: Agreed. We're taking another pass at the styling. Looks better in motion though.
I think having an easily visable and readable font is preferable over a font that's similar to the rest of the UI.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dark Star Orianna!
Dark Star Orianna's auto-attacks are very difficult to see. When her attacks go through a minion wave it's almost impossible to see if she's attacking you or the minions, you just have to wait to take damage to find out. Perhaps making them brighter, or a different color would help considerably. I believe this could be a very annoying thing to lane against for some people and, in some ways, is an unintentional skin buff. Hope this feedback helps! Fellow Summoner and Tester, Forgiveness of the PBE
: Post it [here](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/a9P96iEO-pbe-bugs-feedback-thread-dark-star-orianna) instead. Every new champion, skin and other big content has their own bug and/or feedback thread in one of the subboards. It is recommended to place bugs and feedback there.
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: Attacking Blue Trinket crashes game for everyone
We had a similar situation and thought the same thing. But on retesting, nothing happened? Maybe it's coincidence? -edit : can confirm attacking blue wards break the game.
: Maokai's Root
It's so comedically slow xD
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: I love Teemo. I am Teemo main and I walk around with Mastery Rank 7 in pride. And when new mastery levels come around, I plan on furthering that achievement. When this skin was announced, I was ecstatic. The immense rush of joy was indescribable from this skin. Already I knew it was gonna be one of the few skins I actually buy. There was no possible way I could love Riot even more than this. This was absolutely perfect...in theory. Everyone has their own tastes, and I realize I am no exception. But no matter how bad some skins might've seemed to me at one point or another, this is the only skin that I would prefer it didn't exist if this is the outcome. Honestly when this was revealed yesterday, despite the skin leaks for SG, Candy King, and the yet to be shown Elementalist Lux skin, I thought this was the Ultimate skin that was being worked on. Even while torn on this with all the facts saying otherwise, I was still able to convince myself I would be disappointed if it wasn't an Ultimate skin. And yet the fact it wasn't even a Legendary, rather a 1350 is what truly has torn me if I am honest. Now sure, you could say my expectations were set too high. But I think the true problem, is that my expectations were perfectly reasonable. Every time someone has said "Teemo" there have been nine other people that said "Teemo is the devil." This is one of the true community jokes that hasn't been provoked by Riot in some way. (Such as Pantheon's joke of being a baker, or Graves's cigar being removed.) It was just born because it is a part of Teemo. Despite Teemo lacking any big threat in say Ranked, people still hate this little furball. No other champion has such a prolonged reputation of hatred without any valid reason. And that is what I believe Teemo mains live for. Keeping the hatred of the Swift Scout alive. Every time you laugh as Teemo, you feel a rush of power. You're not trying to poke the enemy's health bar, you're testing their patience until they AFK. Teemo exists to be hated, he is the devil. So when you try and take someone who is the devil, and make him a devil, nothing has really changed, except for Teemo himself. You essentially are stripping part of his identity to put it in a 1350 skin. You can't express an entire lifestyle, in just that one skin. I had thought this would be an Ultimate skin, simply because it sounds reasonable for the task you are trying to display. I don't feel like the devil when I am using the skin where I am a devil. I don't feel special playing the skin. I just feel like it is a remodeled Teemo. Now this is where I would just compare it to the price and have it reduced to what this is, a 1350. So while it's justifiable in price, we get back to the issue that while it might slightly ruin Teemo's current identity for nothing, it also ruins the potential of this skin idea. There is so much this skin could be doing. * Embrace the Global Teemo Laugh suggestion for this skin. The enemy can only hear it if you are in vision, or maybe anytime >:) * Give him his devil face when he is in his passive. * A demonic VO like everyone has suggested. * Fire effects for his poison. * As the user "No Fux Given" suggested, make the enemy's body burn when you kill them like the Team Fire icon effect. * And as the user "Ake" suggested, doing perhaps some color changes and more importantly making the crown less independent to the model. * Laugh when you get a kill, laugh when someone steps on a shroom, laugh when you kill someone with poison, ect. * As you get more kills, make Teemo's laugh more demonic. By thirty kills, his laugh will make you fear for your life and your sound card. * Why not make it where he laughs on every auto-attack. Put a bit of rest on us using our extra mouse buttons. With a skin like this, everyone else in the game should dread the annoyance you are. Granted with all these features I've suggested, it would probably become...an Ultimate skin. That is my point, this is such a vital part of Teemo that it shouldn't be thrown down to a Legendary skin, much less a 1350. When you pick a Teemo skin, including his classic, you are choosing a certain level of hate to bring with you. In terms of that hate, I would say this is second to last. Last of course being Omega Squad, simply because that is Teemo in an entirely different light. However, if we look at which skins are most demon-like, I would say Little Devil Teemo is last. Because even thought Omega Squad is not the hated cute of Teemo, he becomes extremely dark and scary. Some of those VO lines still can give me chills. The most demonic this skin every really feels is when you are backing, but that leaves it short-lived and not a part of the gameplay. This is one of the biggest parts of Teemo in the League community, and it feels like when Riot is embracing it, it feels more like, "Teemo is the devil, ayyyy lmao rofl xD" And this is where I come back to my earlier point, that I would honestly rather have this skin removed, just to preserve what that Little Devil Teemo, truly feels like.
I'm going to put my reply to the thread here too. "Riot. Please, please, PLEASE take this skin back to the workshop and work with it more to make it legendary material. This is a skin that people have been dreaming of, and waiting for for YEARS! LIVE UP TO THOSE EXPECTATIONS! Give him new voice lines, he doesn't have to have special interactions, give him a demonic voice filter, change his dance to be some sort of ritual dance around a pentagram, make his laugh start sweet then turn evil, or start evil and end with a really abrupt and cute "teehee". There is SO much potential here, don't rush it out the door, PLEASE! NOT WITH THIS SKIN! WE DESERVE BETTER, TEEMO'S LEGACY DESERVES BETTER, YOU DESERVE BETTER! Don't waste the opportunity to create the most meaningful skin in League of Legend's history. -With love and no bias, A season 1-6 mastery 7 Teemo main." After reading your comment I can't help but admit that I wasn't thinking big enough when I said Legendary. You're absolutely right, this deserves to be the next ultimate skin. He's a part of the soul of the League of Legends community, and has been ever since season 1. He's a reason people rage quit, he's hated, he's loved, he's a fucking unit of measurement. You want to know how to break the ice with a person you've met in real life that plays League? Mention you're a Teemo main. There's never been a single person that I've met outside of League of Legends (that play it) that hasn't been able to instantly appreciate a Teemo joke. And that's truly special. Now I've spent literally 4 times the amount of time playing the Dark Souls franchise, and if you ask me, Teemo is more iconic than Solaire the Sunbro. This is a chance for Riot to pay their respects to their community and give a nod it's creation and the relationship and friendships it has inspired. I'm not saying Teemo is why the League community is so great, I'm saying it's a core part of every League of Legends player, it's something that is universally shared and understood in every language and region. I'm really afraid Riot will feel like it's too late to go back and work on it more now. They could say the ritual got interrupted or that he stood still for a second now they're looking for him again. I know they have a deadline for Harrowing, but this is something that I could even wait until NEXT YEAR if they REALLY wanted to make it line up for Harrowing. This isn't something that requires Harrowing to fit thematically though, like I said, this is a core part of the community. Anyone would instantly understand and be hyped for it if it was going to be an ultimate skin, it doesn't matter what time it was released around. I really hope Riot sees this and understands that this means so much more to the community than they might realize. Now then, to talk about your suggestions. I think laughing every auto would be a bit much, but every blind wouldn't if you ask me. I think a global laugh every time someone steps on a shroom would be appropriate. I think his demon face while stealthed would be freaking amazing as well. I think evolving laugh would be amazing, along side the standard evolving appearance. For evolving appearance I would say; * lvl 1-5 small or no horns, no change when stealthed, very light demonic filter. * lvl 6-10 horn growth, start to develop the demonic voice, eyes open when stealthed. * lvl 11-15 horn growth, even more demonic voice eyes open when stealthed and evil grin at all times. * lvl 16-18 maximum horn growth, maximum demon voice, new voice lines, he gets a crown if he has the most kills on the team, more elaborate crown if he has the most kills in the game, eyes open and evil grin at all times, openly smiling showing teeth when in stealth * Give him a special interaction with Mastery 7 badge emotes, I'm thinking a global taunt would be absolutely perfect. I think it would work best with mastery 7 emotes because it's not 100% spammable like a laugh, but it could still annoy people over time. Make the taunt different to every player, and make it sound kind of like a whisper in their ear. Like he's in their head. Maybe make it louder the closer he is to them, but only if he's visible (mind games)? I feel like there should be something to add to the dread that's already there for not only having to fight a Teemo, but a mastery 7 one. * If he has a crown from maximum growth, start a side-quest for the enemy team to kill the demon. If he dies, he loses the crown. But it also enhances Teemo's hidden passive, "Global Taunt", and I think it would fit his theme/identity very well. I could keep typing but I need to stop, before I get my hopes up too high. I love Teemo, and I _**really**_ hope Riot doesn't waste this chance to show love toward what their community has created and kept alive through all the highs and lows their game has been through. I strongly believe this should be about more than just a skin. -For tears and salt A season 1-6 Teemo main.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Little Devil Teemo!
Riot. Please, please, **PLEASE** take this skin back to the workshop and work with it more to make it legendary material. This is a skin that people have been dreaming of, and waiting for for _**YEARS**_! LIVE UP TO THOSE EXPECTATIONS! Give him new voice lines, he doesn't have to have special interactions, give him a demonic voice filter, change his dance to be some sort of ritual dance around a pentagram, make his laugh start sweet then turn evil, or start evil and end with a really abrupt and cute "teehee". There is SO much potential here, don't rush it out the door, PLEASE! NOT WITH THIS SKIN! WE DESERVE BETTER, TEEMO'S LEGACY DESERVES BETTER, YOU DESERVE BETTER! Don't waste the opportunity to create the most meaningful skin in League of Legend's history. -With love and no bias, A season 1-6 mastery 7 Teemo main.
: Its been 24 hour and i still didnt get any rp and ip + im still lvl 1/2
Save yourself a lot of time and open an official ticket. You won't ever get your funds using the forums I've tried in the past. A ticket will get you set straight away.
: Star Guardian Login Inconsistency
I think that is an intentional design choice, so that players know that those are Lulu and Poppy because of their trademarks. The other's don't really need much explaining. Good idea to point it out and make a post about it anyway, in-case I'm wrong! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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: Star Guardian Jinx's Rocket Animation Isn't Very Smooth. It feels weird.
: Post it [here](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/VRnyEqEr-pbe-bugs-and-feedback-thread-star-guardian-jinx) instead. Every new champion, skin and other big content has their own bug and/or feedback thread in one of the subboards. It is recommended to place bugs and feedback there.
Alright I posted there. I'll leave this up for the poll though, and so it doesn't get buried under a mountain of people saying how perfect the skin is.
: I'm really salty because this skin doesn't have her signature laugh, her laugh is one of the best things about playing Jinx and in her 1820RP skin, it gets interrupted?! This is unacceptable and I can't be the only one who feels this way, my fellow Jinx players, are you okay with her best skin having the worst laugh?
I wouldn't say worst laugh, but I would definitely like to have the infinite loop.
: PBE Bugs and Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Jinx!
Ok, so I'm a Jinx main, and I've talked with a lot of other Jinx mains/players in the PBE. And we all seem to agree that the mini-gun animation is the smoothest it's ever been. However, we all agree that the Fishbones attack animation or her rocket animation is... off. I've found myself canceling a lot of attack because the animation was a little janky feeling. Now don't get me wrong, it's a great skin, I love it as a Jinx main myself. Just thought I would bring it up so that there could be some animation tweaks to smooth it out.
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: What the fuck is with the toxicity in PBE
Let's not forget the classic go-to excuse, "Who fucking cares, it's just PBE.". League is League, it doesn't matter what region you play on, there will always be competitive people playing the game. Furthermore, if they're on the PBE just to dick around then they don't deserve a PBE account. The PBE is for TESTING and working as a community to make the rest of the game better for everyone, as well as making Riot's job easier. There's no place on the PBE for self-entitled kids, who play just so they can get everything handed to them on a platter without having to do an ounce of work for it. WoW's PTR has the same issues, nothing but children.
: Master Yi Alpha Strike rework is a nerf or has more bugs?
I think the part with the Ezreal wasn't a bug. Both times were single target Alpha Strikes, it's duration wasn't extended from multiple targets. I believe he was either very precise with his timings, or lucky. The others are clearly bugs though, good catch.
With that kind of damage if someone rushed thornmail he would one shot himself lol. Assuming he didn't straight up win the game in 3 minutes.
Well they said that Urf would appear two times this year, and it has come and gone twice already. So I wouldn't sit around and wait for it if I were you, let it be a pleasant surprise if it does come back one more time this year. :)
: Hiya! Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately, this is actually a bug, and all chromas should be showing his gray shadow. This is something we're looking to resolve before the next patch. We'd like to keep consistency across the skins for gameplay purposes. :)
Don't want another Santa Gragas case! Haha <3
: why i cant download pbe client
Have you tried clicking the download links at the top of the page? They work for me.
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: Hey guys, the level up script runs once a day at midnight PST (that's 8 am UK time), so the leveling up should happen 0-25 hours after you create your accounts.
Well I'm in NA so this doesnt really explain why I've waited over 25 hours now.
: Title:[Gameplay] -- Not Auto-Leveling to 30.
Heres the news guys, another player sent in a ticket and this is what they got. "Summoner, Thank you for providing me with this information. We have a Technical Support Team in place dedicated to working with issues like this one, so I need to transfer your ticket. We are currently experiencing extremely high ticket volume, so a Tech Support Specialist will be contacting you in the next several days. I'm very sorry for the delay, but rest assured that we will address your issue as soon as we can. Thank you so much for your patience! Bongzter Player Support Specialist Riot Games "
: I am also experiencing and like Deceptive Ashoc said the tutorial does not level you up to 30 (at least not for me or him). I have also tried playing custom game but the result is the same as tutorial.
Same experience with the custom game. In fact I think I was in that game with you haha.
: I'm from the na server and I've waited around 2 days and I still don't have it also. Is anyone else from the na experiencing this.
: try playing the tutorial i did not level up until i completed that
Ive completed the first part of the tutorial nothing yet. I know many people have completed the tutorial multiple times and still nothing. I will finish the tutorial and reply saying if it worked or not. edit- I just completed the full tutorial and I am NOT level 30. This is not a 100% fix.
: Title:[Gameplay] -- Not Auto-Leveling to 30.
(Side Note)- From reading the forums this problem is widespread. Many people, myself included, have been waiting over 12 hours for this to be fixed. I'm sure Riot is aware of the situation, but I havnt seen a proper ticket yet, so here it is.
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: There is something on my mind : they probbably took many new testers this week and they are trying to give everyone one their lvl 30+ they ip and rp. But then again thats just something i think.
Well I got my invite about... 8 days ago, I just realized I had the e-mail yesterday. Apprently that was the perfect time to sign up haha just my luck. Anyway that could be the problem but, when the servers were up 24/7 you always got your ip/rp basicly instantly. So Im not sure what the problem is.
: Lvl 30
Wish we could get a red post about this, try and upvote the thread so they can see it. Im sure they aren't replying because they are currently in the process of working on it. But some confirmation would be nice.
: Guys can you please type from where you are so I can confirm something. :D (from what server)
NA-Central Time
: Yasuo needs to be nerfed!
I agree that he doesn't need a nerf, currently his win/rate is 38%, this the lowest win/rate of any champion ever made. He needs to be easier to use. For many people he is impossibly hard to control, and use properly.
: New Account PBE
Having the same issue as above, been around 3 hours for me still no account boost. I will be patient however I'm sure there is a reason why no one is getting anything today. edit 1 - 5 hours after orginal post still not lvl 30. Total time 8 hours. Pacific Time is 10:45.


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