
: Definitely Not Ward shows Maokai instead
I thought this was pretty funny. Though this does show that the new Maokai skin (meowkai) isn't available in the overview yet.
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: People in the New Que
Since the wave of new people, almost all of my games have been incredibly unpleasant. This is me just complaining, but I've had someone tell me to get a job at Walmart for not having my masteries. I've had people straight up just leave because they do badly in lane. 2 months ago people were pretty chill "Oh you messed up, who cares, we're just trying out stuff anyways" now you get people who are getting mad because of simple in game mistakes. Idk, I know the mute button is such a stress relief, but geez man, this shouldn't be 5/6 games that I've played so far. tl;dr: I'm butt hurt
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: I think so, Now i cant Play Ez, Since i rely heavily on the Line Indicator
maybe this is riot's way of telling me to learn to use smart cast.
: [Visual/Skillset] - Skillshots Line indicators are Missing
I can confirm this. Mainly with, as you said, lined skillshots. Leona's E, Nidalee's Q, And Jinx's W. Maybe they changed something while they were trying to fix the Elise issue?
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: Add a "VS" between Riven and Blitzcrank in the arcade/battleboss splash
I love Street Fighter and I love this idea, but I have legit no clue how this could actually work
: [Diana] - Q tag/debuff does not apply to all champions/monsters hit
: Chroma Packs Slingshot onto PBE
I really like the chroma skins for Cait and Zac. I feel like the preview of the skins is done with really low quality though and it makes one think that it's really bad? Cuz I'm getting into the game and I'm really liking them. I've read comments on how people think Caitlyn's looks the same, and I can agree that it looks the same in the preview but when you get in game it's entirely different. _Though if you were going for a different color for Zac may I suggest Chocolate Rocky Road Zac?_
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pool Party Lulu
I like, but I think it's not as noticeable when I put a shield on an ally minion This skin is pretty amazing otherwise c:
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sweetheart Annie!
I think it'd be well worth the 975 RP price if some new particles were thrown in
: Sweetheart Annie Suggestion
Yeah I agree, though it's a 750 rp skin, adding a pinkish tint to the flames would really make it stand out more for sure. Heck if you want to go above and beyond, make the flame explosion particles when she throws her q a little heart. That'd be cute.
: Some of the new splash arts have the circle portrait from the map on the kill feed
I saw this but on live. Though I only saw it on Ezreal's and maybe it's cuz his icon is circular
: Kalista Bug Ultimate
This is what I've managed to get out of it. If you don't do anything and wait it out for a bit, the person will charge out of Kalista's ult in the direction she's facing. If the person grabbed by the ult tries to launch themselves, the animation of an orb of them being launched happens but will fail and will appear in front of Kalista. If Kalista tries to launch them, nothing happens. Hope this helps
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Captain Volibear & Constable Trundle!
Ok, with Volibear, the auto attacking between minions stops and after he kills on minion he stops attacking. Otherwise amazing skin Edit:// This doesn't happen on his regular skin. Also, I saw this idea and thought it was neat maybe worth a try? http://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/2ljwif/captain_volibears_e_should_be_a_whistle_sound/
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: Captain Volibear in Shop
I've bought it since last night (after 2 or 3 tries) but now it seems to have finished (it's a processing problem I assume). I think it's just turned off tho
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Battlecast Kog'Maw!
This skin is so very great :) When his W is activated, if you switch between targets, the aa particle flies out of his mouth (or if you press s then click on target really fast you can see it fly out) (The multiple ones don't do damage, it's just the final one like a normal auto attack) Q will sometimes go through items. From what i've seen, once it goes past one thing, it'll go past everything (I've only had it go through minions. Haven't tested on people yet) (Maybe it's a distance thing) The {{item:3026}} looks a bit wonky with him hopping through it. (could there be a way to smooth it out?)
: Range Indicators Bugged
I got the same error with snowdown Lulu except it didn't go away and stayed rather long the whole game. The range of it was just fine, it was just the indicator messed up. Edit: Could not reproduce in custom game.

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