: Hextech Crafting Bug Report Thread
Turning off sfx and music in the options has no effect on the hextech crafting sfx.
: Graves Gameplay Update Feedback
When you say gives true grits bonus, do you mean the full 10 stacks, or just a portion of that? Also, with his bullets stopping at the first target hit, how does harass work especially in early game? Is it mainly q? Also, how does the two shots reload play pattern interact with the QuickDraw true grit? Presumably they are a bit at odds since one requires you to fall back and reload, while the other rewards you for staying in combat. Even if you do get an extra shell from quickdraw that's still only three shots. Is that enough to get a reset and quickdraw out, provided you hit people with a reasonable number of shells?
: [Suggestion] Improving the QoL on Veigar's Event Horizon while increasing depth of play
Did not expect to read a good idea here. Really like it. + 1 from me.
: Zilean 5.4 changes (discussion and known bugs)
2 bits of feedback about his new visuals: - His time bomb starts at the top of the "clock" and blows up when it comes back to the top. Personally I think it should start at the bottom and end at the bottom. Yes, it doesn't 100% fit the clock motif, but right now the champion model obscures the clock's hand. - his time warp looks a lot like the frozen "snow" particles associated with slows on other champs/items, which looks weird when he's speeding himself or allies. - I actually think the animations for rewind and time warp could be switched. The animation for rewind is quite elaborate, a fancy clock on the feet of zilean, but it doesn't really need to be since it only ever affects zilean. The effect (zilean is having his cdr reduced) doesn't really need to be communicated to other people in the BIG way it's being currently. In addition, nothing about the current time warp suggest slowing down or speeding up (apart from the coincidental similarity between the time warp animation and other slows in the game), whereas a clock under that person's feet would communicate that quite nicely. And the little shower of blue is just the nice, understated effect that could show people that something is happening to zilean (his cdr is being reduced) without being overbearing or a huge eye-draw. I'll be honest, I just want to see the nice clock under my feet when I'm on zilean's team, not just under zilean's :p
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: Recent Jungle Experimentation Context Post
Wasn't there a change that hit the PBE where the red buff and blue buff spawned later than the other camps? It never hit live for some reason. Doesn't that kind of solve the problem, since the junglers kind of have to start on krugs or gromp, stopping the poaching? Then again, the junglers could just migrate to the top side of the jungle... The latest iteration seems to be: more jungle monster health, later spawn time, and more damage over time from machete items. The problem with this approach is that it stops people from leashing the jungler because they have to hurry to get to lane, hurting the jungler unless he machete damage somehow makes up for it. Previous iteration seemed to be: increase krug movespeed so they can't be leashed as easily, give them heavy hands to further disincentivize non smite champs from taking them, and move gromps's damage to poison armour for similar reasons. It seems like a pretty good idea overall, given that junglers usually smite these buffs early on anyways. however, the concern is when the junglers choose not to smite them, essentially it forces fiddlesticks to always have to smite krugs in order to not have his drain interrupted. Overall though, I guess it still didn't solve the problem if the next iteration had to be pushed out. Couldn't the solution be as simple as increasing the spawn timers for everything BUT the blue buff and red buff? Jungler gets the leash and no more poaching of krugs, gromp. Or is that too restrictive?
: Yes.
Are there any plans to make it more visible when kalista is "holding" her soulbound? Currently it seems like they vanish into thin air, and then suddenly reappear out of nowhere. Maybe make a visible object that kalista holds, like a coffin or something?
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: > Main problem I see with the Dragon Slayer buff is that your intention was to make it incomparable with a tower taken which you did by replacing the global gold with a global buff--except this buff still only grants raw stats, stats you'd otherwise buy with gold. The bonuses are deferred in time as each bonus gets increasingly more powerful, so the contrast is that a tower can potentially get you more power now - but continued dragon control will get you more power in the long term. This is taken to the extreme with the 5th bonus which converts Dragon into a potential 2nd Baron Buff for your team.
Is there any way to take the dragon buff off the enemy, like interrupting their dragon taking cadence by taking a dragon of your own, or killing them? Or will both teams be able to level up their dragon buffs in tandem by taking alternate dragons?
: While I don't think that pattern you've described is that good as it means that you essentially start with an item that has no value in lane - there's also the problem that the gank centric smite needs 3 large monster kills for you to be able to target players with it.
Does this mean negatron and chain vest are gone for good, since nothing builds out of them now?
: Rough Notes [PBE - 10/09/2014]
The old jungle items were introduced quite recently and you were tweaking them as recently as a few months ago, with the changes to sotag and quill coat. Now it's all gone. Was none of that stuff salvageable? The best thing I liked about the old items was the ability to place wards with them. Can that be saved on any of the new items? And is feral flare included in the jungle items that are getting removed?
: +1 There's a lot of vision on the map in the spots you're successfully controlling, which ends up making for more of a map control war through early/mid game than before. You do have to spend a pretty decent amount of time establishing all that vision if you want it - it isn't free (burn your smite on a wolf, spend a while hunting down crab is a lot of vision but also a lot of time spent getting it). It's different for sure, but we haven't generally been seeing teams that just have vision everywhere or anything like that unless they have a counterjungler who is just owning the map. And ganks still work.
In regards to the bonuses for smiting certain camps, isn't the smite uptime too high for this to be a meaningful decision? I found this to be the case with nunu as well, where the decision was supposed to be about which camp you were supposed to consume, but you just ended up using consume on all of them.
: Preseason 2015 Experimental Jungle Changes
Got any plans for the jungle item stacking some people like to do, the "madstone" build?
: Split Pushing power is currently completely determined by champions kit/powerset - rather than powers that you can acquire in the game. That means that, whenever someone's spit push is dominant, we have to nerf the champion - because there's nothing but the champion enabling it. So, even if you're not using Tryndamere for split pushing - if a split push Tryndamere build is overpowered, Trynd will get nerfed. This is in contrast to things like Sieging - which is as much a facet of Blue Buff/Athene's as much as the individual champions. If Siege was super powerful, nerfing blue buff would essentially hit the power of a lot of these strategies -or- alternatively, introducing a strong anti-siege item would do so as well. We're hoping to add enough mechanics that interact with the strategy of split pushing (both increasing its power and aimed at blunting its power) such that if split pushing is strong or weak - we'll have more options about what to do than orbital strike a champion. I'm not going to say that champions won't be nerfed for their split push capacity. I'm hoping, however, that if split push becomes way too strong, we can nerf our tools enabling the strategy or strengthen the mechanics that are supposed to blunt split pushing rather than hit the champions directly **most of the time.**
I think the TP change was a pretty good indirect nerf to split pushing. Pretty often you would have that pesky trynd pushing and no way to get to him in time. Now the top laner usually has tp ready for when that happens.
: Experimental preseason 2015 changes hitting the PBE over the next few days
I think the question we all have is if the top lane rework is finally gonna happen. Apologies if this has been tackled before.
: Nidalee's Hunted Pounce is already distance capped. It tries to jump toward its target's facing direction, but it doesn't follow it indefinitely through blinks and dashes.
OK, i guess I was wrong there. Maybe the variability of the leap range was making it deceptive when she did pull off a max ranged leap. However, I still think there's a problem with how reliable her damage is. Once you get hit by a spear, that's not spear damage you're taking, it's spear damage plus pouce>swipe>takedown. The two counters are to a) use a dash so she misses her leap (a luxury that not all champs have) or b) outdamage her when she does go in, which gets gradually tougher as you get worn down due to her % missing health damage. Maybe you should give her leap the yasuo treatment: if he is cced mid dash he is stopped mid dash instead of at the end point. There's no arguing that yasuo's dash is really strong, but his designer did as much as possible to prevent frustration by bleeding off excess power because of how strong it is. Nid's dash, while not as strong as yasuo's, is still up there in terms of what it offers.
: Ongoing: Mass Texture Rebalancing!
So this is pretty awesome. Were you able to do this with so many champions because the method of texture balancing is automated? Or was it done as same as texture updates? There's been about 10 "on the side texture updates" done so far, including sona, rammus, anivia, etc. Now the jump to 100+ champs and skins is pretty... big. Did you guys get a significant increase in the team working on this? Or was the process just that much easier than a texture update?
: Nidalee PBE changes for 9/11
You've done a good job reducing the base damage and ratios, but I still think her biggest problem is the reliability of her leap. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the spell works like lee sin q; that is, it moves you to the new location of your target, even if it happens to be outside your initial leap range. Instead I think it should function like graves quickdraw; that is, it moves her to max range of her empowered leap, but no further. I've seen some pretty ridiculously long distance leaps from nid that go way beyond what should be possible by the empowered leap. Having played both sides of the ryze vs nidalee matchup, it's laughable how unfair it is that the ryze plays perfectly, but the first time he gets hit by a spear he gets chunked to half health and gets zoned because the next spear landing means death from the followup combo. Any time a spear lands (and spears will land; it's inevitable) the rest of her pounce>swipe>takedown combo is *guaranteed* on immobile champs. This reliability is what I think you should look at, not base attack speed/attack damage.
: Crowd Control Fix Bug Thread
Thanks for confirming this was a bug. I remember a rioter saying loong time ago that this was a compensatory feature for people with high ping... Or maybe they were talking about something else. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this "feature" has been in the game for quite a long time, right? Was it difficult to track down or just not a priority? Also, will this put an end to the anivia egg teleport swag? Lastly, snoopeh made a pretty well-publicized post about this exact problem, did that spur you guys to look more closely into it?
: Skins splash small update coming to PBE
Which region are the splashes being taken from? They all look like upgrades IMO. Is the current mundo an inhouse splash or from a different region? Either way it looks fantastic. I was just reminded of it because some of these "new" splashes also have the same art style/feel. I think spectacular sivir is one of the lowest quality splashes in the game currently (it looks like it was made in paint). Any chance of replacing it with one of the alt splashes? Or is there too much of a difference in art style?
: [experimental] manamune and muramana changes (2014.07.02 - 2014.07.??)
I like the activate-to-use active, as opposed to the toggle on toggle off which you forget to do half the time. What I dislike is the attack speed. It changes the niche of the item by quite a lot. It's no longer optimal on champs like urgot, but seems to be great on attack speed based champs like irelia.
: Why is muramana/manamune being changed anyway?I think they are fine situational items in their current state.
There are problems with current muramana. It supposedly helps with mana regen, but when activated it just helps you go oom faster. Then there's the kinda boring aspect of it with having to turn it off while csing and then turning it back on when fighting champs. It's like bookkeeping more than actual gameplay.In the case of ad carries more than seraphs embrace users, they don't have high base mana regen so when they run out of mana through use of muramana they have no way to fill it back up. In this new case it seems like you activate it before you go into a fight, consuming a fixed amount of mana, and you get a fixed reward for it. If you think the threat level of the fight is higher, you activate it more times as the situation calls for it. And there's not worry about the damage of the muramana seeming insignificant because it's true damage. It changes the niche a bit since urgot will no longer make optimal use for it due to the attack speed, but ezreal could still use it well.
: The reason is simple: People agree having you on the team while using those summoner spells. If you change them, the therms have also changed. The reason why you become unready if you change them is because all must agree on the new therms that includes you having different summoner spells. The game only starts when all agree on champions, positions, roles and summoner spells. And agreeing on some does not mean to continue to agree if they change.
changing your runes and masteries can have the same effect of changing your playstyle without letting your teammates have a say. I could change all my runes and masteries to AP on trist while the team has readied up and there's no way for my team to know about it. Why is that ok if changing your summoner spells isn't? I would say that the usability issues it causes to not be able to switch your summoner spells is a bigger deal than some niche abuse cases. It feels really awkward that I'm allowed to change certain aspects of my playstyle (runes/masteries) but not others (summoner spells).
: 4.8 Team Builder Bug Thread
This isn't a bug with team builder in 4.8, but a minor annoyance with team builder in general: Once you and all your teammates have readied up and captain has started matchmaking, there is no way to change your summoner spells. You can still change your runes/masteries, but in order to change your summoner spells, you have to be unreadied for some reason. This can cause some issues when all 5 people have readied up and matchmaking has started.
: Team Builder (Updated 4/28)
Since the few categories that show up are not all-encompassing, can I ask how the ones to show up are chosen? Is it lobbies that have been active the longest? Roles that are most in demand? I have a suspicion that the latter is the best way to implement it, but I can't help but think of the poor, unwanted lobbies asking for the really unconventional roles, that get overlooked if the system only takes into account most indemand categories. I'm also really curious as to how you would design the recommended categories in such a way that the balance of roles isn't upset by having people flooding into the role that's most in demand. Do you show different indemand categpries to different people based on their past playstyles?
: Good Catch :) Thanks.
Have you guys thought about keeping barrier gold and just making aether wing kayle's ultimate blue tinted? Personally I really liked the gold coloured barrier, and the new one feels just a bit more bland.
: [4.5] The Changes to the Lee Sin Changes
So since you are considering what kind of changes to make, I thought I might drop in with a suggestion. Riotnome brought up an interesting way to nerf some of lee sin's ancillary power without really touching what makes him strong. http://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/20qz3v/it_was_the_most_stupid_decision_in_relation_to/cg6nc7b?context=2 Basically, his idea would be to remove the true vision from his e, and the attack speed reduction from his e. Why does lee need two sources of true vision? The PBE aoe true vision is basically a huge "fu-- you" to wukong, akali, and other stealth champs, and makes him too much of a hard counter to them. Unlike landing q, landing e takes no skill and you've basically negated their defensive mechanism. He explains the attack speed reduction change better than I do:"When your attack is slowed, you want to run. When your move is slowed, you want to attack." It, along with his ridiculous self sustain with w is what makes him so strong vs attack speed fighters like jax. If the e no longer reduced attack speed, opponents would at least feel like they had the chance of beating him. As I mentioned in that thread, I don't think the uproar was caused by lee sin getting nerfed. After all, he's been nerfed multiple times and there has been no uproar. I think it's the fact that it seemingly came out of the blue and then seemed to be extensive changes. I think the ugly word "rework" had a lot to do with the bad reception (I should mention that nome said in his post that he's not in charge of balance and that he would support any changes made).
: [Hopefully 4.5] Gragas Rework Feedback Thread
So now the trickshotting is going to be a bigger focus of his kit, but his build path will naturally change to one that's more tank oriented than ap oriented, so he's not likely to hit that 40% cdr cap anymore. Don't you think a cooldown buff could be made to the ult?
: This may be a little tangential, but I'm confused about the philosophy of using total AD versus bonus AD. Last I heard from the designers, total AD was used only in situations that prevented you from using basic attacks, like Garen's spin (with skills like Urgot's Q grandfathered in). This principle makes it easier to remember which skills scale which way, but if designers start ignoring it, it can make situations confusing again. Can you shed some light on this problem?
The other half of it is that it prevents snowballing if you change from bonus ad to total ad. That was the rationale given for riven and shaco being changed from bonus total.
: Let's talk about Lee Sin retune
So it seems like the aim is to move lee sin away from a damage dealer and more towards a tank, is that correct? In most recent cases, the move has been to move away from bonus ad and more towards base ad (riven changes) to prevent snowballing, but in this case you guys did the opposite (from base to bonus). Doesn't this actually increase snowballing (at least that's the argument that was used for riven changes)? Personally, I don't play lee sin, but I'm not the biggest fan of his kit. It's way, way overloaded. I think a huge part of his power comes from the ability to ward hop, and that's on top of his already insane mobility. I'm of the opinion that if that was removed lee sin could then be balanced properly. But I know how much of a fit lee sin players would throw if that change ever happened.
: 4.3 Itemization Update [Update - 2/19/2014]
Great changes. So it seems like you'll be caught up in the vision system and support item changes for a while longer. Any comments on the spellbreaker item that was mentioned earlier, or other items in general? Also, any plans for the blue trinket, or is it just slow to catch on?
: [Planned 4.3] Trinket Cleanup (Shop / Tooltips)
Any plans to buff the blue trinket? I loved the vision changes in s4 btw. Huge improvement over the previous mechanic of buy oracles=clear wards.
: [ 4.5 ] miss fortune changes
Can you explain the bounce mechanics some more? It seems like there are instances where you might target minions over champions if the champions aren't in a priority area, particularly with the case of 40 degree cones. Or am I reading that wrong? Overall I like the changes. I played a lot of MF in season 2/season 3. I think she was my most played adc in s2 and maybe second most played s3. I like the fact that you buffed both her lategame (higher lategame attack speed) and early game (lower mana costs/more reliable harass). As far as identity goes, do you still expect her to be a lane bully? I feel like even with these changes she's not going to stand toe to toe with draven (lucian, maybe).
: Probably an accurate statement, given differences in playstyle and champion preference. There are other problems with the current gold generation items / support itemization lines but evaluating the scope of that change seems to imply that it's probably a larger scope project. I highly doubt that these items will be purchased in parity (and it's probably unrealistic to expect them to be purchased in parity). That said, this cleanup is intended to smooth out the other routes, rather than trying to perfect parity. I don't actually think aiming for parity is necessarily a realistic goal, as Coin is more universal than either Targons or Edge's playstyles. That said, you're looking solely at the end result of the items. This is more focused on cleaning up the Tier 1 and Tier 2 of the items themselves. I know the Tier 3's are horribly unfavorably stacked against each other - but that's kind of a known issue with the core system itself. They kind of always will be. However, attempting to resolve that with any force in this system would probably entail making something really dangerously OP or gutting an item that is probably okay without other major changes.
I'm not sure which way I was going with that line of thinking, whether it's better to reduce talisman's mana regen or increase frostfang's. Of course, since the theory behind frostfang line is that your spells hit harder at the cost of going oom eventually, it makes sense that frostfang line has less mana regen overall. But when looking at it from the perspective of mages vs supports, it seems counterintuitive that the ap item which mages should favour doesn't really give all the stats in a complete package like talisman does. On a somewhat offtopic note, when season two item changes came around, you said that you liked warmogs as the goto defensive item for bruisers. Over time randuins seems to have eclipsed that while warmogs has been sidelines. How do you feel about that? Any plans to bring warmogs back?
: [Planned 4.3] Itemization Changes (Boots / Duo Lane Gold Items / DShield / Ruby Crystal)
I'm still not convinced that having 40 more ability power is worth having 10% reduced cdr and reduced mana regen as well. It seems to me like going oom while running spellthief line is a real possibility while going oom with talisman line is just not possible. Who needs to spend 800 gold on a chalice when you have all the mana regen you need from your gold gen item?
: That was actually the intended implementation back then; but it would be possible to change it now if we re-introduced Oracles or a similar ability.
Well, there are oracles-like abilities like the 8 second oracles you get from upgrading red trinket, but my worry is that the current system is unintuitive. Say you have a pink ward right outside a bush and a green ward inside the bush, so the pink ward has vision over any enemy wards in the bush. In the current system, I believe that the pink can't see the enemy ward, is that correct? Or if an ally is in the bush but you are not, and you are the one with the oracles effect. In all those situations I feel like having the true sight affect when you have vision only makes sense.
: Now on PBE: Vision Rework
Previously, if you were wearing an oracles and were standing next to a bush, while having a green ward in the bush, you couldn't sweep the bush for wards despite you having an oracles and the bush providing vision within range of the oracles. Has that been resolved with this change?
: **UPDATE 2: Due to issues, all players listed are leveled back up to 30, until testing on Summoner's Rift can resume.** UPDATE: Please reply directly to THIS POST (to me!) if you'd like your account leveled down. I've removed a bunch of the requests to try to clean up the thread a bit. The current list of level 1 testers I've taken care of already is below. Ctrl-F yourself to confirm whether you're on this list or not! *Deaf lee Sin, brunoais, Voilak, Sohleks, instinx1, Syta, Sundried Tomato, Combo Break, xSapphireRain, Flamesilocks, Miho Nishizumi , Rias Gremory Pls, Turrets Syndrome, Shufy, Jerry9, Naut├Člus, warjacob, Dicath, MrPotatoMinhja, many otters, PBEpaine, A PositivePlayer, gaoler, SteveKB, Kuneho, Mega Farfetchd, choel, broslow, RIP Paul Walker, sutoyanosuki, JuniorFisherman, GonnaGetYou2, Eevolution, Specter7, Lollerskates, Pwnography, Arkadian, xLegitz, Wolf Akela, Simburgur, Outfox, xonu, inveidah, moobeatrules, xrelentless, jafar ironclad, flyskyhigh777, good afternoon, noexcuseallow, sharky8u2, 1kr0m0vt, I like beer * When your account is leveled down, you'll notice some weird stuff. Your runes won't display any more (since you only have 1 slot available) BUT you'll still get the full in-game benefit of the runes. However, I think your masteries will not work at all until you level up again. On the live server, we won't level people down, so no need to freak out about this type of issue :)
I would like to be leveled down kthxbai bby.
: New Item Names hitting the PBE
I thought the whole reason to change the names was so they gave an idea of what their items did. Frost queen's claim doesn't really tell you anything about what the item does, apart from the "frost" part giving and inkling that the item may have a freezing effect. What is a "claim?" What is the frost queen "claiming?" Why not just call it something like frost queen's crown? It's an actual item then instead of something intangible. Frost queen's claim is just some mildly fantasy sounding jargon.


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