: I will try that out too for my build guide I her thanks
: Zoe : The Aspect Of Twilight Guide Part 1!
You guys can disagree with this but I tested out gunblade with Zoe and it’s pretty good for me at least. I tested around with maxing q and e first. And I maxed e for this situation since at max rank it allows you to deal at least 225 (around that) bonus magic damage which is pretty decent. So if you just cast your e and then you ult and attack with lich bane and gunblade and idk if electrocute can proc with this but it deals pretty good burst damage. Well back to making a build for Zoe!
: My Thoughts on Summon Aery
I think it’s pretty ok, it has no cool down which means you can spam it it’s just that you have to wait for Aery to travel back to you. So it’s pretty useful for me I played lux mid with it and it helped out a bunch like it can deal around TL’s dmg if it hits like 5x or something so it’s pretty ok for me.

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