: > [{quoted}](name=ButcherGame,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=YQGjtJYR,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-10-27T18:40:56.796+0000) > > THAT IS IMPOSSİBLE!!! Not really, just disenchant champions, I'm already close to 100K BE, but I agree with your main point, it's too much BE.
: So I guess that cutting down the pre champ selection wasn't a good Idea, since it will often end up by someone banning other players desired champion, maybe if they cut down the champ selection time it would be better, and reducing ban timing, OR a even better good idea is to allow select their champions just as Twisted Treeline, two at a time.
Yes! They are looking to get rid of bans as whole from what I’ve heard.
: What happened to draft pick?
Riot has said that they are making changes to draft pick this time around. Champ ban and pref time has been cut due to people banning out what needs to be tested, however, they still want players to get the role of their choice. Surrenderat20 is great to look at if you don’t already. http://www.surrenderat20.net/?m=0
Riot has stated that draft pick is a little different this time. Bans and champ pref have been cut or reduced due to people banning what should be tested, but they still want players to be able to choose their role. Check surrender at 20 for more PBE info! http://www.surrenderat20.net/?m=0
: Failed to load masteries due to network failure
Riot said Since the new runes come back Tuesday it would be pointless to fix this. But maybe you can find some help here: herehttps://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/j0kXEUJ4-masteries-page-will-not-save
: Yep just also found this out. Tldr: don't use the extra mastery point you get after level 30.
Wait, so what exactly do I do to fix it. I’ve tried numerous times but maybe I’m doing it wrong.
: I mean, why remove the runes then? They said that it's for the next patch, but why exactly? What are we testing for the next patch? And how can we test stuff if the masteries aren't working?
: Investigating pet ai crashes - specifically Annie's Tibbers, Shaco's Hallucinate, and Ivern's Daisy
It happened to me 3 times with an Annie in my game. 2 I was playing nidalee, and one with MF. One was mid and two were Annie supports. I was doing really well and then all of the sudden it just freezes as if my internet was shut off, but it wasn’t. I exit out, go back in, and there is nothing on the match history, it just disappeared. Only happens when I play with an Annie tho and it wasn’t every time I played with one. Hope this helps.


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