: Disconnecting and debug messages
I was about to post the same thing. I think it's because they're running tests as we play > We're currently running tests on the PBE environment and players may experience impact while we work. So I hope it's not going too far.
: People leaving the game in PBE
Sadly yes. From my experience on PBE (Something like 1-2 years) it is pretty common that people leave matches. But sometimes it's not because people get mad or angry, It can be crashes aswell (With some of them you are unable to reconnect to the game). And obviously theres people who are is toxic and leaves the game (It has raised over the years) because of the new players and the accesible that is to get in PBE (Honor 3 is pretty basic tbh). But yeah, sometimes you can't blame your teammates, maybe it is a game crash, not their fault at all.
: Can't damage anything in matchmade game
I happened to me too! the diference that i was in ARURF and when my team decide to surrender, the reconection sign appeared and the match got deleted :c
: PBE Bugs and Feedback Thread: Stats on PBE!
I love it!, i was waiting for a system to see my stats on PBE (Something like Op.gg) just like for curiosity or for see how bad i am :P I think this is a very usefull toll for everyone. Thanks! :)
: PROJECT Hunter's unlockable borders not active
The borders are active when you use a New Project Skin and the icon (Vayne, Jhin and Vi) but i tried playing with Jhin and Vayne and it dont appear...
: Proyecto fiora - problemas pequeños con los iconos del panel de informacion y contador de nivel
Here is the english traduction: "When i was using Project Fiora skin, i I realised that the level numbers, information panel and runes panel dont appear, I test with other Project skin (Katarina) but this error dont appear, neither with others skins like Jhin SKT"
: Pls give us Custom game option to change mode to URF or any mode we want.
: Everyone In Game Disconnects in URF
Just happenened with me!, but i cant recconect, i just lose the game. :(
: Store button missing
Same problem! Yesterday, the shop button was fine, i relog 5 times today and it dont appears... {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}


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