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: Notice the "The updated Summoner's Rift has been removed from PBE cycles while we verify patch 4.11 stability. It will be back afterwards!" on this page....
Notice the, you responded to a 13 day-old comment. Please don't correct people if you don't know the situation 13 days before which, by the way, was before they removed the option to play new SR.
: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
The clickable area for Dragon doesn't match the visual. It's almost like the clickable area doesn't update once he starts flying after you first attack him.
: Riot didn't explain why, but I feel that they have a special unknown reason.
They mentioned something about available hardware and load testing for scalability. The Brazilian servers aren't as populated as EUW or NA.
: New Audio Engine On PBE - Continued Testing This Week!
Primetime Draven's taunts and laughs are riDICulously loud. I understand that his axes are microphones, but it's much louder than his speech. Stereo headphone on Realtek HD
: I am not having this problem, is there a specific brush that's doing it?
It might actually be graphics settings now that I think about it. I have them set to low. Do graphics settings disable brush movement? What are your graphics settings?
: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
Brush doesn't move when you walk through it (it's static). I assume that's part of the WIP.
: Recall icon is a blue square
Try repairing your client or redownloading. Mine is fine.
: Play > Custom > Create Custom Game. The game is loading. OLD Summoners Rift.
Notice that there are two choices for Summoner's Rift. "Summoner's Rift" and "Summoner's Rift (Updated)"
: The most recent movement skill is the final dictator of the event. Riot Scarizard said something about this when referring to a Lee Sin kicking a Leona in the OGN.
: this is working as intended
Link to where a Rioter said that please?
: [Yasuo] - Windwall makes caster minions don't even move
I couldn't reproduce this, but I know this does something similar in jungle camps, specifically at blue buff camp.
: [Bug Vayne] Turret will not attack you again before R + Q
This doesn't happen when there are no enemy champions under the turret and you have agro. Need to test with an enemy champion there still.
: Ezreal Bug
Said this on another projectile-based post: This seems to happen with moderate lag. Were you by chance lagging when it happened?
: [Sivir] Q gets invisible sometimes
I've had this happen on Live under moderate lag. It's probably something to do with the server sending you information about where the projectile should appear, and when it lags it skips a few places that it should be. If you weren't lagging, then this is indeed a bug.
: [Profile] - Won't Return to Original Summoner
Already listed in [Verified Bugs]( Make sure you check that before posting. :P
: No target tower.
Was a champion on your team under that tower with turret agro at that same time? That would cause this.
: [Fog of War] Champs appear to have Tp'ed to lane
Also confirmed that this happens on Live.
: [Replay Bug] - Replaying a Recent match
Confirmed in the [Verified Bugs]( post. Make sure you read that before posting a new thread. :P
: Too bad it's not explained in the turret's fake items...
Hahah, agreed. Although it seems like it'd be pretty hard to explain seeing how specific it is. Maybe one of the it's fake items would be the best way to go.
: Remove the footer.
On the other hand, [this error page]( is hilarious.
: Play LOL while PBE Patch
Changing the process name would be an additional thing that Riot would have to do before compiling the Live game client. It would be helpful to be able to play on the Live servers while the PBE client is patching, yes, but I don't really think it's that big of a deal.
: suggestion-32 bit and 16 bit video setting
The game already runs pretty well on low-end equipment in my experiences. This just seems like a lot more work for another feature that few will know about or use.
: but that is only when the support attacks the champion (or CC's the champion) otherwise, it switches, IIRC.
Hm. The way it seems is that it only changes targets if the current agro is a minion. If a champion is agro'd for any reason, it seems to stay agro'd on them until they're out of range. Not sure if that's intended, but I can see why it would be. It makes things a *lot* simpler in the long run.
: (MINOR) Search bar bug
It's always worked like that for me until I click the search bar again O.o
: Sorry for the misconception. Should I delete this post?
It's up to you, although I'm not entirely sure how this forum works. New to the PBE myself. :P
: [Minor-Rare] Dead enemy champions float for half a second
Seen it on Live too but it's only when an enemy dies outside of your vision and it isn't a recurring jump, it only initially jumps when you discover it for me.
: Health regen bug
This exists on Live and I've seen it on Yasuo as well. His icon on the left side of the screen also continues to gain HP indicated by the green bar despite him being dead. Not sure if it's a limited number of champs or not, but this definitely exists on Live.
: No Homeguard Proc
You need to be out of combat for at least 8 seconds for homeguard boots to proc. Were you out of combat for that amount of time before running to the center of the fountain?
: Bug on Hecarim animation
If the minion dies before Hecarim actually hits it, you'll see the animation like he hit the minion but the skill will persist until it either times out of you hit another target. Are you sure the minion didn't just die a split second before you would've hit it? I've had this happen on Live many times in the past. It's not a bug, it's just not consuming the skill if it's not actually used to inflict damage or CC.
: Can't access store page
The store has been really laggy lately. If the client takes you to a different screen, then it's probably doing its job and we can probably chalk this up to server issues and latency.
: [Red Side Turret] - Does not change target
I don't think this is a bug. And this also happens on live, as people have been doing it for ages in ranked and competitive play to keep damage off of the ADC when diving somebody. For example, the support Leona would attack the enemy ADC under turret first to agro the turret, and Leona's ADC would then enter turret range and start attacking and will not be agro'd until Leona leaves turret range.
: I bought both champion bundles, and I did not get any problems. It may be an issue on your side.
Same. Bought them both at the same time as a matter of fact and nothing went wrong. It may be lag or something with the server that handles store purchases.
: Twitch [Ultimate can damage turrets but not inhibitors][Howling Abyss]
: Nidalee doing more damage to towers than intended
Looking at your masteries page, it looks like you have the Arcane Blade mastery leveled. This adds to your basic attack damage based on the amount of AP that you have (5%).
: [bug] Stats screen.
This is a verified bug posted in the most recent thread: [Verified Bugs](
: [Bug] Not able to message friends while in-game
A friend of mine has this issue on Live as well, and to take a screenshot you can hit F12. Although I'm not really sure where it puts the screenshots because of the nature of Mac apps, it might be in your documents folder.
: Screen Frozen (Red Border)
The red border is an indicator that you've unlocked the mouse from the window. Because League uses the edge of the window to determine which direction to scroll, when you unlock the mouse it is no longer restricted to the window and goes past the area that would normally scroll the camera. The default key to lock and unlock the mouse from the window is F9, and hitting the set hotkey again will fix it. Tl;dr: Not a bug, it's a feature.
: Tryndamere's skin bugs
I think that it can go without saying that the splash image is still a work in progress.
: Bug for Buying Skins
What you're saying isn't quite clear. Would you mind elaborating? Messing around with the different sort options, there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with the sorting for me.
: Store Isn't working,
It's been moving *really* slow lately. It may just be a lag issue.
: Nida Visual bug?
This is true for her original skin as well and is also true on the live servers. Not sure if it's a model issue or a texture issue though since it happens on both of those skins.
: Cursor visual bug
: Very Minor Client Bug: Horizontal Scroll Bar
: [Lulu]-Skin buying problem
Confirmed, however you're still able to buy it directly from the store if you don't go to the Champion/Skin info screen.
: Game updates everytime?
Just a note, if you don't want to wait for WinRAR to extract the files for the game every time you play, you can drag the LOLPBE folder out of the WinRAR windows onto something like your desktop or Riot Games folder and then use it from there.
: Syndra recall fail textures
This is the case with almost any skill or ability that is a flat texture on the ground. Morgana's pool and Malzahar's pool both do the same thing when placed on a hill. That's just the nature of 3D graphics. If you zoom in really far when your champion is on any sort of hill, notice they're slightly floating off of the ground. It's sort of the same concept.
: [Draven] - Whirling Death kills enemies whom are airborne
As said by others, it's meant to do that. Height doesn't actually exist in the game, it only appears to exist because of what the graphics do on the screen and the ability to go through terrain. Another good example is sitting in the middle of a Thresh ult and trying to jump out of it with Tristana or Kha'Zix. You still take the damage and effect from the Thresh's wall regardless.


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