: I agree wholeheartedly with all of these suggestions. 0.2 base attack speed is absolutely horrendous, and makes attack speed items of all sorts (boots, crit, on hit) feel really bad on a champion intended to scale off crit and attack speed. Giving her a more normal base attack speed, and then making the windup longer but scaling down with attack speed (much like Thresh, only please not a 25% only debuff), should still have the intended effect of keeping her auto attacks slower-to-fire because of the massive railgun, without gutting her attack speed ceiling to a virtual 1.2 cap.
I'm actually fine with the 0.2 base AS. With a normal attackspeed scaling Senna would be broken af, but this low base value keeps her DPS in check and allows her passive to give her the insane value it does without it being too strong. I say keep the 0.2 base AS, but adress it more clearly in her passive so that you know it from the start and not after buying an AS-item and wondering about the low AS-value.
: > [{quoted}](name=FlyingArrow,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=uXo1xOz0,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-30T12:28:17.465+0000) > 2. It would be nice if her passive cooldown (the part where if she hits an enemy two times she deals bonus damage and gets a soul) on enemies was actually visible (like eg. Sejuani). This would make it easier to know when trading is actually worth it and who was already hit with it in a teamfight. IIRC there is an indicator, it's a visual aura effect on the champ. It's not like Yasuo's dash indicator or Udyr's stun, its a black mist effect
If you are talking about the animation appearing after your first hit on an enemy (if you are not, im actually blind and you can ignore this), I already know this one. It shows when you can deal the bonus dmg with your next hit. But this effect also has a 4 sec cooldown per enemy champion and I would love it if this cooldown was visualized as well.
: About Senna
My thoughts to that: 1. Yes, her passive is very strong with the stats it gives you, but it needs to stack to really become effective and i actually believe that it is pretty balanced out with her bad AS-Scaling. It's hard to even get to 1AA/sec with Senna, so her DPS is pretty low even with the passive bonuses, kinda like Jhin. That also explains her high Burst. On top of that, her slow AA-Animation should make her pretty vulnerable to skillshots in lane or fights, especially since she doesn't have any range bonus early. I think Senna will be pretty weak in lane and useless for a long time when behind, but with an infinite and strong scaling and thus high snowbal potential when she comes ahead. 2. Kinda the same as for 1, yes, MS on every auto or AoE is nice, but we already have it with champs like Jhin, Sona, Sivir, MF, Ashe etc. and i think Senna has enough weaknesses to make it not OP. 3. The only real CC you have is the W, and while the range is quite high, missile speed and hitbox aren't, so it's not that easy to hit/not hard to dodge. Plus it get's blocked by minions and the CC is delayed, so even if you get hit, you can still dash/flash/walk/... away to safety before you get rooted. Eg Morgana Q is way stronger than that.
: Elder dragon buff
I actually had the same worries. I don't think this concept is healthy for the game, especially since the Elder Buff itself adds a DoT to literally any damage you do.
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