: Riot doesn't expect you to test every single champion, skin and chroma. That might easily be >30 games just to test every variation, assuming you get your intended pick every single time, in the 6 days that Riot is collecting feedback. The idea is that if everyone tests a little aspect, everything gets thoroughly tested without anyone getting a burn-out. The reason nothing is 1 RP anymore: Store stability. Because of the way the store and BE distribution worked recently (RP was broken for a while), Riot disabled a lot of content on purpose when it no longer needed testing. The goal is to take pressure off the store. You could try your luck with Hextech Loot or mystery chests, some of the more recent skins you want may be in the pool (up till 9.20). For all content goes: it only needs testing if the content is only on PBE and not yet on live, unless Riot made changes to it (such as a VGU), for which the content will become available. The fact that some skins are available and some are not, is because store stability was handled differently in different periods of time.
its not 1RP anymore cause they update normal server with shop at 1RP so they don't wanna make that mistake again lel
It should give at least 10k rp per Day! or 3k per day and a mission of 500RP every game W/L
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: I found out a way to fix it, Launch the PBE client **as an admin** (right click PBE, then click on "run as administrator", maybe hidden in the "more" menu). This worked for me {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Hi thanks this work! but its still annoying to do that everytime just to log in PBE :(
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