: I took 1.8k damage in 0.53 seconds against a rengar this morning. Jumped out of bush, and I was dead before I could press any buttons because I have 93ms.
I played against a syndra. I took ultimate hat so my ulti was up every 40 seconds and I would wait for her to walk out of fountain and I would ult auto her and she would die.
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: Probaly not if many players have the same issue, but to be sure maybe don´t play normals until it´s 100% fixed.
The failed to connect issue is a server sided issue. It ends up closing the game out.
: I checked that up too. I noticed he only had his account 25 days. And yet he is so condescending and acting so superior, making my earlier theory, that he is indeed racist, quite true.
Been on PBE since season 3, stopped when they wiped accounts a year ago. P.s. if you don't believe me I can link the support ticket about getting a beta account because of my previous one.
: Oh i forgot one thing. I once was one of those "sorry english not best" people. And would you look at that ? I am writing in english, as my 3rd langauge, even better than you. Cause buddy, you missed a few commas.
I know English, Spanish, and am currently learning Russian. I didn't say anything about the - not Spanish speaking - Brazilians as people nor did I say they were lesser in any way. I said that every single int feeder on pbe - I - have played with was "br" or at least said they were. I also said that if Riot cannot work own server issues on live where BR has a dedicated server, there is no need to introduce them to a NA hosted server with 0 support.
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: I was wondering this as well. I'm not colorblind but I don't see how they don't think the red/yellow/orange color wouldn't be an issue for players.
More the fact that in coloblind mode, the mana refund passive makes their mana bar appear empty and like 1/2 the healing/shielding effects I have seen today make the hp bar look like kled's in terms of being able to see how much they actually have.
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: I agree. Legend emotes should be repaired because if I have one of them on my emotes set in game I haven't got any of emotes {{item:3070}}
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: Boards Feature Suggestion: De-duplication Assistance
: PBE Toxicity and how we can solve it.
"How to solve it" use the report feature....
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: Alright, I'm going to have folks switch it back to blind pick, when someone is available to do it. When I first started working on PBE, I couldn't believe people would ban folks from testing new content. Then I remembered that this is a video game and...trolls.
Please make it separate queues. With the way people on PBE have been acting I can only imagine the *spams vulgarity in pregame* "IM *insert role here* OR I RUN IT DOWN" behavior to begin like last time it was set to blind pick only.
: 10/24 PBE Thread - Current State of PBE & My Learnings
Banfhammer, have you thought about doing a mass name change. I know the process can be done manually on live servers and just revert all pbe accounts to a .random 9 digit string of numbers and people can just name change back to make sure it goes through the filter. I don't know how much work that would actually require though.
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: Boots bug or intentional?
This is probably a work around to easily remove potential issues with things like predator enchant and the boots at 10 rune.
: When are Reforged Runes coming back to PBE?
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: Annie W+Flash Bug (Might just be visual but still annoying)
It is a little weird so I will try to explain it as best I can. There is a slight difference in the channeled conal spells for annie and cassio. There is also a difference between annie and ahri charm. Annie's W is unique in the way it's target location is set. When you cast w on annie, the location is based off of the direction from the center of annie in a straight line to your mouse location. With ahri charm and cassio ult, it is based off of the front direction of the unit in a straight line towards your mouse. This means that buffering with flash will cause the spell to travel from the front of the unit box in the same "angular" direction set from when you first activated it. Some pretty bad but illustrative explanations: http://prntscr.com/h0yrb0 and http://prntscr.com/h0yq4k
: It's not even that, it's just that I like playing a lot of things, and not just the broken meta stuff. The ardent cancer meta I've had to endure being shoehorned into was the worst. I am wholely looking forward to the new runes and additional ardent nerfs freeing me up a lot in my viable pick options. I wanna break out the support Veigar without getting flamed for it. Event Horizon makes it fairly easy to nab Kleptomancy procs, on top of the "lul I pressed R" moments that exist currently.
I love me the good 'ol veigar support. I miss the days where you could pick an initiate support without having to ban 5 supports and be called a toll for not building ardent.
: Half the time when I'm last pick I don't know what I want to play though. As a support player, it's not even a narrow selection, since i might need tio play a wide range of things to round out a teamcomp.
I understand that. I think with time you'll get faster, people will work out the whole "what's broken what's not" and your choices will really slim down. Plus they will be adding more rune pages as we go so that should make things easier.
: Sorry...terribly phrased lol I agree with Supportive just adding something :P
Yeah, it is more strict on pbe but it also affects live too. so if you get in trouble for toxicity on pbe you will probably get a 14 day on both servers.
: Actually I don't think it is the same...it's even more strict...I have read from multiple people on the forums that the punishments on the PBE are actually MORE severe than they are on live servers because they don't want people to feel like it's just an extra account and they do not care whether it gets banned or not.
Yes, and toxic behavior on PBE translates to punishment on Live server as well as on PBE.
: Rito creating a new perma Banned champion ? {{champion:31}} {{item:3193}} {{item:3190}} Peeler cho'gath + Insta Kill R 1k True damage.
: 7.21 is the last season 7 patch. 7.22 will be the start of pre-season. 7.22 will bring the runes, essence and level system. PBE gets a new patch the day before a patch gets shipped to live. So: Live gets 7.21 on Wednesday the 25th of October This means that PBE will get 7.22 on Tuesday the 24th of October. Provided nothing goes wrong, of course.
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: Update on the mastery issue?
Update at 6:00 PM Loot is enabled, maybe some folks are seeing errors. May end up disabled for the evening. Missions are enabled We are chasing some game launch bug splats We are chasing some mastery saving issues I'm signing off for the evening, thanks for you patience today! This was posted yesterday. You might see a fix soon as Riot Banfhammer was on vacation for the day when they rolled back to masteries. If not, it will 100% be fixed by tuesday.
: More 5 or 10 second after all picked own champion on draft
I think that as time goes on, players will get faster at it. Also, you always have time to do it during your pick phase. If you are last pick you have at least 60 seconds to make a page, not counting the first 4 pick phases too.
: 7.21 will ship to live on Wednesday the 25th of October 2017, assuming there are no last-minute emergencies.
Is 7.21 the "pre season patch" or is it the changes except for ip to essence and new runes? Also, when it ships, will PBE go back to a patch with changes to test?
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to stop the issue of something getting messed up and freezing on the ward screen and then you can't lock in so you doge and get leaver penalty.
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: I think they should increase the armour per level (which I think they already did?) Noones gonna have a Lethality Item Level 1,probably getting it by level 6~8 (or 4 lol...) By increasing the armour per level,the old runes r somewhat "compensated" imo.
Sudden impact for rengar, fiora, talon, lee, kha, mao (spell pen) gnar, yas, etc. All gain lethality/m pen with dashes at level 1. Also if you know how to farm level 3/4 is an easy dirk. Then you get mf with duskblade youmus one shotting enemy adc all game long because they have no bonus armor or hp.
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: Tons of XP and suddenly Level 42
same thing to me after an autofill support game. Honor screen popped up 2 times I got a ton of xp but my level didn't change, now my client is frozen and unresponsive so I have to relaunch. https://imgur.com/a/qNzFr
: Your concern is understandable. I've been through such things myself. However, I think it would be terribly unfair to the non-ranked players who are barely toxic at all. Some people don't really play Ranked or are too new to the game to be in such a high enough rank. Then there are the people who are actually good at the game but hard stuck at elo hell. Skill and Toxicity level aren't judged by rank alone, y'know? Just my piece of the pie.
I don't think you can be good and hardstuck silver etc. I do see the no ranked part, but then they should have a sufficient amount of games played. If you only played 200 games, what are you really going to be "testing"
: The crashes shouldn't have anything to do with the level ups. The level 30 to 31 bug is just rewards from lvl 1-31. The lvl 50 & 75 & 100 borders are just designs already added in the game but not correctly implemented I think.
well my level was set to 100 and I went through a solid 60 pages of rewards before the first crash.
: Some people don't play ranked, but know about game more than some plat players, like IT students....
So make a minimum game amount or something. No reason a 200 games normal player that can't beat bots needs to be "testing" on pbe.
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