: Running and walking animations are not in the scope of these updates - these are specifically only spell/ability updates. Doing animation updates would require a lot more work, so we tend to only do that when we're doing full VGUs. Also I love that Veigar hop ;)
What about restoring missing animations? Jarvan's ult dash is supposed to have a unique animation, but it's been missing for as long as I can remember. Instead of actually leaping and slamming the ground he uses his default run animation and just wags his feet. Compare [this](https://youtu.be/RgOdf3x24qA?t=1m33s) (kinda hard to tell with the zoom but you can clearly see the landing animation) to [this](https://youtu.be/3ljdizfupYo) (just plays run animation instead).
: New versions of Zombie Ward and Ghost Poro arrive on PBE
Does the Zombie Ward bonus damage buff last until you damage a champion or is there a window to proc it?
: Midseason Update - Utility Contribution
Will the new death effects play through fog of war? Sometimes it can be pretty confusing if you kill someone with a basic attack or other targeted projectile that follows them into a bush, since you don't see them die and in a large fight you might not see the kill announcement for a while. Currently the only way to figure that out instantly in such a situation would be to pay attention to floating text like "+300 gold", which again can be hard to track in a large fight. Is it possible to make the new death particles play even if the target was in brush or fog of war? Or at least make it something like "only visible if you are within X range of them on death" so that executing to Baron or jungle camps doesn't give away too much information?
: Ryze cant Charge his Q passive after killing someone
In my experience, this happened whenever the 4 second duration of the runes ran out without you discharging them with Q (either with a single rune or two charged). This would fix itself whenever you leveled your Q spell but otherwise you would be unable to charge runes if they ran out naturally.


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