: It's only a buff to those who don't level them first, 280 base damage reduced by like 20% is still 230 base damage, where as the between 100-200 AD you'll have during lane, lets say 200 AD. You got 50% so that's 100 physical damage (now I don't know if auto attack damage is also applied but lets assume both scenarios) 300 - around 30% = 210, which means that assuming the headshot is auto attack + 50% you're still doing 40 less damage at around level 9. Now lets say it's not counting auto damage since you don't specify so I don't actually know. That'd be a measly 70 damage as opposed to the traps current 230. You have to take into account how bad Caitlyns other abilities actually are and how much more worth it, it is to level trap first. As well as how little magic resist an Adc is going to have during laning phase. In the late game assuming this does auto attack damage + headshot there is potential for this new one to do more damage, but it still requires you to be nearby, so no using it against junglers in their jungle and no damage while dead. "Oh Caitlyn died? These traps have become incredibly worthless, lets disarm them for free. " I honestly never thought you guys would give Caitlyn a worse ability than Piltover Peacemaker but I was wrong, I was so so wrong, this is by far worse than the slowness of Piltover Peacemaker, and even though you're nerfing Piltover Peacemaker, I still think it'd be better than these traps, because at least Piltover Peace Maker might hit somebody and can be used as they run out of auto attack range. I can get 2-4 autos, depending on Attack Speed during a Piltover Peacemakers cast making it such an awful skill for a champion like Caitlyn, and yet she's gonna have a worse ability. Anytime the new traps would actually be more useful than the old traps, a Caitlyn would just use Ace in the Hole and get the kill. It's clear you guys want to get rid of AP Caitlyn, but it'd be better to just remove the scaling, there is no reason to remove the base damage. This is Caitlyns best ability and I probably wouldn't even put it in a "Top 50 non ultimate abilities in League of Legends" Most people probably wouldn't even put it in a top 100.
You never max W first, no matter what. Q gives more waveclear a lot better poke and the W just isn't as reliable as you think.


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