: I feel robbed of 3 years because of Program LeBlanc
Honestly in my opinion the entire Program skin line is complete garbage and, I do agree with you and hope Riot listens to some of this feedback.
: Still not getting rp after 1 day?
Yea it's been a bug for a while now no one is getting RP. I predict that it will be fixed when or after patch 9.0 comes out on the PBE.
: Headhunter Akali needs Updated Splash Art
Well since you make it sound so easy to make a splash how about you recreate the splash art yourself?
: I had the same issue, it is in fact a bug. to get my rp I had to fill out a support ticket and have a employee manually send me my rp.
Recently got the PBE so I must ask if the PBE has it's own support ticket system or if I just use the original one.
: Victorius Morgana is costing 999999 RP WTF?
With anything that costs 999999 RP it can be earned through chests for example I got the Fist Bump ward skin by spamming the mystery ward and I have seen many players with Victorious Morgana so they most likely obtained it through a hextech chest.
: NOT RP!!!!!
I know man it's really annoying since that was their way of compensating for all the bugs and issues we constantly experience.

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