: "This is the PBE, you're not going to get banned"
I know that some people say that the toxicity is getting out of hand, but it works both ways. Earlier on, I was doing a somewhat trollish strategy with Teemo on Ascension. You take a sunfire cape, go invisible and camp near a relic so the enemy team goes nuts trying to figure out why they can't capture it. Some people honored me for thinking of that. Some people decided to report me for afking. Though I wasn't fully afk (using clairvoyance as a summoner spell and laying shrooms once in a while and maybe if someone low enough comes while I'm invisible, sometimes I burst him down. Ended up getting a week suspension period for this "offense." That fact that some people on PBE think toxicity is getting out of hand but that some people ends up being themselves, flaming at me in chat for not helping them in this fight, or that I didn't kill this guy and out of their anger reporting me, telling the enemy team where I am and to buy an oracles or whatever even though most times I mute them and not respond. I honestly think less people would've reported me if I actually afked at spawn, because if that happened, they wouldn't be angry when I could've attacked someone but not got anything out of it. And please. Don't rage at me on the forums for trying this "trollish" strategy. It's true I may deserve the week's worth of suspension, but for trying something new and unexpected? Some people on PBE say there's too much flaming and raging on PBE, only never to realize that they're a part of the problem. PBE is for trying new things, not settling on the normal stuff other people get used to.{{champion:17}}
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