: Cant open PBE
Getting the same problem... Turns out it's doing it for my EUW client too.
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: Tentakill to replace Pentakill. Did you think he was talking about a decakill ? "Would it be difficult to make Vel'koz's **pentakill **into **TENTAKILL**?" Think.
: Hey Fluorspar, do you remember which champ abilities seems significantly louder? or was it just that they generally all seemed louder?
Yasuo in particular stood out - his Q drowned out pretty much everything else. But I think most abilities have been doing it.
: New Audio Engine on PBE!
Currently I'm getting no voice over from any champs. Also it appears that champion abilities are now significantly louder than everything else. Some effects appear to be bugged like the nexus not making any noise when it explodes at the end.
: No last update it did give armor. Ok sure early game that happens, but late game they are some of the squishiest champs in the whole game. She has the lowest armor and low hp late game.
The thing with Ori, though, is that she's one of the safest champs in the game as well. Her range is fairly huge and on the off-chance that she gets caught out she has a strong shield and a speed/slow to escape. She can just do everything a little too well atm.
: [Feedback] Xerath Particles
Yeah I had this a fair bit. Although they all look really slick they just don't have that much 'oomph' to them. His W is fairly similar in concept to a shot of his old ult but even that doesn't have the same strength. The best way I can describe what I'd like is "wait for it... BANG". His Q is okay in general but I think all his other abilities could do with a bit more when they connect with something to demonstrate the force behind them.
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