: this happened to me last game and no one could take my bot inhib tower! it is VERY VERY RARE. only happened once in 3 games
Occurred for me as well. Not sure if anyone else has mentioned, but it effects enemy champions as well as minions (bots). Seems like the seeds don't have that green glow like the others that are spawned.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Championship Shyvana
The flame in-between Shyvana's legs just looks weird. It constantly clips through her model, doesn't even move when she dances, or when she performs any other action. It's just there...
: [New SR] Red Buff's icon does not reset on the map
I had this same thing happen with a blue buff. the icon stayed up even after the camp had been cleared.
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: I'm pretty sure Mid Soraka is going to be a thing again. I just played the rework that way and it's so powerful.
While it is powerful, I would think top Soraka would be more likely then a mid Soraka. Since her Q is harder to hit at distances, what with the projectile moving from over Soraka to the target area, it may be hard to hit ranged mid laners who do not dive in (Ori, Ziggs, Xerath) or quick moving mid laners (Zed, Talon, maybe Akali). This also applies to her E. However with top lane melee champs, the Q would act quicker and the E would be more effective.
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