: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Worldbreaker Nautilus!
i waited so long to a new naut skin but i don't like at all this nautilus body. it's so tiny and his head so big, but i understand that it is done on purpose... :(
: PBE Bugs and Feedback Thread: Bard Bard, Sejuani Dawnchaser Jayce Brighthammer
: I honestly feel like this skin could be done better. I get that it's a free reward, but there's a few things that really don't sit well with me... * Is Maokai's Q bugged? Right now it looks absolutely awful. * The deep blue coloring on Maokai's W and E should be teal instead IMO. Would make it pop more, and would look better matching the gemstones than it would matching the blue toga. I think the deep blue to gold transition is really jarring too. Out of all of the abilities, the only one I'm really impressed with is Maokai's ult, which looks amazing and feels like it sends a very clear message. The rest really ought to be adjusted. All in all though, good skin. Can't wait to get my hands on it, personally.
i think it could be done better too :/
: New HUD Mini Feature: Resource Cost Display
this is awesome, many times before start a tf i went on the abilities to see how many spells i could cast in that tf


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